The world’s biggest juice cleanse 9th May 2011

Announcing our fourth group juice cleanse! Very exciting times, as I will be juicing in my brand new kitchen. If the sockets are in at some point. If you haven’t done a juice cleanse with us before, here’s how it works:

  • “Like” this page The World’s Biggest Juice Cleanse, and let us know you’re in!
  • Visit the above page whenever you want to talk about your experiences, or when you have any questions, or even just to chat.
  • Read the FAQs below
  • Buy enough food to juice from Monday onwards.
  • Do as many days as you feel comfortable doing. I think I’ll do seven days, but it may turn into ten. I’ll be offering support and love on the above page during the whole cleanse.
Get juicy with us!
Get juicy with us!

Juice cleanse FAQs

What do I drink?

Raw, organic, freshly juiced vegetables and fruit. I aim for 60% green vegetables (high on the celery), 30% non-sweet fruit (high on the cucumber) and 10% sweet fruit. You can also drink fresh coconut water.

What equipment will I need?

A juicer! Or a high speed blender and a nut mylk bag.

How much do I drink?

Aim for about 5 litres (about 5 quarts) of juice a day. Your size, activity level and metabolism will determine the exact amount you need. It may also vary over time.

Can I eat anything?

This isn’t a contest, it’s just for you to feel the benefits of supported juice cleansing. If you want to eat, too, then choose from the following if possible:

  • chlorella tablets
  • marine phytoplankton
  • non-sweet fruit
  • fresh smoothies
  • Superfoods added into your juices

Can I drink anything else but juice?

Yes! As much fresh clean water and as many herbal teas as you want.

I’m working, how do I juice?

It depends on the job you do, but you can juice enough to take in a flask or two to see you through. Juice that isn’t drank immediately can degrade, so consider adding a spoonful of ionic silver to it to prolong its life.

I’m pregnant or breastfeeding, can I do it?

I fasted for seven days on water when I was pregnant (I didn’t know it at the time) and so I know it’s not dangerous, but the choice has to be yours. Consider green smoothies instead of juices, and adding chia and almond mylks to your menu. If you don’t feel right, stop the cleanse immediately. We’ve had about five pregnant or breastfeeding mums on board during previous cleanses, all did a variation of the full juice cleanse to suit their needs. If you’re worried about releasing toxins to your baby, consider taking Zeolite.

What else should I do?

  • You may feel cold while cleansing. Keep extra layers of clothes handy, and enjoy blankets and hot water bottles if you need them.
  • Feel free to do a castor oil pack on your liver.
  • You may want to take MSM and liquid zeolites to assist your cleanse.
  • Have plenty of hot baths with salt, magnesium or epsom salts in.
  • Go to bed early. Give thanks. Meditate. Love. This cleanse is a prayer in action.
  • Exercise gently: walking, yoga, small weights and pilates.
  • I personally keep taking my daily supplements, vegan DHA and reishi extract being two of them.

That’s it?

Yes, that’s it. It’s simple. Juice as often as you like and as much as you like. If you feel hungry or weird, juice more. I’m really looking forward to doing this with you all, and am so glad we’re here to support each other. To keep it easy, please chat here, and remember to let us know you’re in! We normally get about one hundred people at a time juicing, and so you are in great company, wherever you are in the world!

Bliss U


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