The transformational magic of attending live events

When I had my old business, I made it a priority to go to one high-end live event a year. I also sent my staff on relevant courses too.

Yes, there are a million online courses now, and some are awesome (obvs some aren’t!), but you will never get the same experience, imprint, connections or inspiration than when you see someone live.

You just can’t.

So let’s have a look at why you would want any of those things:


Life is a patchwork quilt of experiences. Without them, we’d shrivel up. With them, we feel alive, exhilarated, thrilled and present… even the “bad” experiences.

Experiences can touch your soul and awaken sleeping parts of you — fast!


As a business owner, or someone tinkering with starting up a business, you are listening to yourself way too much for your own good. You might not know what you could do, because you’re only mentally expanding as far as you can go alone.

When you meet other people who have similar goals to you, something magical happens, and it happens fast. Your imprint of what’s possible and what you really want changes. You leave the event knowing your new direction is going to bring you more security, wealth, abundance and everything else you crave, than if you’d chosen not to attend that event.

Give me a day and I'll give you a million dollar business plan


You will never meet so many like minds as you do at an event that’s tailored for people exactly like you. And you will never know where those connections will take you.

At one business event, I met a young man who was holding a green smoothie, waiting for the doors to open. I had a really strong feeling that I needed to know this guy. I introduced myself, and we got talking. We went to lunch together and I told him all about what I wanted, that I was looking to sell my business but hadn’t found the right kind of buyer who would take the business to new heights. As we finished lunch, he looked me in the eye: “I’ll buy your business”. And he did. Had I not have been at that event, the chances of ever having that conversation would have been almost zero. That’s the power of connecting with people at live events.


You may be like me, in that you immerse yourself in inspiring talks, from Abraham to Tony Robbins and everything in between. Have you ever met someone who inspires you? It’s like they give you some of their magic. Even in a room full of other people, even if there are thousands of others, you make that connection with your “hero” and you feel like you can do anything… for a long time afterwards. You just don’t get that from Youtube or a webinar 😉

Being at a live event will help you:

  • Unblock your issues that are stopping you moving forward
  • Put you in touch with your true essence (so you can easily shed what you don’t need)
  • Give you a completely fresh perspective on what’s happening in the world, and what you can do to keep up
  • Bring exactly the right people into your life so you can make huge changes

What to do next

Book yourself on at least one live event a year. Do the same for your employees if you have them.

Bliss U

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