Stop my alarm, dial 999
I’m an emergency writhing to happen
Sit me on a cloud, let me be loud
You’re the condition that makes me happy

Be my mate, let’s procreate
You let me safely expand
Take me unconditionally
Hold my heart, then hold my hand

Be my soft container not my stiff restrainer
Give me space to be me, but don’t ever let me be
Saving my armpit smell for you is a no-brainer
Let me see in PVC, you love my simplicity

I fall to the floor, you love my very core
You good and proper save me
Take your time to understand then
Shake me, misbehave me and shave me

Be all around me and then half drown me
Your eyes are deeper than heaven knows
I lost me, thank god now you’ve found me
Read my mind, read me poetry and prose

Make me unwind make me forget my mind
Lose the precious moments I find
Affirm me, be firm with me
Make me incredible, make your remarks inedible

We’re glamorous, I’m your descended mistress
Understand I’m all a woman can be
Give me the very best type of whispers
And smile coz I’m yours from now to eternit

(Extracted from my book Ecstatic Beings)

Bliss U


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