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Seven steps to combat overwhelm

Hola Bonita Just a quickie about overwhelm and moving through it. Essential when trying to run a business or even just a life! Be aware that overwhelm only happens when we panic that we’ve got too much to do, so we do nothing instead. We contract. Become paralysed. Everything becomes impossible, too big, a mountain, […]


2015: Business as unusual

Ahhhhhh…. After the best Christmas ever, I’m now raring to go with my new business Grow Your First Million. Today was full of organising child, catching up with my housekeeper, getting my nails done (girls will be girls) filling my shelves with delicious Waitrose organic goodies… And…!!!! Working with my new clutch of business clients. […]


Starting over

Since I retired over two years ago, I rarely work more than a couple of hours a week. When I have worked, I’ve been spending my time getting more passive income structures in place. The rest of the time I’ve been healing myself from my accident, playing with my daughter, and loving my life. No […]