A new approach to goal setting


Hey Fluffball

How are you today? Good? On your game? If you need a little help getting from A to B, then read about this technique that has served me since I can remember.

I call it “backwards goal setting“. It’s where you write down your goals (which are best distilled using a method I teach you about in Divinity In A Box) and then you aim for them (preferably using another method I teach you about in Divinity In A Box).

Then, after a specific period of time (I recommend three months, but it depends what your goals are) you check your goals and your achievements against each other.

You re-evaluate what you’ve done, what you didn’t do and what you still want to do out of that list.

Now the best thing about backward goal setting is that it shows you exactly where your passion, enthusiasm and energy really lies. This enables you create your divine life faster than before, because you’re truly focusing on what you want, not what you thought you wanted.

So try it today, and see how easy life becomes when you do my backwards goal setting technique.

Bliss U


PS: That was a public service announcement from the Divinity Statements in Divinity In A Box. It’s a small part of the course full of big tips. Divinity In A Box is a home study transformation course that comes with a money back guarantee. So judge it with no risk 😉