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Genius of a whale crackers

I made these the other day. Full of marine phytoplankton to give you the genius of a whale. I topped them off with more of the stuff, too. I just can’t get enough. Makes lots. Keeps for months in a sealed container, but I’d eat within four weeks. 500 golden flax seeds 250g poppy seeds […]

Oooooooodles of noooooodles

Evie loves this. It’s kelp noodles (very high in calcium) with spiralised carrots and courgette (zuchinni). It’s dressed with a splish of tamari, a splash of raw seasme oil and a dessertspoon of raw sesame seeds. Calcium city, actually, then. You can also add some minced ginger and garlic, and very thinly slice some red […]

Let them eat kale

The Popple spotted some kale in the kitchen. Raw foodists love kale because it’s very nutrient dense and tasty. Some squish it with avocado and oils, some juice it, some make chips out of it. Evie Popple Cake just eats it. That’s my girl. Bliss U PS: Did you know that all my raw food […]