Ten Steps To Starting Your World Changing Business

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Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine now she’s finally here. I’ve been inspired by one of my friends in my business club to create an outdoor writing area full of cushions, so I bought the whole of Amazon and made a beautiful area, complete with bed (because, me). Then the child and hairy children took over. Not sure that was the plan.

Anyway, I’m writing this for you to you because I want you to get creating too… not just outside on fluffy cushions (although a trend may have been started so remember you heard it here first…), but inside, at your breakfast bar, kitchen table or even your sofa.

With just a laptop and a mobile phone, you can start any online business.

From scratch.

You don’t even need to have an idea.

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I’m going to work with you on your idea. In fact, I’m going to work with you on ten essential steps that will get you out of the office (with that nasty air con) and into the world of cushions and breakfast bars — with total ease.


How am I going to teach you?

With my brand new free online business training class called Ten Steps To Starting Your Highly Profitable World-Changing Business.

And just so you know that this one class that’s absolutely worth signing up for, I’ve made a note of everything you’ll learn:


Commit to yourself and your business with three powerful heart opening statements

You’ll do this first so that you see the whole class through, and so that you definitely go on to create that world changing heart led business of yours with a laser like focus.


Locate that void inside yourself and fill it to overflowing with purpose, expression, and multiple revolutions

In this step we work through a process that fills up your ache for something more with all the things you love, and then we go deeper to discover why you love what you love so we can build your business around your personal emotional needs. This will ensure your business is driven by your passion and purpose, and so is more likely to succeed.


Store all your skills, qualifications and qualities in your Toolbox Of Life

Here we spend some time remembering and gathering all the things we are great at, that we are qualified or accomplished in and we write them down so we can use them when needed later on in our business.


Discover your Vision Of Love so you can create your heart-led business

Possibly the most transformational part of your class, you’ll discover what your personal core concept is, the components that make it up and how to turn all that into a product or service that can help others. When you complete this step, you’ll have a strong vision of what you want to do and why.


Hold your head high, smile and radiate love from your heart while feeling confidence ooze from all of your pores

We work on this step to elevate your confidence levels and to help you exude magnetic positivity so you can become the number one go to expert in your field. Once the world sees you as the expert, countless opportunities will open up for you and your business will fly.

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Adorn your cloak of visibility and bring your business persona to life

By the time you’ve finished this step you’ll have a clearer understanding of why people would love you and your business, and also what kind of clients you want to attract. That, combined with your new “public persona” will ensure you can connect lightning fast to your ideal prospects, and transform them into loving, loyal lifelong clients.


Grab your megaphone, it’s time to announce to the awaiting world exactly what you do

Three quarters of the way into this 90 minute no-fluff training class, you’ll reach the point where you get to decide on your title, to affirm it with powerful I AM statements and also to gain enormous clarity on your offer and why you’re the best person for the job. This will strengthen your brand and create an unbreakable bond between you and your clients.


Follow your unique glitter and stardust lined path to certain victory

When your ideas and theory have been set in stone, it’s time to bring it alive, and in this step that’s exactly what you’ll do. You’ll even make a start on listing your first action step and set a deadline to make sure you get it done. When you get into the habit of setting deadlines, you’ll sail through product creation right to the land of ambrosia.


Create and then deliver your first gift to the awaiting world

In this step, you’ll feel the excitement running through you veins as you decide on your first product, how much it will cost and how much you want to earn in your first year — and make a practical plan of how to get there. You’ll also decide on which easy to use, no coding or experience necessary software platform you’ll host your products or services on. When I tell you that you can get your stuff online and buyable within 48 hours using one of these platforms, your shoulders will visibly drop and nothing will be able to stop you creating the business of your dreams.


Change the world according to your Vision Of Love

This final step is all about you dreaming in your future. You’ll get in touch with how success feels, how freedom feels and how contribution feels. Once you’ve tapped into those feelings, you’ll discover that your new business comes into being almost effortlessly, along with that brand new confident you.


I’ve made you a beautiful workbook that you can download and print out the moment you join me on your free class. This means that as we go through your steps together you’ll be able to document everything in a way that makes sense to you afterwards. These precious comprehensive beginnings of your very own business plan will serve you into the first year of your business and beyond.

I can’t wait for you to join me so we can change the world together — just click that big link below and I’l see you on the other side…


Bliss U


PS: Spaces are limited, so secure your online seat right now and let’s get your business planned together!


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