Raisins to be cheerful

Tonight, Evie and her scrummy friend Hero dressed up for Halloween. No apostrophes: the release of the chochonary in Ecstatic Beings has spawned the beginning of the post-dictionary generation. Evie was a ladybirdspiderwitch, Hero was a bride of the dead.

Evie the ladybirdspiderwitch does a spell to make mummy's face disappear!

Evie the ladybirdspiderwitch does a spell to make mummy's face disappear!

Evie and about ten other little creatures of the night played party games in our community hall before scuttling off to do “trickle treat” around the community houses with some grown ups. Very safe! Yesterday, I’d been feeling mightily kambotic, highly Amazonian and fully charged, so did a swift forward roll from the kitchen into the lounge. Cr….i….i….i….ck. ┬áNeck went, as did the next 48 hours, due to lying down and going “ow”. Luckily Evie’s daddy was here so he did all the Halloween duties, except making the food, making a “trickle treat” baggy up for Evie so she didn’t feel left out and of course there was no preparing for the forthcoming attraction of trick or treaters, either. A woman’s work…

So as the children came to the first house, which happened to be mine, I struggled out of the bed I’d just struggled into as they all sang a rhyme about underwear. I opened the door to lots of smiley faces. Er….. I went over to the pantry and pulled out a huge bag of raisins. All the hands came up “Sweets”, they exclaimed. “Raisins” Evie exclaimed. Everyone’s hands and faces went down except for Evie and two others. Hero declared “You could have made some sweets!” Hero loves my sweets, they are stuffed full of seeds and superfoods and taste mighty delicious. Yes, i could have, but 1) I’d forgotten, 2) it was supposed to be my day off 3) I’m irresponsible and useless with time 4) I’d just got back off holiday and they should have been grateful I had raisins.

Ever present, the kiddies didn’t smear poo on my windows or anything else “tricky”, and danced off to the next house. Julie, Hero’s mum asked me for a few things to give to Evie while the other children take sweets from the neighbours. A bag of almonds, raw crackers, raisins and something else not manufactured in a lab came out of the pantry and Julie went on her way with her secret stash.

Not long after, some older children came trick or treating. Evie’s dad asked me for something. “Tell them we’ve finished” I croaked, trying to get my neck comfy with Evie being a witch under the bed covers. He came back up “I gave them a juice bar.” I cringed, envisaging coming down to frozen November poo on the windows in the morning.

Trick or treat? Trick. Any day. I don’t like to spoil children, they’re perfect as they are…

I spook u


  • Last year in the UK I bought a huge bag of satsumas, and put pumpkin faces on them with black marker pen, as my gesture of defiance against the refined sugar deluge! I got responses of ‘awh rubbish fruit… oh actually that’s cool..’ echoing down the garden path (and no eggs or flour).

    November 2, 2009 at 8:49 am