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Free raw food recipe — Summer salsa

Raw food recipe Summer salsa Great for picnics, this salsa blobs itself nicely onto the top of all crackers, breads and burritos. Evie loves hers with baby sweetcorn on the side. Actually, she loves everything with baby sweetcorn on the side. Keeps for around four days when refrigerated in a sealed container. 1 small courgette 85g vine tomatoes 10g […]


How to wake up refreshed

Hey Snoozeball How do you feel first thing in the morning? Great? Rough as a dog? Depends on what you did the day before? Maybe this little trick will help you feel better, no matter how great you feel now? It’s well documented that alarm clocks are bad for your health. Starting any morning with […]


How to use sleep to wake up

Hey Snugglebump There’s a weird connection between sleep and the process of spiritual awakening and I want to give you some tips if you’re experiencing any oddness around this. The dream state is connected to the fifth dimension. We can access what we need when asleep and bring it back into our daily life to […]