Mind Body Spirit Festival 2013

Hey gorgeous

If you follow my work regularly, you’ll know I sometimes leave my paradisiacal home and do a workshop or talk. Usually just once a year, though, right 😉 Can’t leave that kale to grow alone for too long!

Well, this year I’ve been charmed by the beautiful people at Mind Body Spirit to do a nice big two hour workshop at their London festival in May. Please come a long if you want to meet me, as I won’t be doing any other talks this year. We’ll be making some of my favourite raw food dishes, which of course will include raw chocolate. And we’ll be handing out raw food samples for you to get sticky with.

Have a look at the cute Puppetji chatting about the show in the video below, and get your ticket here, now!

The details

Saturday 25th May 2013
13:00 – 15:00
Raw Food For The Soul with Shazzie

When you see the glow that raw foodists have, no wonder this lifestyle is becoming popular! Did you know you can look ten years younger, increase your energy and overcome health challenges by not cooking? Join Shazzie as she creates her favourite raw food dishes, and hands out tasters too!

Get your ticket now!

Right, that’s all folks. I’m off to pick up my squiggly daughter from forest school which will result in me shaking my head at the incompatibility between ec0-freindly washing powder and all that mud!

Bliss U


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