Win 23 things, the winner announced!

Thank you all so much for your moving, beautiful, funny and inspiring entries in “Win 23 things”, my birthday competition, to win a hamper of raw foods and superfoods and goodies.

Pandora said I needed more volume

Pandora said I needed more volume

There were over 100 entries, and most had a list of 23 things on, so it took me the best part of a day to read through them all. In true Visionary In Paradise style, I did this in bed after recovering from a week at er… Butlins! And how inspired was I as I read them?

I was fascinated by some of the wishes, such as the lady who wanted to go back in time to ask the aliens what they were doing in her bedroom when she was 16! I felt so much love for those who wanted cures for diseases that their loved ones had. And I smiled at all the answers that wanted “the standard Miss World answer” (as one lady put it) of world peace. Well, it seems we get what we ask for so here, now, is world peace. What would happen if we all believed that?

My next wish for everyone who entered  is that all their wishes come true, and now they’ve focused them into a list, maybe some of them can be worked through?

My toes on their birthday

My toes on their birthday

I loved watching the entries roll in over the past few weeks and I loved the fact that the winner has created a totally cryptic answer that was fun, clever, superfoody, poetic and multi-dimensional. Actually, it was so cryptic, I had to email her to ask what the actual answer was. The answer is below, in case you can’t work it out!

So the winner is Emma Couttie MacDougall from Scotland! CONGRATULATIONS, Emma! We will be sending your parcel direct from Detox Your World this week!

Emma wins this!

Superfood hamper from Detox Your World

Superfood hamper from Detox Your World

And here is her list. Beautiful.

my first is in Incan but not in cranberry

my second in raw but not in black cherry

you’ll find number three in omega you see, but you won’t find it in this game

my fourth in lucuma, but not in exclaim

my fifth is in aloe but not doe a deer

my sixth is in doxtor not foxtor or beer

number seven is not in heaven but you’ll find it in nettle and petal and olive

and speaking of olives, the peruvian kind, you won’t see eight in liver but in olive you’ll find

my 9th is in lover, who always gives more, i’m sure they exist, it’s not in folklore

ten is in Omega Zen and in E3 Live, which a raw fooder will tell you will make sure you thrive

number eleven is in hemp and heaven but you won’t find it in yerba mate tea

twelve is in chocolate both empress and temptress but in intacta you will not see

when it comes to thirteen in tahini it’s seen but not in etherium pink

fourteen is in vitamix and vitasynergy and vitamin but not in thai coconut drink

fifteenth is in agave, which tastes nice and sweet, but it can also be found in that lovely mesquite…

in grawnola you’ll find number sixteen but not in goji, flax or raw beauty cream

seventeen is in nori and noni and goji all very good for you

eighteen is in manna (both crystal and blue) but not in MSM or carob it’s true

nineteen is easy and well to be found in e3 renew me of which it’s abound

twenty is in camu, full of vitamin C, but not in cucumber a fave of shazzie’s

twenty one is in carob and pure synergy (a remarkable supplement for vitality)

twenty two is in tea but not olive leaf

and as it’s my last i’ll try to be brief 23 is in hempini and DHA

put it all together and you have what i’d like to say xxx

And the answer, in case you can’t figure it out: I Would Love Heaven On Earth, 23 letters.

Thank you once again to all who entered. I really hope you enjoyed writing the wishes as much as I enjoyed reading them.

Bliss U



  • Hazel

    Lovely photo of you Shazzie, your face looks beautiful. xx

    February 22, 2010 at 10:04 am
  • That’s beautiful Shazzie!

    March 3, 2010 at 8:48 am
  • James

    Very good pick, she sure earned it with that poem. x

    March 3, 2010 at 6:34 pm