Win 23 things, happy birthday to me

In bed. Organic sheets. Still and silent after productive day. Popple with her daddy. Painting town pink tomorrow. Minutes to my birthday. On the magic 23rd. My birthday present? A brand spanking new Land Rover so I don’t get stuck in the snow ever ever again. And I’m keeping Lottie because I love her. Eco irresponsibility gone mad, but no-one told me that country folk have 4x4s for a reason. Now considering telling mental government to put 4×4 tax down for those who live on roads that aren’t gritted (by the government) and are only 1 car wide with a ditch either side. Council tax through the roof and rear wheel drive car which has a mile to go either way before civilisation won’t drive on ice. 15 days in a month being unable to go anywhere doesn’t work in Shazzie’s head. I will plant more green things to make up for it. Sorry. But not sorry, if u get me. 23 in number plate. Magic.

23 + 41 = infinity

23 + 41 = infinity

And anyway. I love to give u things. Birthdays are the best time to do that so here we go. U have 23 days to answer me and u win 23 prizes. Worth a go?

These are the 23 things I want the most in the world on my birthday…

  1. Peace in Haiti
  2. Peace in all our hearts
  3. An end to all religion
  4. An end to all suppression
  5. Equality for snails, women, children, men, martians and jellyfish because we are all just love
  6. Shelter for the homeless
  7. Food for the hungry, but make it raw and organic, for goddess’s sake
  8. Open arms for the lonely
  9. Truth
  10. Telepathy
  11. A teleportation device
  12. The end of the fake monetary system
  13. Worldwide empowerment
  14. Self love, for everyone
  15. All gardens to be made edible
  16. All ornaMENTAL trees to be replaced by fruit and nut trees
  17. Clean gorgeous air
  18. Clean gorgeous seas
  19. Clean gorgeous earth
  20. The end of BIG PHARMA
  21. The natural medicine revolution
  22. Dolfish liberation
  23. Unity consciousness

Still excited about winning 23 things?

Tell me the top 23 things you want the most in the world. I pick the winner. You can enter here in my comments or on my Facebook page. You’d be hard pressed to enter on Twitter, unless you just wanted letters or numbers or something. You have until midnight 11th February to enter. I’ll pick the winner and publish here. Worldwide. No purchase necessary. One winner only. Blah. Put your name and where you live on your entry and be fun, creative and authentic. Remember, we’re all everything so I’ll spot BS a mile off if u get too pious…

What are the 23 things?

A selection picked by me, valued over £150 from my online shop. All in a gorgeous hamper, wrapped with love by my big sister, Jennie.

Have too much fun…

Bliss U. Go!



  • Jasmine

    1. Unlimted abundance
    2. A Clean Ocean
    3. A Clean Healthy Planet
    4. Montessori Schools for all children
    5. The End Of Vaccines
    6. Animal Liberation
    7. The ability to Teleport
    8. All Junk food to be replaced in vending machines with raw chocolate bars and raw treats
    9. The end of the government trying to supress the people
    10. Lots of raw foods for everyone
    11. For everyone to meet the love of their life
    12. The End Of hunting
    13. The people of this world to unite on the new energy and conciousness
    14. Recycle Bins and Composters to be with the trash bins on the street sides.
    15. For all health care coverage to cover natural medicine and practitioners
    16. Peace In Haiti and the world
    17. World Love and Compassion
    18. for all malls to be replaced with farmers markets and handmade craft items.
    19. Raw Food drive throughs
    20. all education to be free
    21. The End of Poverty
    22. For everyone to have a family that loves and supports them.
    23. For everyone to find their happiness and bliss and be able to do that every single day.

    January 22, 2010 at 6:18 pm
  • Raja

    The 23 things I want most in the world:
    1) True happiness to the core, everyday
    2) A healthy, spiritually aware daughter who loves herself very very much
    3) A planet full of fruiting trees and bushes for all to eat from
    4) Pure radiant sunshine and rain to nourish us all
    5) Gardens instead of walkways, courtyards and roads
    6) Peace within, peace in all hearts in all places
    7) Spiritual family
    8) Actually I don’t have 23 things. I would feel complete with the top 7:o)
    anyway, happy birthday lady:) have a wonderful bright, yummy day!

    January 22, 2010 at 6:40 pm
  • Happy birthday. I love the idea for this contest!

    1. A big, bountiful cherimoya tree!
    2. A little house for me & my family.
    3. A little farm behind our little house.
    4. Public Waldorf schools.
    5. Time and the energy to draw every day.
    6. My grammy back.
    7. A little more rain for my garden.
    8. Some kale seeds.
    9. More grey and less black & white.
    10. A good source of spring water close to everyone’s home.
    11. A compost pile in everyone’s yard.
    12. More bicycles and less cars.
    13. A good reading lamp next to my bed.
    14. A trustworthy political system.
    15. A nice stretch of time on the weekend to read.
    16. A place to get a good salad for lunch in town.
    17. Some chlorella tablets.
    18. A magic spell that would take me to Lubec, Maine any time I missed the sound of the fog horn.
    19. A way to add 3 more gears to my beloved bicycle.
    20. To bring down the industrial food complex.
    21. A few alpacas.
    22. To always be near to my little Isadora.
    23. To get more opportunities to travel.

    January 23, 2010 at 12:14 am
  • 1. end violence against people and our earth
    2. end violence against animals, plants, nature, and our material things
    3. send organic food and plant things that will grow in haiti and sudhan.. not just limitted to there, but it’s a start
    3. love ourselves for who we are no matter what situation we’re in
    4. distribute live superfoods to kids who go hungry and get fed gmo rice and wheat by the world food aid organization
    5. take my daughters to india and do some service with orphans, teaching yoga, art, dance, play
    6. stop torture and spread love
    7. teach children to grow things
    8. learn from children how to live
    9. teach people how to follow their bliss
    10. spiralizer for making live food noodles
    11. Live food juice bar elixer mobile kitchen that runs on solar power and human power to go to festivals and raise awareness, consciousness, adn funds for awesome charities, co-ops and sustainable agriculture
    12. proportional representation
    13. i want to teach free yoga for people of all body types and walks of life
    14. volunteer vacation with non govermental non religious entity
    15. go to equador for the raw food gathering this may
    16. bike across canada with my kids
    17. walk to mexico and plant things on the way
    18. Dance free like no one’s watching
    19. play kirtan
    20. Faith
    21. candida cleanse on live foods
    22. volunteer at tree of life and bring my kids

    23. expand thy consciousness

    January 23, 2010 at 2:04 am
    • happy appearance day shazzi! These are all my own wishes, i’ve hugn on to a while…it’s my birthday around the corner, another raw aquarius 🙂 my land lord is in haiti right now, he was there doing water pump instalations as a volunteer, he survived the quake and is now helping all he can.. i send love and light through our wishes to manifest into powerful reality.. i also used to work for amnesty international, and other awesome charities as a fundraiser, so this is all coming from my heart and truth, thanks for giving us a voice and board to our wishes!!!
      shine on!

      January 23, 2010 at 2:08 am
  • sharon pinkerfield

    My wishes are for everyone to ‘get’- without being forced to by life events, that:

    1. It’s all just about unconditional love
    2. That we have chosen to ‘experience’ so that source can ‘feel’ what it already ‘knows’
    3. That there is no thing to fear
    4. That the things that try to separate us are so superficial- there is no separation
    5. It takes unconditional love to choose to experience a ‘difficult’ life
    6. That what humans call a ‘difficult life’, light beings call an ‘interesting’ life.
    7. That we wake up one morning seeing the trance the media wants us to remain in.
    8. For us to replace the word ‘is’ with ‘maybe’
    9. For us to remember that we are born to experience, not to behave.
    10. That we remember that there is no thing to fear.
    11. For us to remember that we are so much more than our bodies.
    12. For us to love and cherish the bodies we’ve chosen to inhabit.
    13. For us to look beyond the skin and into the souls of all we encounter.
    14. For us to recognise that what irritates us in others is what irritates us in ourselves.
    15. To recognise that this can be our greatest teacher.
    17. To remember that we are here to play.
    18. To understand that time is a human concept- it’s all happening NOW.
    19. To see the divine in religions- all fear-based dogmas are human constructs- not source-based.
    20. For all of us to re-train our taste-buds to love fresh, alive, colourful foods.
    21. For us to watch in awe as those we love grow.
    22. For us to cherish every moment of this physical experience.
    23. To remember that when Bob sang One Love- he had got it.

    January 23, 2010 at 5:31 am
  • In no particular order…..

    1. Raw food on every high street.
    2. Kids to stay kids – no mini adults allowed!!
    3. Natural parenting to be taught in schools.
    4. Natural health and healthy eating to be taught in schools.
    5. Freedom of speech for all.
    6. Yoga on prescription.
    7. A world free from violence, hate and negativity.
    8. Everyone to be flowing downstream in their bliss.
    9. The end of all junk, processed and ready made food.
    10. Less material possesions.
    11. More spiritual awareness.
    12. Everyone to have all they need to live.
    13. Compassion and understanding for each other.
    14. Love for all creatures on the earth.
    15. Tree hugging to be compulsory.
    16. Let the soil, sea and air return to their former beauty and glory.
    17. For the earth to once again be our ‘garden of eden’.
    18. For us to understand and respect that the earth is our ‘garden of eden’.
    19. For us to understand that everything we need to thrive is supplied to us by nature and in its natural form.
    20. An end to big money grapping corporations telling us what is good for us.
    21. For everyone to learn what their intuition is for and to use it.
    22. Peace and love for the world.
    23. For it never to be too late for any of the above.

    Happy Birthday Shazzie. Have fun xxx

    January 23, 2010 at 5:55 am
  • JuliAnna Briscoe

    23 beautiful wishes
    1. To own a tree with long branches to climb and read on
    2. To walk barefoot everywhere and always be connected to the earth
    3. I wish for the ability to draw pain away from those who suffer.
    4. i wish for the gift of being able to establish peace between people and cultures.
    5. I wish I could be picked up along the wind like a bubble and just float along the currant.
    6. I wish all water was pure clean water.
    7. I wish money didnt exist
    8. I wish for a raft that I could float along rivers on.
    9. I wish to meet bob marley, and ghandi.
    10. I wish for a moped
    11. I wish for a white tiger with bight blue eyes
    12. I wish I could live back in my hometown of LA
    13. I wish people everywhere can learn peace and contentment.
    14. I wish people would stop feeling like people who arent conventional are weird.
    15. I wish I could plant fruit trees in empoverished nations that would sprout up immediately and feed the starving people.
    16. I wish that there was no famine
    17. I wish that the people in Hati were not only safe but flourishing.
    18. long hair that is never matted
    19. : ) to be able to never have to shave.
    20. I wish that if I were to hug someone I could take away a bad day and bring them joy with a smile.
    21. I wish work wasnt as hard as it is
    22. I wish my college classes were done so I could start my career.
    23. I Wish you a wonderful Happy and lovely BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAZZIE I LOVED UR BOOK!!!!! `

    January 23, 2010 at 6:18 am
  • Sara - From: Egypt/New York

    1-Peace to one and all.Peace in the minds, hearts, lives of every citizen of the world
    2-Pure Love. The type that motivates people to give rather than take
    3-Freedom. A true break from societal restrictions and also from restrictions we place upon ourselves
    4-People being the change they wish to see in the world
    5-My mother happy every single day
    6-Health. People naturally radiant in good health, no meds no fuss
    7-People doing laughing yoga in public places every morning haha
    8-Big sincere smiles on everyone’s faces- smiles from the heart
    9-Beautiful gardens everywhere and people collectively working on them
    10-People loving their greens- and I don’t mean the Benjamins
    11-Stars. Beautiful stars clearly shining above illuminating the unpolluted air
    12-More naturopathic physicians! And full licensure to those who are ND’s already
    13-Kidness in people’s eyes
    14-People expressing their joy in their own way
    15-Free books acccessible to quench the curiosity of all
    16-My family members get along and love each other
    17-Unlimited travels. That includes time travel
    18-That magical look of awe and inspiration on all children’s faces
    19-A newspaper that publishes joyful news
    20-Sun gazing as a universal hobby
    21-Black, white, yellow, neon blue etc. all loving each other
    22-Forgiveness from all those I may have hurt in any way
    23-My mother’s blessings

    January 23, 2010 at 6:45 am
  • My birthday isn’t until the day before Evie’s, but… for my birthday, I wish for the following 23 things:

    1. Love and respect for the earth and its creatures from all.
    2. A piece of land in Michigan’s upper peninsula where I can live and start a dog rescue.
    3. America to get on board with health care.
    4. Student loan forgiveness and an end to student loans–let all people learn!
    5. Medicine to start supporting better diets instead of drugs.
    6. To finish writing my book.
    7. A retreat to better understand Buddhism.
    8. A raw food retreat in New Mexico.
    9. Airline policy changes to allow seats to be bought for pets on planes! (In fact, let the poochies go everywhere humans go!)
    10. A resurgence in my desire to paint.
    11. Better health for myself and all others without thyroids. (And everyone, really.)
    12. Umm… for my dogs to live as long as I do.
    13. For my husband to be able to succeed in creating a business from his new passion in photography. (For him to continue loving it if he does succeed.)
    14. For less material things.
    15. Slightly opposed to 14, a trip to Sardinia….
    16. A lifetime supply of sleepy orange tea!
    17. To write another book.
    18. And another.
    19. To get into my top-choice creative writing MFA program after finishing my current MA.
    20. For the bee population to survive and grow again.
    21. An end to the dairy and meat industries.
    22. Cultivation in myself of as much compassion as I have for animals toward all people.
    23. To above all, live with compassion and love at my forefront–to spread joy, whether through my dogs’ kisses, or through my own.

    January 23, 2010 at 6:49 am
  • Megumi


    IN JOY:

    for the planet I ask for you and all unlimited :
    1.L O V E

    With an embrace laced in Grace to you SHazzie and the Cosmis Universe

    January 23, 2010 at 6:52 am
  • Rebecca The Aussie

    Happy Birthday Shazzie, you magical goddess!! Hope you’ve had the bestest of days….you deserve it! Have the greatest year yet and go crazy tonight!

    January 23, 2010 at 12:05 pm
  • 1 ecstasy
    2 to feel good
    3 to improve at feeling good
    4 knowing
    5 to improve at knowing
    6 flowing
    7 to improve at flowing
    8 sex
    9 to improve at sex
    10 joy
    11 basking
    12 riding the current of true, deep, deliberate connection
    13 to let the oars slip
    14 to let things glide
    15 to know the value of differences
    16 to let differences inspire me to something delicious
    17 to bite into deliciousness and never look back at what caused me want it
    18 to be intoxicated by divine purity
    19 to enjoy this ride
    20 I want to know that what I want I can feel
    21 I want to feel the newest freshest best feeling
    22 I want my twenty third want to be a symbol of eternal un-finishedness

    January 23, 2010 at 5:41 pm
  • Kerry

    23 things i wish for :
    1. End to horrible bosses and sucking up
    2. Clean Air
    3. Organic and sustainable food for everyone – non- organic no longer exists
    4. Clean Transport- no pollution
    5. Everyone doing what they love
    6. No hungry people, everyone has access to fruit, greens and seeds easily and freely
    7. Everyone smiling and friendly
    8.Lots of healers everywhere- so less sick and miserable people
    9. Equality in peoples minds about race and religion
    10. No more nuclear or any type of wars.

    January 24, 2010 at 8:11 pm
  • Kerry

    23 things i wish for :
    1. End to horrible bosses and sucking up
    2. Clean Air
    3. Organic and sustainable food for everyone – non- organic no longer exists
    4. Clean Transport- no pollution
    5. Everyone doing what they love
    6. No hungry people, everyone has access to fruit, greens and seeds easily and freely
    7. Everyone smiling and friendly
    8.Lots of healers everywhere- so less sick and miserable people
    9. Equality in peoples minds about race and religion
    10. No more nuclear or any type of wars.
    11. No government control over natural medicines anywhere
    12. No Fluoride in the drinking water
    13. Everyone has access to clean swimming bathing water, chemicalfree, spring water widely available for all
    14. Sense of cosiness and sharing wherever you go
    15. everyone enjoying a good income,everywhere
    16. Free banks- community banks with really low interest loans and so on
    17. Lots of natural paper to use- no chemicals
    18. more forests, trees, and wildlife
    19. People living with nature not against it
    20. Lots of travel for me
    21. Lots of community sharing and celebrating
    22. Everyone living in lovely eco houses and with eco furniture and appliances
    23. More Tranquility for everyone- sense of peace

    January 24, 2010 at 8:19 pm
  • Happy Birthday! Thanks for this, it’s a great idea! A beautiful and generous birthday meditation. I will do it for my own when it comes.

    1) to fully embody love consciously, always

    2) for that embodiment to automatically inspire everyone and everything that comes into contact with me to be their highest, best self in a lasting way, immediately (as I have experienced in the company of certain others)

    3) to always have more money than I can spend, beginning now

    4) perfect health and a wholesome body, mind and spirit

    5) to always attract the BEST of everything

    6) perfect freedom

    7) perfect spiritual consciousness

    8) perfect God/Self mastery in daily life

    9) to see the world attain the best – which I feel more and more is already true, but still, I’m asking to be sure

    10) a raw, harmonious, pleasing to me in every way, spiritual, sexually monogamous to me, daily life partner who is devoted to my well-being with all his being and also has money and mastery

    11) to master life/death

    12) to be an immediate and fulfilling success at everything I choose to do

    13) unlimited access to the foods of my choice, for as long as I need them

    14) the ability to facilitate transformation and good things for people who need them and for them to receive them gratefully

    15) to always live in the Greater reality, beginning now

    16) for everyone, including nature, who has helped me to know how grateful I am

    17) and for me to know how to show them

    18) to have my life be all of this now.

    19)To be developed enough to communicate with the ascended masters of love and light

    20)To be in conscious bliss always

    21) the friendship and company of others who embody all of the above

    22) unlimited free time

    23) to wish you the Happiest Birthday and to win your contest : )

    January 24, 2010 at 9:26 pm
  • Oh, and I live in Hawaii : )

    January 24, 2010 at 9:36 pm
  • Lynda

    Happy buffday, Shazzie!

    1. Animal liberation
    2. The majority of supermarket food to be fresh, organic fruit and veg
    3. Concrete ‘gardens’ to be made illegal! Green suburbs instead of grey!
    4. To be more optimistic
    5. To procrastinate less 🙂
    6. To start running regularly and try and get into next year’s marathon
    7. For my animal companions who have passed, to know wherever they are, they are are living the blissful lives they deserve
    8. To learn how to drive
    9. To eat raw, locally, as best I can
    10. For a responsible, honest government made of decent, caring ethical people
    11. For some genius to work out a way of getting vegan b12 easily and naturally from any environment!
    12. To be able to communicate with animals
    13. Invisibility powers 🙂
    14. Positive TV- raw food, veganism, activism etc especially a news channel that tells us what we can do to resolve sad events ASAP instead of glorifying the negativity!
    15. For society to communicate the way they did before phones and internet
    16. An excellent memory
    17. To be able to fly
    18. To be able to time travel to see what really went on in history
    19. To be unafraid
    20. To ask the aliens who were in my bedroom sixteen years ago what they wanted!
    21. To be a better person
    22. Being able to figure out what makes me happy!
    23. An amazing, exciting & happy future

    January 25, 2010 at 8:16 am
  • Sharon

    1. That I had my masters in nutrition and could be doing more good at the gyms’ I work at

    2. that i could have the same freedom in South Africa that I have in germany- Would LOVE to live in SA again, but its way to dangerous

    3. that Jess will grow up to be an awesome person full of love and happiness

    4. clean earth

    5. clean water- oceans, rivers and for everyone
    to drink

    6. clean air

    7. no more horrible natural disasters that kill 200 000 people.

    8. Love

    9. For my pre and post natal classes to really take off in Germany

    10. Open a health center/spa with my mom that does raw food demos, where you can take yoga or pre and post natal classes, or art lessons, a place that is calm and quite and happy and full of love and positve engery

    11. That all stores would stock affordable organic fruits and veggies

    12. That I could get DH to eat more raw

    13. That I could get DH to look his health more if not for him then for his DD

    14. having a healthy preg with baby no 2 (no pre e, bedrest or any of that icky stuff)

    15. That drs would get a clue when it comes to illness- not everything is ‘solved’ with drugs vaccines

    17. no autisim

    18. that Jess never wants to change herself (plastic surgery etc) to fit in

    19. No more Aids or cancer or other horrible diseases

    20. the gov. to catch a wake up call and actually do things that help people instead of harm them… vaccines…. so much for the FDA who can be bought

    21. for good people to fall preg and stay preg, instead of letting people who couldn’t care less about their kids to reproduce like its going out of fashion.

    22. Better health care systems for everyone

    23. for children to be children, that time is so short, before you know it you have so much to deal with all you want to do is turn back time and be young and carefree.

    January 25, 2010 at 4:13 pm
  • James W.

    1. For the whole world to realize our connectedness
    2. To remember all that I am and become all I can be
    3. Transfiguration
    4. The release and healing of all spiritual damage for all.
    5. A kitten
    6. To do everything I thought I couldn’t and more
    7. Free Organic medical care for all
    8. An orgasmic, twinflame relationship
    9. To swim with dolphins and fly with birds
    10. World peace
    11. Galactic Humanity
    12. For all to know their Monad (Higherself)
    13. For world governments to return to the light
    14. Sunlight and Fresh springs every day
    15. All things to be made organic forever
    16. To meet, hug and thank Shazzie for being…Shazzie
    17. To use my self mastery to be the greatest gift I can possibly be for the world and those in need.
    18. The awakening of humanities perfected blueprint
    19. For dreams to be more real than boxes.
    20. Mmmm for everyone to know love
    21. For everyone to unleash their inner child, inner goddess, inner god, inner everything!
    22. I really don’t like suffering, lets end that.
    23. uhmmm I have to HONESTLY say raw Chocolate! 🙂

    January 25, 2010 at 5:51 pm
  • Tiana

    1. Help and peace in Haiti
    2. Expanded consciousness for everyone
    3. A better understanding between people of different race and religion
    4. Equality for all
    5. More love for all
    6. More affordable and accessible organic food!
    7. Honesty
    8. Hugs!!!
    9. End to animal violence and mistreatment
    10. No weapons of any kind
    11. Cures to all diseases
    12. End of poverty
    13. For people to wear more colours and less suits
    14. Laughter
    15. More rest and free time
    16. For people to stop and enjoy
    17. Better education
    18. The ability for me to start a kids tv show that is fun and educational and real!
    19. Acceptance of differences and acknowledgment of true wisdom
    20. Teleoportation and Levitation!Yey!
    21. more small stores and less big ones
    22. the ability to self sustain for everyone
    23. Love and light power restore the plan on earth!

    January 25, 2010 at 7:33 pm
  • 1. For the fog to lift from everyone’s brains, so they can see the beauty in the world, the manipulations that are ruining their livelihoods, and the strength in themselves so they can go forth and be their true selves, healthy and beautiful and free.

    2. Safe passage to everywhere in the world. I want so much to see every gorgeous speck of the planet. Especially Antarctica and all the lovely little islands with coconuts and tropical fruit.

    3. Affordable, healthy, organic food for everyone.

    4. Honesty and compassion for all.

    5. For everyone to be considerate of each other.

    6. Respect of all animals. If their lives are taken it should be done with total and utter respect, and nothing should be taken for granted or unused. I may be vegan but I know it’s not for everyone. Animals should always be treated with love and kindness, so I wish that for them all.

    7. Mad surfing skillz.

    8. A garden, and lots of space to lounge in the sun, and room for my dog to run. Also, more dogs.

    9. More indie shops and less corporations. Variety is spice. It’s why I’m not fond of cities, they all tend to be the same.

    10. Thicker hair.

    11. Immortality…there is so much I want to do and see and experience.

    12. My own little home in the forest with a treehouse, by the ocean, where I can surf every day.

    13. For my sweetheart to overcome his bipolar disorder. Not for my sake, but for his.

    14. Real health and happiness for my family.

    15. Perhaps one day, a child or two.

    16. Mad passion, always. Adventures, and openness. To always show love openly, and be fearless about it.

    17. For people to be braver. Including myself.

    18. To surf a barrel. This is my biggest wish.

    19. To truly have a positive effect on the people I care for, and the people I meet every day. To beautify their day in some way.

    20. A teleporter, yes!

    21. For people to be safe from the natural disasters that affect the areas they live in. To at least be prepared and have ways to live through them.

    22. More beauty and happiness in the news.

    23. The continuing freedom we are blessed with to really be ourselves, if we’re brave enough to be.

    Happy birthday Shazzie.

    January 26, 2010 at 2:23 am
  • 1) Peace in the world – everywhere
    2) For my mom’s cancer to be totally gone!
    3) Nourishment for all the people in Haiti — spiritually and digestively!
    4) More people to understand that kindness doesn’t cost a thing
    5) Everyone to understand that smiles are so meaningful and don’t take much effort at all
    6) All drivers in the state of NJ to realize that blinkers are not a luxury item and should be utilized more often
    7) All taxes to go down in the US!
    8) Hmmm, I’m getting offtrack here…I wish that organic farming would become more popular in the US
    9) I wish that more people would become vegans!
    10) End to animal cruelty
    11) End to human cruelty
    12) More fresh air!!!
    13) Shazzie, please come to the US again! NYC specifically! giggle! 🙂
    14) I wish I could have a conversation with my deceased father…one last conversation. I wasn’t there when he died.
    15) One with my grandma too!
    16) Hmmm…the end of global warming
    17) I wish Pandora (from the movie Avatar) really existed and I could live there!
    18) To be truly content and happy in my own body
    19) To travel more…I miss that!
    20) For people to communicate easily with one another — openly and freely
    21) I wish happiness for everyone
    22) I would love more raw food restaurants to open in New Jersey
    23) I would love to win Shazzie’s prize!! 🙂

    Happy birthday, Shazzle Dazzle!

    January 26, 2010 at 3:59 pm
  • Liliane

    1 .For animals to no longer be used as commodities but loved for the sentient spiritual beings that they are.
    2. That we all become more accepting or at least tolerant of people’s choices, whether it be sexual orientation or other choices.
    3. For the continuing conscious awakening of people on this beautiful planet.
    5. For the love and respect of our beloved mother earth who gives us so much.
    5. For vegan grocery stores.
    6. For everyone’s healing, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.
    7. That all countries would lay down their weapons and embrace their differences.
    8. That we would all fall in love with ourselves.
    9. For us all to realize we are conscious creators.
    10. That we would all practice gratitude & appreciation.
    11. That healthy natural living food would be available to everyone on the planet.
    12. That we would see ourselves as the gods and goddesses that we are.
    13. That lack would be a thing of the past as we all learn to create abundance.
    14. For us to realize that we can only create in this now moment. Let go of the past.
    15. That we would forgive as quickly and easily as children.
    16. That surgeries, invasive treatments and drugs would become a thing of the past.
    17. That we would be gentle with ourselves, realizing that we are a work in progress.
    18. That we would not compare ourselves to others, but just continue to do our best.
    19. That we would see what a difference even a smile can make in someone’s life.
    20. That we would all visualize the earth and it’s inhabitants as being in a state of harmony.
    21. That people would take their cue from children and realize the value of play.
    22. That we would all see that we are eternal beings made of love.
    23. That the inspiring people of the world such as Shazzie will continue to shine brightly.

    January 26, 2010 at 4:16 pm
  • 1. Above all: Earth with an atmosphere/climate in harmony
    2. An end to pollution – locally and globally
    3. An end to exploitation of natural resources
    4. Windmills and solar energy – more of that!
    5. A Danish governement that is loving, clever and understading
    6. That my artist friends use their artistic powers to make the world a better place rather than fighting ego wars
    7. People reading books rather than buying flatscreens
    8. More rats trained to find people in collapsed buildings, like in eathquake areas
    9. That Yzma (one of my pet rats) does not have cancer and gets all well
    10. That I use my own artistic powers to say something meaningful
    11. More travel to lovely places
    12. More education and (spiritual)courses
    13. An end to oppressing regimes
    14. And end to the different wars in the world, and especially the course of the war
    15. Alternative treatments in doctors offices and hospitals
    16. To do physical excercise (like yoga) with my husband, and that he learns to enjoy it
    17. A new beginning,love and healing for Haiti and other catastrophy zones
    18. A dehydrator
    19. Affordable appartments for everyone in Copenhagen
    20. That more fields are turned into woods, lakes, bogs, parks…
    21. More use of alternative treatments for handicapped people. And that they get better food
    22. Better conditions for public workers – teachers, nurses and stuff like that. Less stress, more professionalism
    23. That everyone know what foregiveness is and how to use it!

    January 28, 2010 at 2:47 am
  • Littlewing

    1-Healthy Mother Earth.
    2-Real love in the world with everything that comes from it: tenderness, passion, sex, compassion.
    3-Real tollerance.
    4-The end of every “ism”: totalitarism, speciesism, racism, sexim…
    5-Peace in the world. Above all in Haiti
    6-At least a hug a day for everyone
    7-At least a kiss a day for everyone
    8- End of economic inequality
    9-More time to do what I love
    10-The wisdom to do what I love
    11-End of eating disorders
    12-Abundance, but with the end of consumism
    13-More green juice for everyone!
    14-To shine for happiness
    15-Being a good friend
    16-Get my degree and fly to Dublin for the master
    17-More trees!
    18-Compassion for our friends animals
    19-No privatization of water resources
    20-Self-confidence for who feel miserable
    21-Find a job in a raw food bar/restaurant, or in a organic farm, to see people happy to eat and drink something healty
    22-People who don’t say “Are you sure you get proteins enough without meat?”
    23-These 22 wishes to come true (maybe if I wish them twice it is more likely to happen)

    Happy Birthday! I’m a raw aquarius too 🙂

    January 28, 2010 at 6:04 am
  • 1. My Very own space of love with a waterfall
    2. A big raw chocolate cake all to myself:)
    3. Tantric sex
    4. The ability to fly
    5. The ability to make myself invisible
    6. Purity
    7. A consciously made baby
    8. A trip to South America where I visit all the sacred sites
    9. A trip to England where I visit you and all the sacred sites there
    10. To be completely free of the machine
    11. Instantaneous manifestation
    12. A luscious massage
    13. A purely divine orgasm
    14. Acceptance (for me and everyone)
    15. Love (for me and everyone)
    16. Freedom (for me and everyone)
    17. To live and be grounded in more than one dimension consciously
    18. To fly on the back of a big bird
    19. The happiness and awareness of my family
    20. To swim in the ocean
    21. To laugh so hard my stomach hurts
    22. To feel safe in this world
    23. To know God/Goddess

    January 28, 2010 at 8:28 pm
  • Caroline

    1. Reality tv shows that actually educate people!
    2. Vegan chocolate to be available everywhere
    3. Cruelty free clothes at non-designer prices
    4. The Fairtrade movement to become the norm
    5. Schools to value and promote creativity
    6. Everyone to have the chance to be an artist
    7. For people to lose their fear of each other
    8. More forest gardens in urban spaces
    9. Everyone to be able to eat fruit every day
    10. The generations to mix more
    11. Aromatherapy on the NHS
    12. Meditation taught in schools
    13. Free Yoga classes for all!
    14. Raw restaurants in every city
    15. Talking therapies at affordable prices
    16. New definitions of family
    17. Outstanding Eco-bulidings
    18. For rejection to leave us empowered
    19. Positivity to breed content
    20. To feel life is a journey
    21. To continue to learn
    22. Enjoy colour every day
    23. Always be making new friends

    January 30, 2010 at 2:37 pm
  • tara

    1 I
    2 just
    3 want
    4 EVERY
    5 life
    6 on
    7 Earth
    8 to
    9 be
    10 treated
    11 fairly
    12 and
    13 equally.
    14 We’re
    15 all
    16 in
    17 this
    18 together.
    19 World
    20 peace,
    21 love
    22 and
    23 happiness.

    January 30, 2010 at 6:05 pm
  • 1) full cupboards every day
    2) a boss who does not think sexual harassment is an Extreme Sport.
    3) That man in Old Street tube station and his dog to have somewhere nicer to sleep.
    4) a 30th Birthday I will never forget.
    5) To move closer to my family-a lot closer.
    6) a house that is mine.
    7) a bath (as in the thing itself not a wash)
    8) a plunger for my Excalibur!
    9) for my Dad to come home from Africa.
    10) for my brother to be happy.
    11) a bed for everyone in the world.
    12) some chocolate cake
    13) a great job for my even greater fiance
    14) a job with a contract
    15) to be sure
    16)fluffy jumpers for all
    17) to have an awesome wedding in August with my favourite people
    18) for my wedding dress to not be lost on the way to aforementioned wedding…please…
    19) for al the people I love the most to move really, really close together
    20) actually I’d like a street to put them all in like Michael Owen.
    21) free food for all-if you need it just go get it-or here have some of mine…
    22)The biggest crossword in the World for my Gran
    23)A dog sofa for Jeff-the-Dog

    January 31, 2010 at 9:28 am
  • 1. For young people and elder to be friends, hang out together and have fun.
    2. For people to start understanding what animals are talking about and really listen to them, opening the dialogue between humans and the other sentient beings who live here.
    3. For us all to welcome each other into each other’s hearts, no matter what our differences are.
    4. For there to be free vital, good, blessed food given out in every country in the world, by the rich to the poor.
    5. For schools to grow vegetables and fruit on their roofs.
    6. For me to have enough money to put out full page adverts in the papers and on TV promoting freedom, good heath and true love.
    7. for the rebelious and wild spirit that is our true nature to ignite in every heart and burn away all the delusion so we live free and wild.
    8. to gather an army of women, elders, and children to tree sit and rainforest sit in order to protect our earth from deforestation.
    9. To have the money to pay millions of out of work, homeless people to pray for peace, love and liberation, as their new job.
    10. I wish to connect with someone who is in prison and just be a friend to them. I don’t care what they’ve done, they deserve love and a friend.
    11. I wish to organise a dance party for the elderly people who live all around me, because it makes me sad to walk by rows of houses, looking in the windows and seeing single elders sitting on the sofa watching tv alone every night. It would be so easy to link everyone up with each other.
    12. I wish ‘them’ to stop using dolphins to do their dirty work. I’m talking about the USA military. And probably others…I will find out and sort them all out…
    13. I wish for China to get the hell out of Tibet, and leave Nepal alone.
    14. I wish for at least one member of the Royal Family to “wake up” and join the love revolution. Maybe Harry, I think he has potential!
    15. For spring water to come out of everyone’s taps.
    16. For fashion to just stop, and everyone go wild with creating their own unique style.
    17. For prisons to teach people how to make food, be healthy, grow and strengthen themselves.
    18. For Inner Talk CD’s to be played in all hospitals, schools and prisons.
    19. For all language barriers to magically dissolve so everyone can understand each other and communicate better.
    20. for fruit trees to be planted on roundabouts, grass verges and public parks.Like “Incredible Edible” Todmorden
    21. For cars to run on water, there is already this technology invented, but the people who work on it keep on dying young in suspicious circumstances.
    22. For us all to recognise each other as ourselves.
    23. I just want everyone else on earth, man, woman, child, animal, insect, bird, fish, all to join the party I am having.

    January 31, 2010 at 8:07 pm
    • tara

      i LOVE this 🙂
      and everyone else’s. all such lovely people.

      February 3, 2010 at 9:50 am
  • Hannah

    1. To give birth to happy and healthy twins. 2. To give birth completely naturally. 3. For labour to be blissful 4. to live by the sea. 5. to have organic food available 6. to grow my own organic food! 7. To be successful at breastfeeding. 8. to eat mainly raw, every day 9. for others to realise the importance of raw, unprocessed and vege foods 10. for those in positions of power or influence to realise the impact of diet on the outer world. 11. For harmonious and happy relationships with those close to me. 12. To appreciate the divine in everyone. 13.To have happy and harmonious dealings with everyone I come into contact with. 14. For water to become drinkable again. 15. For labour to be stress free. 16. For the c-section rate to be lower in the world. 17. For less plastic in the sea. 18. Composting bins or collections to be organised for all households and businesses. 19. 20. To like cold as much as I like warm, or at least be indifferent. 21. For all beings to know what it’s like to be loved. 22. To be more tolerant 23. To live in tolerance

    February 3, 2010 at 9:27 am
  • 1. be in touch with the love of god the entire time
    2. feel vibrant all day long
    3. be surrounded by the best friends in the world
    4. be in a warm, caring romantic relationship
    5. breathe fresh forest or ocean air
    6. feel so exctatic that I want to scream and jump
    7. radiate love
    8. forgive everyone
    9. be successful in all my endeavors
    10. participate in cool world-altering projects
    11. meet Shazzie… and perhaps collaborate, because I feel we have the same vision of the world
    12. be respected and loved by mother earth and the other way around
    13. feel the vibrations of father sky at night
    14. live in a country where it’s warm enough to wear minimal clothing
    15. do crazy, unconventional things that feel right in my heart
    16. always be able to find that place of harmony within me
    17. remember that I am an immortal being
    18. watch the blue sky whilst bathing in vitamin D
    19. connect and communicate with animals on a mutual respect basis
    20. follow my own dreams
    21. express my creativity in different ways, contributing to an expression of love and harmony
    22. sing like nobody is around
    23. and, to quote Miss Congeniality:… I really do want world peace…

    February 3, 2010 at 12:50 pm
  • 1 – Have the government drop subsidies to conventional farming and subsidize organic farming instead so prices drop for everyone.
    2 – Have school take kids of foraging hikes to teach them about all the edible wonders around them.
    3 – Have the raw community as a whole accept the fact that just because we supplement with B12 doesn’t mean that our diet must be defective in some way.
    4 – Get pregnant and have my family live with me so my baby can grow within a happy, loving community.
    5 – To give birth naturally with my husband a doula.
    6 – Find a good Steiner school for my child that goes beyond preschool.
    7 – For unhealthy people to realize that mainstream doctors don’t know how to make them healthier, and that the solution is so easy!
    8 – The end of fear – so many people are afraid! Of others, of their dreams, etc.
    9 – Global cooperation, instead of trying to undermine others for no reason except ideology.
    10 – For wars to end, so I can watch the news again without feeling depressed and wanting to cry.
    11 – For carcinogens to disappear, and especially to not be in our food, water, air etc.
    12 – The end of pollution in general, environmental, noise, etc.
    13 – For my business to be successful so I can plant lots of fruit trees in my town and have everyone enjoy free organic fruts off of them
    14 – To have my coop stop hating me because I set up an at cost organic food buying group for those who can’t afford organics. It hurts me when others dislike me. I want them to understand why I did it.
    15 – I would like all parents to love their children. My aunt, who is a pediatrician, says that there are so many mothers who don’t love their children 🙁
    16 – I would like my husband to love green juices as much as me 🙂
    17 – I would like to have a little take away space along with my business so I can sell lots of raw goodies to introduce others to raw foods. Sweets are the easiest thing to start with 🙂
    18 – I want people in Lebanon to stop being so aggressive, and for the country to become safe, so that when I have a child, I can take him or her there to see the grandparents, instead of having them travel every time.
    19 – I would like to always have cats around me, because they bring me so much happiness.
    20 – I want my husband to not have asthma anymore.
    21 – I would like to afford a place near a nice sunny beach, because I love the beach so much and I miss it
    22 – I want all my loved ones to be healthy and eat well. I will do all I can to help them.
    23 – I want to find a nice, clean source for spring water. I found a deep well, but the corn fields around contaminated it with nitrites =/

    February 3, 2010 at 2:59 pm
  • Emma, Kent

    1. a vita-mix

    2. a baby

    3. people to slow down

    4. all women to realise that they are naturally instuitive and they should listen to their instincts to understand situations and their bodies

    5. more people to smile back at me when i give them a big cheesy grin on a grey morning in london

    6. to knock every tower block in london in half so we can see the sky again

    7. a vegetable garden

    8. a massive picture of a sunflower on a canvas

    9. my mum to enjoy the fasting retreat i am taking her on in two weeks as it’s her first time and she is being very brave

    10. my sister’s GP to stop harrassing her by sending her letters warning her that she must have her two children vaccinated against swine flu

    11. my best friend to believe me when i tell her she should come off the pill if she wants a baby as she’s been on it for 12 years – gasp

    12. only banks that lend their money to ethical companies that sustain the environment and us to be open, the rest of the buggers can rot away

    13. to see avatar again, but this time wear special glasses that allow me to go and live with the blue people

    14. to see food inc – movie

    15. to stop all dolphin killing since seeing “the cove”

    16. more people to support local, seasonal food

    17. to ban smoking

    18. those two little anger lines in the middle of stressed people’s eyebrows to relax and be smooth again

    19. to touch more people every day

    20. to hug 10 people every day

    21. less people to be so lonely in such a busy world

    22. to let people know that the only fear they have is the fear they create themselves

    23. to wear more clothes made of 100% cotton, hemp and bamboo

    February 4, 2010 at 3:10 am
  • Jess

    1. Peace on Earth
    2. Eco-friendly methods of transport to become the main way of travelling
    3. The Earths creatures to be given the respect that they deserve
    4. Equality for everyone/thing
    5. Those few greedy people who are causing the world to be such a chaotic place to find the inner peace and healing that they need.
    6. My own personal ayurvedic chef/lifestyle coach to make my meals, organise my life for me and keep me sorted.
    7. To have an awesome time travelling in Africa and South America
    8. For my novel to be accepted and published!
    9. To be able to speak another language without the hassle of having to learn it.
    10. An elephant
    11. For everyone to be legally entitled to free bread, water and shelter.
    12. To have more time and opportunity to spend with my family and friends.
    13. The amazing fair trade jacket I saw last week that was lovely but way above my budget…and maybe the blue top too…
    14. For every single person in the world to genuinely laugh at something every day
    15. Healthy cakes
    16. To do another skydive
    17. To get into a yogic headstand and stay there for 10 mins.
    18. To have clarity of thought and mind all the time!
    19. Fair trade to be the law
    20. To plant loads and loads of trees.
    21. To see happy, smiling faces all around.
    22. A yurt to live in
    23. For springtime to hurry up and come so I can warm up a bit 🙂

    February 4, 2010 at 6:34 am
  • 1. For everyone to be able to love everyone else in this world, as much as I love my gorgeous baby son. How blissful!

    2. For poverty to be something we can only read about in boring history books.

    3. For there to be no such phrase as “alternative”.

    4. For all children to be educated on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, and how they are interlinked.

    5. For people to regain the knowledge of how to heal themselves, and each other, without taking cocktails of drugs.

    6. For people to be confident and self assured.

    7. For people to feel proud of, and not ashamed by their bodies and appearance.

    8. For everyone to feel loved and treasured as the magical, unique being that they are.

    9. An end to doom and gloom “news” programmes and papers.

    10. An end to being ruled by fear.

    11. For everyone to have access to an abundance of fresh, organic food, and clean, fresh water.

    12. End to religion and the dangerous control it has over people’s lives and minds.

    13. Peace in every corner of the universe (does the universe have corners?)

    14. For Alien races to visit us and stun, and surprise us with their love, knowledge, and warm heartedness:).

    15. More bartering, and exchanging, and not so much reliance on money.

    16. More helping other people, just because we can :).

    17. A revolution in schooling, children allowed to be children, each child being able to study what they wish to, being encouraged to follow their hearts desires.

    18. Everyone listening to, trusting, and following their intuition.

    19. Nobody will feel they have to stay in a relationship for the sake of the kids, or for fear of being alone.

    20. Everyone will have an abundance of friends, on whom they can rely for support, silliness, and fun things.

    21. Communication is key, people will be able to have discussions, and accept others views without trying to change them, or having an argument.

    22. Jealousy to be a thing of the past. People will be happy for others who are successful, and not try to knock them off their pedestal.

    23. May everyone be happy, may everyone be free from misery, may no-one ever be seperated from their happiness, may everyone have equanimity, free from hatred and attachment. (that old chestnut, lol)

    February 4, 2010 at 3:56 pm
  • Shayla

    Happy birthday, Shazz-tastic!

    In no particular order, my wishes:

    1. For my mom to get off “the junk” so that my kids will get to know ONE of my parents.
    2. Cold sores, vanished! (I don’t get them, but I’m a total ‘phobe.)
    3. To tattoo “as you think, so shall it be” on my inner arm, to be reminded, every day.
    4. To stop seeing food as my enemy.
    5. For #4 to happen in time to keep my daughter from inheriting my body hang-ups and eating disorders.
    6. For people to stop driving their jet skis and motor boats into the beach area of our lake. Those buoys are there for a reason!
    7. To have a home filled with natural, chemical free furniture.
    8. For everyone to discover the Law of Attraction and turn the globe into one big ball o’ BLISS.
    9. For all women to feel as empowered as I did during my unassisted births. Not necessarily through birth, but by their own paths, as long as the destination is the same. It is our birthright as women, and it’s time to CLAIM it.
    10. Blinders, gone.
    11. Labels, gone.
    12. Dietary dogma, gone. Or really, dogma of all sorts.
    13. A Kindle.
    14. To know what happened to my high school sweetheart.
    15. Dreadlocks, again.
    16. For everybody to have enough of whatever it is they need.
    17. For everybody to be able to follow their dreams, and not feel trapped by finances and circumstances.
    18. A clean, green mother earth. Maybe we would make better choices if we had a second chance.
    19. To always have the freedom to educate my children at home, however I choose.
    20. For public schools not be be used by the government as means to indoctrinate our children.
    21. To live in another country for a few years. Mostly so my kids know there’s something else besides rural Oklahoma out there.
    21. Fruit trees, as far as the eye can see.
    22. For the wild bunnies to leave me some garden greens this year. I’m happy to share, I just want a few…
    23. For the Reclaiming song “Let It Begin Now” to be the anthem of 2010. It’s already my personal anthem, I wish I could share it with everybody.

    February 4, 2010 at 10:09 pm
  • Leah, in Canada

    1. For both of my boys to grow up happy, wealthy, & wise.
    2. To finally realize what I want to do in life.
    3. To never have to worry about money again.
    4. For their to be no more street or pharmaceutical drugs.
    5. To finally stop letting cooked, crappy foods tempt me.
    6. To have my parents stop being mad at me for moving out of the country.
    7. To have peace & harmony in my own mind.
    8. For there to be peace & harmony in my children’s minds, always.
    9. For it to be easier & cheaper to buy organic fruits & veggies, whereever we go.
    10. To get rid of my television.
    11. To get rid of doubt & self-criticism.
    12. My own earth-friendly home.
    13. To be healthy.
    14. For my kids to be healthy.
    15. For my husband to figure out that smoking is bad for his health & ours when we breath it in.
    16. Acceptance.
    17. A cat.
    18. To go to a Raw Festival of some kind.
    19. To be the youngest old person I can possibly be.
    20. For my parents to finally accept me for who I am.
    21. Peace & happiness for everyone in my family.
    22. Peace & happiness for everyone else.
    Happy Birthday Shazzie.

    February 4, 2010 at 10:09 pm
  • mizmoo

    1. To always see the world for the wonderous place it is

    2. To find excitement in the everyday things

    3. And find beauty in the banal

    4. To always strive to improve the life of myself and those around me

    5. To let my inner child run riot

    6. To turn creative thoughts into physical pieces

    7. For the food industry to stop poisoning people

    8. For the drugs industry to stop making a profit out of the sick

    9. For the elderly to be valued

    10. For every child to be well cared for and cherished

    11. To run a marathon fueled by coconut juice

    12. The return of the community

    13. Local food for local people

    14. To be a better friend to my fantastic body, which never complains or fails me

    15. To be a good partner for the one I love

    16. To keep on being in love!

    17. To have a big and beautiful garden I can share

    18. To learn to make music

    19. To nourish the sick properly so that they can heal

    20. Have one child, adopt another

    21. Work at an animal shelter on weekends

    22. A government with a compassionate agenda

    23. Better communication everywhere

    24. Occasional silence lit by stars

    25. Infectious giggles

    26. To continue on this path of self awareness and discovery

    27. Simply to help

    February 5, 2010 at 3:28 am
  • Roxanne Bayliss

    1. A happy Harmonious family home
    2. To win the euromillions this friday
    3. To have success in my new venture as a healer and visualisation manifesting coach
    4. For us all to experience infinite unconditional love
    5. Diggers ( that’s my little boys request!)oh and a rocket, some treasure, a pirate ship, and maybe a dragon or two.
    6. Gosh 23 things is A LOT of stuff….. A huge hamper full of Detox Your World goodies would be nice.
    7. Organisation.
    8. Confidence
    9. Consistency.
    10.A new huge bed that fits two and a toddler!
    11. A new house that provides us with enough space and fulfills all our needs.
    12. A car to get me from a to b.
    13. Harmony, harmony, harmony in all things.
    14. A years supply of raw chocolate making ingredients so I can always make my own goodies.
    15. Gosh, more things, what do I want……. Smiles smiles all around me and inside of me.
    16. Oooo i’d like to go ski-ing….
    17. Take up dance classes…
    18. … and learn to make beautiful pottery.
    19. more books.
    20. To meet wayne dyer.
    21. to learn how to use my crystal ball effectively
    22. to see a fairy or an angel.
    23. Oh and of course a happy happy happy birthday for you too! :o) x

    February 5, 2010 at 5:10 am
  • 23 Things I really really want, please.

    1. For my relocation to Barcelona to prove fruitful and full of happinesses, new friends and joy.
    2. To learn to trust my path deeply and rememeber that the brightest beams only see 200m ahead in a dark forest. Do don’t try to look further ahead or ask how.
    3. For my Mum, let her find a way to be happy and take responsibility for that happines.
    4. For healing in my brother’s marriage.
    5. For the whole world, to be given a glimpse of stillness, quietness and surrender.
    6. For my soulmate, guide him along the right path, preferabley let this be away from Korean prostitues, rice liquor and bars, but if thats the right path then so be it.
    7. Let me surrender to the deep, ferocious spark of my creatvity and take glorious photos, make beautiful pictures and write poems that burn with internal fire.
    8. Bring all the babies who are about to be born (that I know, and those that I don’t!) safely into a world that is healing into something even beter than it already is.
    9. Let me realize my dream of owning a bookstore, cafe, yoga sudio, performance space. Or put me on the path towards it anyway!
    10. Let’s all become aware of how little we listen and quite naturally begin to take steps to remedy that.
    11.Foster understanding, empathy, patience and unconditional love as the new preferential national (international!) character.
    12. Give me a perfect body, in harmony, fully alligned and gentle.
    13. Teach me to recieve said body and indeed all gifts that are coming my way.
    14. Teach me and everyone to be open armed.
    15. Let my parents sell their house this year and move to somewhere safe and beautiful that they find inspiring.
    16. Let my crazy nephews continue to be carefree, crazy and boistrous, cuddly, cranky and loving and generally as perfect as they already are.
    17. Inspire me to keep being a committed vegearian despite he influx of chorizo, andalucian sausage and tapas coming my way.
    18. Help my family (and me!) (and the world) kick our sugar/adative/hormone addictions in all their cupcake/burger/bread based forms.
    19. Teach us to recieve!
    20. Help me to stay committed to meditation, let me release my learnt tendency to turnaway from things that are good for me. Let me make a commitment and surrender to it.
    21. Let me learn Spanish! Please!
    22. Seriously, I really need help with the Spanish thing so it’s getting a double wish.
    23. Blessings. All round. All the time. Everyone and everywhere. Teach us to see them.

    Oxford, UK.

    February 5, 2010 at 5:52 am
  • Elisheva

    Elisheva Kamber 23 estatic things for the world
    1. The whole world stops eating animals
    2. No such thing as organic because theres no such thing as chemicals
    3. Every living being is equal
    4. Goverments melt into the ground and sprout into beautiful flowers
    5. no one will no what pain is cause it doesn’t exist they will have to look in a dusty old history book for that information
    6. all animals will trust us again and will be able to play with wild lions tigers and bears
    7. To use Shazzies word “stupermarkets” will wither away and wild food for all will be abundant
    8. The whole planet will have all the beautiful trees back on her she will be very happy and will kiss us all day long
    9. The future generations will continue to keep our earth as a paradise
    10. Every single living creature will have access to precious spring water
    11. Everyone will have different superfoods growing our own gardens
    12. As Anastasia says the bears will be our loyal friends helping with the family and garden stuff
    13. Women have stopped wearing bras 😉 their lymph is very very happy
    14. Unicorns arn’t afraid to show themselves anymore, they strol into your garden hole planet to have a chat and eats some superfoods with your lion and bear friends
    15. Mermaids will appear out the sea to give us advise about seaweeds and having beautiful hair and thank us for keeping the sea so clean.
    16. “Shoes” “shoes” what the heck are they ?
    17. Its a common thing to attend someones 150th birthday, when you arrive to the party they are doing a headstand with their legs behind their head and wearing a facemask made out of goji berries
    18. Childen are allowed to be free even if that means they grew some angel wings and flew to sit on top of you 50foot durian tree
    19. cause theres no such thing as war people cant work that word out, so they assume that maybe some people just liked writng backwards.
    20. when we fly into space with our wings(no fossil fuel needed) the earth is covered in blue and green all the gray concrete has dissolved
    21. No such thing as locks and keys we all love trust and care so much about each other
    22. every person is able to communicate with each other no matter what part of the world your from, no limits, rules, judgments, or separation.
    23. our creator is so happy for us living in paradise you can feel the warm tears of joy on your skin whenever you go to wash and drink in your spring.
    Love to everysingle being ever
    Elisheva Kamber. London. UKwill have all the beatiful trees

    February 5, 2010 at 6:59 am
  • Abril

    My 23 Things…

    1. I wish for a consciousness revolution now and everywhere
    2. Equality of all races and sexes
    3. A cure for AIDS, cancer and diabetes
    4. The end of wars
    5. Humans could remember how to communicate with animals and plants
    6. Emmisions free travel
    7. Self sufficient communities as a norm
    8. That everyone could strive to be the best that they can be and know that they are 🙂
    9. Hope for pregnancy to no longer be seen as a condition requiring treatment
    10. Rainbow children to rule the world
    11. The fall of consumerism
    12. Return to nature while maintaining the wisdom of the ages
    13. A new age of scientific revolution
    14. Time travel is possible
    15. Durians could be grown in texas and california
    16. The end of fear, greed and hate
    17. I wish for the world to be safe everywhere
    18. I dream of a time when humanity is enlighened, peaceful and kind
    19. I wish there were no homeless people
    20. I would like to see the end of big agriculture and big industry all together
    21. Living rooftops and fruit trees for every home built
    22. Herbs, food, sunlight, rest and nature to be used as medicine in lieu of pharmaceuticals
    23. A feeling of love and understanding to be with each person every moment of their lives.

    February 5, 2010 at 12:15 pm
  • Jennifer

    1 – world peace. (One of those standard beauty queen answers.)
    2 – to be a beauty queen!
    3 – to own my house (so I can junk the stove and have more counter space! – who needs a stove?!)
    4 – to work from home
    5 – a bicycle built for… four?! Or maybe three, with a toddler seat in the back for my 3 year old…. Because gas prices are CRAZY!
    6 – a husband would be nice. One that’s tall, handsome, smart, funny… and won’t look at me crazy when I reveal that I only eat raw food!
    7 – one of those raspberry fudge cakes in Ani Phyo’s book… because I just can’t seem to end up making my own!
    8 – Ok, I lied on number 3. I don’t want the house I live in… I want my own organic, bought-and-paid-for, self-sufficient, solar/wind-powered… farm.
    9 – a better understanding of my children.
    10 – more intentional communities in the U.S.!
    11 – every Disney movie ever made on DVD. For my kids, of course. o.O
    12 – furniture that matches?
    13 – a closer relationship with my stepmother.
    14 – season tickets to the local opera.
    15 – a time machine.
    16 – just ONE day of peace and quiet. I swear, one day will do it.
    17 – superpowers. Preferably telekinesis. Or telepathy. Or foresight. Or a combination of all three!
    18 – more time in the day.
    19 – a bigger dehydrator!
    20 – for my sister and brother to reconcile.
    21 – another one of those raspberry ganache fudge cakes… because I have a feeling that the first one is going to go pretty quickly…
    22 – a decent night’s sleep!!
    23 – to win this contest!

    February 5, 2010 at 12:48 pm
  • Catherine R.

    ok here goes:
    1.I want construction to start on my house so I can stop living with my parents. (selfish, I know)
    I want to be able to afford all organic food.
    I want my now homeless neighbor to have a place to live, and fast.
    I want us all to stop being taxed to death and told it is not enough money.
    I want EVERYONE to be able to see a doctor and go to a dentist without going broke.
    I want kids to stop brawling on video, and stop brawling, period.
    I want more emotional support for parenting, and parental education so there is less child abuse and child homicide.
    I wish my 3yr old was less fresh.
    I wish the suburbs would go for community gardens of food and that in reality, they would not be ravaged or destroyed.
    I wish no one had to work at a job they hate.
    I wish I had the money for yoga teacher training.
    I want my mother not to have to go through chemo for breast cancer.
    I want my father to stop drinking himself to death.
    I want people to take raw food seriously
    I want a GOOD education for all children
    I want a massage one time in my life
    I want us all to stop being nations, but human
    I wish there was no more reality tv
    I wish my daughter doesn’t have to grow up in a world where women are viewed as t&a
    I want my husband and I to have a honeymoon someday
    I want an end to human trafficking
    I want guns banned everywhere
    I want no woman to be beaten, ever, by her husband or boyfriend.

    New York, US

    February 5, 2010 at 1:38 pm
  • Lindsay

    Things I want most in the whole wild world:
    1. Sunshine, and lots of it, dripping down my body
    2. Ocean waves crashing nearby
    3. Sweet sea smell on a warm breeze
    4. Hot sand molded into hard lumps under my stomach
    5. A day to relax
    6. Happiness for my husband
    7. The ability to fly
    8. A way to sleep in late every day while still getting up early to greet the sun
    9. A limitless supply of oozey juicy mangoes.
    10. A world in which money doesn’t matter
    11. Land on which to grow fruit, family and friends
    12. The ability to text my friends using mind powers
    13. An end to the police state
    14. An end to the corporation-nation
    15. The end of fear
    16. A social revolution
    17. An end to animal suffering, abuse and slavery
    18. A society in which it is safe to love
    19. A sailboat
    20. An answer to why I am here
    21. The answer to why it matters
    22. A baby with my husband’s curls
    23. To make my children’s world beautiful

    February 6, 2010 at 12:39 am
  • Christina

    Loving this idea, Shazzie you’re a star 🙂

    1. Global Peace & Harmony
    2. Governments realizing the truth(love)& giving out loads of raw chocolate to all to say sorry
    3. Raw food cafes everywhere
    4. New forests forming everywhere
    5. New species of flowers, plants and animals thriving
    6. Capoeira & Yoga instead military
    7. Vision for the blind, Ayahuasca for all
    8. Parties & dance classes instead work (to increase creativity) 😀
    9. Open voluntary ecstatic schools
    10. Freedom for all
    11. Ecstatic Bliss for all
    12. Everyone spending time with what they love
    13. Forming of a super conscious culture
    14. Looking back with a big grin
    15. Open doors, sans frontiers
    16. Unlimited spring water for all
    17. More sunshine in rainy countries
    18. Tribes thriving
    19. DVD rentals with InnerTalk CDs & more ecstatic stuff
    20. Live Music everywhere
    21. A Teleportation device (you’re so right!)
    22. This magical hamper
    23. Communication with the sun, moons & stars * * *

    February 6, 2010 at 4:18 pm
  • Leyla

    I’d like:
    1. Peace in the world
    2. to find a job
    3. to find a real, loyal friend
    4. to meet you and your super sweet mother
    5. to find my Mr. Big
    6. I wish serenity to all the people in the world
    7. the end of poverty
    8. raw restaurants all over Italy
    9. to bath in the ocean
    10. to visit Hawaii
    11. to find raw foods in every supermarket
    12. to go to a spa
    13. free education to everybody
    14 love for everybody
    15 to write a raw recipe book
    16 to find balance
    17 to lose weight
    18 to be a good teacher for others
    19 to be a good example for others
    20 to be more in nature
    21 more respect for our mother nature
    22 to exercise everyday
    23 to learn to be at least 10% as flexible as you

    February 7, 2010 at 4:42 am
  • Flis

    glorious 23: for all beings
    23.SPARKLES AND GLITTER- everywhere

    February 7, 2010 at 11:17 am
  • Love

    The 23 things I want most in the world right now are…

    1. Unabashed, unconditional love for every single being in this universe.
    2. Shattering self-confidence
    3. All the superhuman powers available to myself.
    4. The best food ever available to every single person.
    5. Springs, waterfalls, and the most amazing water available to everyone.
    6. Every single being to be able to exist harmoniously together.
    7. To be the highest vision of my Goddess-self.
    8. The best sense of humor.
    9. Physical teleportation.
    10. Enchantment
    11. Magic
    12. Grace
    13. Violet-marble eyes
    14. The best hair ever.
    15. Ecstasy
    16. For life to be music
    17. Constant creative inspiration
    18. The best flexibility ever.
    19. Ultimate peace.
    20. Christ consciousness.
    21. Bliss
    22. To be the best dancer ever.
    23. To have my best voice ever and use it.

    Love you!

    February 7, 2010 at 1:30 pm
  • I want:

    1. A unicorn <3
    2. Pixie dust
    3. Abundance
    4. Cosmic connections
    5. Flowering almond trees
    6. Romance :*

    7. ~ * L O V E * ~

    8. A magic tree house
    9. This moment
    10. My own fairytale
    11. Paradise on Earth

    12. I want all people on earth to understand The Law Of Attraction! That we create our reality with our thoughts. I want them to learn that everything is possible, that they can create and achieve whatever they wish for – even the things I have listed here! Then Love, Health, Bliss and a life with Magic vibrations will be true for everyone! 😀

    13. Good karma
    14. Pink butterflies
    15. Lotus flowers
    16. Sparkling rainbows
    17. Beautiful dreams
    18. Miracles
    19. Organic ecstatic food
    20. Healing light
    21. Wisdom
    22. Seeds <3
    23. Dancing through life!

    Love from Miri, who lives in the Swedish forest together with fairies and wild blueberries ~ (Swedish new raw websites! Soon will also be available, in English! :D)

    February 7, 2010 at 5:05 pm
  • Leyla

    I wish:
    1.peace for all the world find a job find my Mr.Big
    4. to find balance
    5. Serenity to everybody
    6. to lose weight
    7. to exercise more
    8. to learn yoga
    9. to learn spanish
    10. to write a raw recipe book
    11. free education for all
    12. free water to all
    13. end of poverty
    14. stop climate changes
    15. more respect to our mother nature
    16. to meet you and your superfantastic mother
    17. raw restaurants in Italy
    18. raw icecream parlors
    19. less expensive raw treats
    20. to spend more time in nature
    21. to be more respected
    22. to respect more myself
    23. to be more confident
    Leyla, Italy

    February 8, 2010 at 5:07 am
  • Kati

    I wish…

    1. To live in a home with floor to ceiling glass windows with views of gardens, trees, and fresh flowing water.
    2. For all products in the world to be made beautifully, sustainably, and fairly.
    3. For all people to reduce what they consume, to reuse what they have, and to recycle what they no longer need.
    4. To open a holistic wellness center with a juice/raw food snack bar, a dance/yoga studio, an uplifting library, and tranquil treatment rooms where people can come to heal and get inspired!
    5. To meet and study with all my heroes.
    6. To hire a personal chef!
    7. For total disarmament.
    8. For all beings – human, animal, plant, and other – to be loved and appreciated for who they truly are.
    9. To inundate the world with positive messages via the internet, television, billboards, movies, magazines, radio, and books.
    10. To visit all seven continents and to be fully awake for each experience.
    11. For female friends who want to play dress up and have tea parties!
    12. For everyone to know the power of excellent nutrition and to be able to provide it for themselves and their families.
    13. To share vibrant meals with kindred spirits at a long wooden table set with organic linens and bamboo utensils.
    14. To sing to the birds and have them sing back to me!
    15. To be able to see the stars at night wherever I go.
    16. To have a cedar hot tub in my backyard fed by a natural mineral spring.
    17. To build a magical tree house in the woods for yoga, writing, and contemplation.
    18. To drink fresh coconut water in a hammock on a soft sand beach in Thailand.
    19. To share a laugh with a stranger every day.
    20. To love everyone and tell them so!
    21. To live every day as if it was a holiday!
    22. To be an inspiration!
    23. For everyone to jump off the treadmill and live their dreams with passion!

    Love you Shazzie! Thank you for everything.

    Kati (NY, USA)

    February 10, 2010 at 7:27 am
  • Fiona

    Hi Shaz, my 23 things are:
    1)Makeovers for garages – lets hear it for the garage …funky, stylish, original designs.
    2)Lots of trees, habitat etc for our wildlife who all need more space
    3)A TV Truth channel which tells it like it is
    4)An ‘edible gardening’ channel
    5)Educate children (and everyone else) on the importance of thoughts as creators
    6)Politicians radiating health and beauty. Wow!
    7)Policing of assaults on the astral
    8)Exposure of the High Priest a la Anastasia (Ringing Cedars)
    9)Places for dogs to run around and public doggie toilets
    10)A ban of all low-life TV programs (what would be left?)
    11)Teach all people the importance of relaxing, carried into every activity for greater efficiency & less stress
    12)Less brainwashing about the big ‘C’ and putting the fear of death into everyone
    13)Packaging that when discarded is beneficial to wildlife (ideally edible)
    14)People on call help desks easy to understand with clear, harmonious speaking voices
    15)Beautifully designed office buildings to uplift the people who work there
    16)Time travel holidays
    17)VAT name change to ROT (Ripping Off Tax)
    18)New eco solutions to icy roads e.g. planting evergreens alongside for frost protection
    19)Ingredients on labels big enough to be read easily
    20)Outlaw hydrogenated fats and aspartame
    21)Eco holidays that don’t charge the earth when their raw materials are free
    22) to see life in people’s faces, instead of deadness in their eyes
    23) Crystal beds nationwide for sublime chakra balancing
    Regards, Fiona

    February 10, 2010 at 10:40 am
  • My 23 highest wishes are:

    1, Complete change in the school system. I would love for my children to go to a school they loved to go to and that inspired them, made them happy and that was all about love and having a wonderful time together. And starting them at 7. And not having to pay a fortune for it. 15 top in each class.
    2, Freedom of fear. For me and for everyone.
    3, Radiant health
    4, For us to understand why we are actually here
    5, To live in Avatar land
    6, Love, Forgivness and Gratitude
    7, A new Open plan kitchen
    8, To be open to feel the love.
    9, Everyone Greet and see each other from ones inner being
    10, Connection
    11, A lovely new bathroom
    12, knowledge
    13, peace
    14, Celebration parties with friends were everyone is loved for who they are and everyone are having a beautiful time.
    15, Less cynisism
    16,True pure food for everyone
    17, clean pure lifegiving water for everyone
    18, Everyone to love right now.
    19, More sunshine in England
    20, More laughter
    21, flatter belly
    22, longevity
    23, Avalon to appear again.

    February 10, 2010 at 5:47 pm
  • I couldn’t list 23 things. But found it a great opportunity to write down what’s important for me in life, and to share that with all of you who may read this page 🙂

    1. To live in complete and unshakable peace.
    2. To see my daughter grow into a woman.
    3. To live in a beautiful piece/area of open land, where my family and I,
    and whoever else ends up living with us, can create our own energy, source our
    own water, grow our own food…
    4. To be fully self-sustainable
    5. To trust in life, that it will always provide me with everything I could want or need.
    6. To have one of the most beautiful countertenor voices in the world.
    7. To be healthier and in better shape when I am 40 than when I was 20.
    8. To want what life wants for me.
    9. To no longer dwell, or be pulled down, by any negative state.
    10. To continue meeting beautiful people and creating a like-beingness community.

    Happy Birthday, Shazzie!
    Love & Blessings to you ALL!

    Gibran (NSW, Australia)

    February 10, 2010 at 9:44 pm
  • Stacy N. (Lancaster, PA USA)

    Things I want most for the world…
    1. Love
    2. Laughter
    3. Peace
    4. Honesty
    5. Kindness
    6. Sharing
    7. God centered thinking (which would be all of these things rolled into one :))
    8. Natural health care prevention
    9. No crime
    10. Daily time spent with loved ones
    11. Holistic practices everywhere
    12. Gardens open to public with free gardening classes
    13. Parks filled with fruit trees
    14. Shorter work weeks, longer weekends
    15. Schools that teach TRUE healthy eating & healing history
    16. Organics only
    17. Less greed
    18. More bliss
    19. Longer vacations
    20. No war
    21. Relaxed expectations
    22. No homeless
    23. Abundant joy
    Happy Birthday Shazzie, Love to You!
    Stacy (Lancaster, PA USA)

    February 10, 2010 at 11:36 pm
  • Emily

    My top 23 wishes are….
    in no particular order…

    1. To walk the world from garden to edible
    2. For conservation land to be conserved forever, not mined at the drop of the government’s hat! (Dammit John Key!)
    3. For the initiation of Universal Income
    4. For the subsequent end of poverty
    5. For everyone to feel the magic of raw foodism
    6. To learn to fly, without wings.
    7. To eat blueberries and mango every day
    8. To live in the forest
    9. To meet a bear
    10. An end to all corporate sponsered wars
    11. An end to all corporate sponsered diseases
    12. An end to compulsory vaccination
    13. No more poisoned food pushed on the people
    14. For humankind to regain their connection with Gaia
    15. To meet benevolent extra terrestrials
    16. To talk to horses by moonlight
    17. To dream every night
    18. To have beautiful babies and not worry what sort of world they will inherit
    19. Clean water to drink, to swim in, to wash with and cook with
    20. Herbal revolution
    21. Clean, cheap air travel
    22. Endless adventures, perpetual discovery
    23. Universal Love xxx

    Emily, New Zealand

    February 11, 2010 at 12:41 am
  • The 23 Things I Want Most in the World…
    1).The Ability to See the Future
    3).My own Land/Organic Farm (completely paid for) and Eco Friendly Home, made in Harmony with Nature.
    4).Healthy, Happy Ancient Forests all Over the World and Hemp to be used for making Paper etc…
    5).Teleportation and Telepathy.
    6).Radiant health and a Clean Celled Body.
    7).Conscious Awakening on a Global Level.
    8).For the E.T.’s to come and use their technology to clean/heal the oceans, air, water, soil and ozone.
    9).For every person to be Free to do What they want, When they want. For Every Person to be able to develop their Skills, Talents and Creativity in a way that is Most Pleasing to them and have channels to Express that. In other words… Sovereignty for All Beings who Desire it.
    10).Free Energy for All.
    11).Transportation devices that run on Free Energy and actually Clean the Air as they move around.
    12).To feel Warm all the time, from the Inside.
    13).To Live in Superconsciousness and to Know God.
    14).To Master the ability to Focus.
    15).To Live with a Light Heart. Always.
    15).To Know.
    16).To have Peace of Mind. Always.
    17).For each person who desires it to be able to have their own Land and Grow their own Food.
    18).To Sing Beautifully.
    19).Connection with Nature; the Real, Wild Nature.
    20).To Feel Safe and Secure from Within. Always.
    21).Knowledge for myself and all beings who desire it.
    22).Infinite Abundance…
    23).To Love Myself Unconditionally. Always.

    Happy Birthday Luvly Shazzie! Thanks for Being You… We’re All So Glad You Were Born!

    Robyn (WA, USA)

    February 11, 2010 at 1:06 am
  • Marianne

    1. Peace for everyone worldwide
    2. No more ‘natural’ disasters leaving orphans
    3. Clean everything
    4. Worlds resources shared equally
    5. Personal peace
    6. Housing for everyone worldwide
    7. Sunshine and laughter
    8. No more GM foods
    9. The earths vitamins and minerals replenished
    10.Everyone to smile every day
    11.No more crime so that we can leave our doors unlocked as we once did
    12.Love thy neighbour to become the norm
    13.Everyone to live today as if it was their last
    14.Famine & thirst to be a thing of the past
    15.No more hatred anywhere
    16.To hear birdsong every morning as I wake
    17.To receive and give loving thoughts every day
    18.Everyone to be able to look at amazing views everyday
    19.To be at the end of a rainbow just once in my lifetime
    20.Everyone to speak the truth only no matter what
    21.For everyone to know that thoughts become things and therefore only think good honest kind thoughts.
    22.Organic foods to become the norm so that there is no more having to choose between bad food and good.
    23. Lastly, well to win the wonderful Shazzie hamper of course, that would be the icing on Shazzies Chocolate Torte.

    Marianne (UK)

    February 11, 2010 at 3:30 am
  • Ok! I had thought about doing it and then didn’t and then blah blah blah! 🙂 so here we go!
    1. to let go of all my fears of not being good enough!
    2. unconditional peace
    3. unconditional love
    4. freedom from feeling stress
    5. freedome to park anywhere I want without having to pay!!!!!!
    6. to remove all childrens eye level sugar frenzied sweets from shops!
    7. to make every school grow there own fruit & veg
    8. for every school to have outside classrooms & lessons
    9. for every mother to ‘WANT’ to breastfeed
    10. drinking water to be complusory
    11. for children to be un-vaccinated
    12. for vaccines to be removed 100%!!!
    13. more understanding that your body can only ever work for you – never against you!
    14. for anger to be ok!
    15. to be all that you truely are – really
    16. to accept without judgement
    17. for enema buckets to available in boots!!!
    18. for abundant health 🙂
    19. to not fuck up my children
    20. to have a newspaper that only tells you GOOD things
    21. To make love to Jason more 🙂
    22. to make magnesium & omega oils compulsory!
    23. to abolish antibiotics!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love you babes xxx

    February 11, 2010 at 4:57 am
  • Amanda

    23 things
    1. Replace the NHS with the RHS (Raw Health Service)
    2. Plant an apple tree in every garden to keep the doctor away
    3. Play Raw-k and Roll music on every radio station
    4. Replace Ryvita with Rawvita
    5. Replace all Doctors with Doxtors
    6. Put a Naked chocolate bar in every kid’s lunchbox
    7. Introduce rawcreation in every school
    8. Make it compulsory to Detox Your World
    9. Give every midwife a copy of Evie’s Kitchen
    10. Drop Passion through every mail box
    11. Have a raw-riental Friday night out
    12. Replace Luncheon Vouchers with Detox your World Gift vouchers
    13. Sing Raw Britannia every day
    14. Ban non-organic non-ecstatic foods
    15. Replace Weight Watchers with RaWatchers
    16. Place Detox Delights in every Libary
    17. Play Raw Food Delights DVD on News at Ten
    18. Show your raw emotions
    19. Paint in raw umber
    20. Go live in Rawalpindi
    21. Be raw-ealistic
    22. Be strong and raw like a lion
    23. Be part of the raw-volution baby

    February 11, 2010 at 7:32 am
  • Alissa

    1. The right to happiness and to be happy
    2. Wonderful health for any who ask for it
    3. Enough healthy food to cure world hunger – No on deserves to be hungry
    4. Never thinking “if only I should have done that differently”-Be proud of your actions
    5. Thinking logically what ever logically means
    6. Yoga or the time to do yoga or any exersize
    7. Time, or the exsistant of not-time, we stress out too much about time
    8. Honoring those we love and the lessons that they have taught us
    9. Respect, everyone deserves it!
    10.Energy, wouldn’t it be great to wake up everyday jumping without coffee
    11.Equipment, being equiped with what you need when you need it
    12.Wishful thinking, it is wishful thinking that really makes the world go around
    13.Ice cream, or raw Ice cream, not made with cashews – I am allergic
    14.Silliness, we are all too serious at times
    15.Home, everyone deserves a right to call a place home
    16.Every child has a future, They are our future, so why shouldn’t a child have one
    17.Small things, and more of them it is the small things in life that count
    18.Favors, just think of how nice the world would be if everyone did a favor for someone
    19.Opinions, without opinions we would all be the same
    20.Realistic goals, Having a goal set that is realistic to you and only you
    21.Ability, Everyone has a special ability, but how do we know what it is?
    22.Life, laughter, and love – hopefully this doesn’t count as three
    23.Lots of friends, it is not fun to be loney – even if you are a loner 🙂

    February 11, 2010 at 8:53 am
  • Neens

    OK, here’s my list:

    I want…

    1. World peace, love and understanding
    2. World health and hope
    3. Everyone to have access to the best water and food ever
    4. Great housing for everyone
    5. The end of money
    6. An end to pollution
    7. Nothing but organic produce all over the world – and at a reasonable price, too!
    8. An end to cancer, diabetes and other illnesses
    9. A trip to Egypt to see Hatshepsut’s temple
    10. My dogs to live to be 23 years old (they’ve promised!)
    11. A lovely house in a forest near the sea with lots of land for growing our own produce
    12. A campervan so my man and my doggies and I can see the world (well, Europe, at least!)
    13. Love, love, love…
    14. Someone to figure out what’s wrong with my grandma
    15. My man’s work to be absolutely safe
    16. Music and laughter and happy days
    17. To be able to remember everything I learn
    18. All animals to have happy, meaningful, rewarding lives
    19. To be mortgage-free
    20. To be more creative
    21. To be an ecstatic being ;o)
    22. Everything and everyone to be eco-friendly
    23. A holiday!!! :oD

    February 11, 2010 at 1:21 pm
  • Julie

    1. That every single soul on this planet has their hearts filled with sunshine

    2. For children to be children for longer than they are allowed to in today’s society.

    3. To play much much more

    4. To sing and dance everyday

    5. That much more quality and healthy food would be available at supermarkets, and that people’s awareness on this matter would increase

    6. That all children would experience a safe and loving childhood.

    7. Peace on earth (i think if we could have no 1 on the list then this would equal peace on earth)

    8. To reach out to as many people as possible every day

    9. To learn how to make more raw food, and best of all raw chocolate!

    10. To learn more languages

    11. To lie on a beach in Hawaii and just feel blissful

    12. To love lavishly

    13. To learn how to breathe properly

    14. To find beauty in the little things

    15. To spend even more time with my loved ones

    16. To laugh and laugh and laugh

    17. To cry (happy tears)

    18. To inspire and to be inspired

    19. That schools will teach children about love compassion and empathy, and also lots of physical activity and creative subjects, not just academic ones. The children are our future. Let’s make a good foundation for a better world. Let them know that we’re all one, and beautiful and perfect in our own right, and that every living thing should be treated with respect.

    20. A revolution when it comes to politics. A party that’s for the people, and who is led by a genuine lightworker with only people who want good for all the people of this world.

    21. Clean water for everyone and the restoration of our gaia to what it once was.

    22. Roof over the head for everyone

    23. Life, love, joy and peace of mind for everyone

    February 11, 2010 at 2:58 pm
  • Hi Shazzie
    23 things I would most want would be

    1, All front doors to be pink!
    2, We would rub noses when we meet eachother.
    3, More community minded living.
    4, Third world debt wiped out.
    5, Ongoing awareness of poorer countries and ways to support them not just when there is a disaster.
    6, African drumming is part of the national curriculum.
    7, Salaries are evenly distributed- more for people who care for others and contribute to well-being of others.
    8, Free coloured wellies are distributed to everyone by the Gov in bad winters!!
    9, It would become really socially unacceptable to drop litter.
    10, Organic food is cheaper than all other foods.
    11, Freedom to busk, drum, dance if the mood takes you rather than being ‘moved on’ or fined for expressing creativity.
    12, Benefits of vegan and living foods are introduced to primary schools.
    13, Space hopping, roller skating/booting and skipping become a regular sight on the way to work!
    14, That we could throw glitter at someone rather than a punch if we are feeling really grumpy!
    15, All animals and living things are respected.
    16, Our culture could have a shift in attitude about death and dying so that we don’t grow up afraid of an ‘end’.
    17, Older people are integrated and respected in our communities and old age is seen as something positive and admired.
    18,More purple, pink,yellow and orange cars on the road with big keys on the back if they are run on vegetable oil.
    19, Old people’s residential care homes are closed down because lonely and isolated older people are a thing of the past.
    20, Every high st has a veggie/vegan or raw cafe.
    21, We all experience how great hugging feels.
    22, More people stopped believing everything they learn from the media.
    23, Shazzie, Kate Magic. David Wolfe and Dr Gabriel Cousens all have seats in Government here and in US respectively!!!

    That was good fun! Thank-you.

    February 11, 2010 at 3:15 pm