When LaFaye Took The Plunge This Happened

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With around 500 current members, and many new ones joining as I write, I want to give you an insider’s view of what it’s like to be a VIPster (that’s what I call my members and I invented it long before the term Hipster was coined so I can’t even apologise!).

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LaFaye from Canada was a regular member of Shazzie’s VIP Room. One day she contacted me to give her some business mentoring. We started working together and within minutes I was thinking “This woman needs something different… Am I the one to help her?”

You see when someone is paying for you to help them in their business, you can’t just spring it upon them that they need some deep spiritual shift before anything will change!

So I carefully felt her out and I got all the “YES, I AM FULLY OPEN TO CHANGE” signs that I needed.

One minute we are talking about her wish to become a raw food coach, because she was so qualified, so passionate and trained up to the eyeballs… and the next we were talking about her psychic abilities, why she shut life out and what emotions were causing that awful back pain.

Goodness, I’m glad she trusted me! We had twelve sessions in the end and we cleared it all. Then recently she sent me an email that felt like it came from someone else, and definitely not that scared, closed flower I first met. She was excited, rocking her new life, and just couldn’t wait to attract more of this good stuff. Because of the mentoring I gave her, and because she was brave enough to make changes she never thought she could even look at, her whole life was different.

Here is her email, in her own words — I think you’ll love this:

“I think about you often and all that you have done for me. I wanted to send you a not so quick update. On how I see the time I spent, with you as my coach…

Shazzie, because my coaching with you, I have been able to allow my inner Knowing to shine through. Thank you for cracking me open, as I now realize I was starting to fossilize! I truly was a empty shell, walking around like a zombie. So scared of “feeling”. I had so many cracks, afraid that I would fall apart like Humpty Dumpty. Yet I just kept gluing them back together again. I didn’t realize how fragile I had become. But my body did… and it gave out. (back injury) I could no longer stand, sit, lay down. I could no longer take care of everyone, the house, farm and animals. At first I felt truly alone, desperate and sad.

As I lay there in such pain recovering. I got a glimpse of what the world would look like to my family, if I wasn’t in it. Then I got MAD, because I didn’t like what I was seeing!!! For the first time, I realized how important it was to truly take care of myself first, and what it could mean to those around me.

So I used food, grace, love and the magic of gratitude to start healing myself. I also started the Raw Food Pantry by hiring two wonderful ladies to help me, a house cleaner, and videographer.

Then I met you.

Food had always been my “thing”, my go too. I worked in the kitchens as a very young girl, then as a cook. I was only 16 when I started. Yet, that’s the only job I knew, until I had my children. Then, once more food became a huge part of my life. You know the story, of how I used food and nutrition to help my son improve his health and disabilities.

So, when I decide to start my own business. It only made since to create one around my expertise…. food! I believed and still do, in the power of food 100%. I also believed in the power of energy and spirit to be as equally important. I just couldn’t bring myself to voice it out loud.

Shazzie, as you and I worked together I found myself saying “no” a lot, pushing back on the things we knew would make my business grow. I had a feeling over whelmed, not joy when I worked with people around nutrition. I didn’t understand this at the time. But something inside you (Shazzie) did. When we worked through our Skype calls you asked me the strangest questions and the weirdest answers would come pouring out of my mouth. I knew there was lots of truth in there, because at times I couldn’t stop crying even shaking as I released so many dark, hidden shadow beliefs that just didn’t serve me anymore.

What I thought was going to be my life’s work, became a bleep in time. Everything has changed because I have changed. Rather then being who I think I should be or who I think the world needs. I became me, who I need to be, for me, whole hearted, crazy, bitchy, loving, empathic, and abundant me!

Now, I live on my dream property, horses and all. We haven’t build our dream home here yet. But it’s because “I” want to pay for it, and I want it to be in cash! So far though, the land is all paid for! I’m doing property management and loving it! Also my husband and I have started a home flipping business. This is my dream and I am living it! I could be a billionaire (even though I’m not) and I would still do exactly, what I am doing today. I am loving every minute of it!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank you! Shazzie you have no idea how much I love and appreciate you, for helping me break through my wall, rather than just falling off of it!!

Once you helped me to break through the outer shell, that I was keeping glued together.. I started telling people what I could feel, what I knew, what spirit was allowing to flow through me. I’m no longer afraid of their fear. I realize now why it makes them so upset… It’s a shadow that they don’t know how to deal with and that they don’t want to look at or face. Just as I didn’t want to feel it. But once I faced my shadow it disappeared into the light. And along with the light came love, joy, play and abundance. I’m also finding more and more people who dance in the light and are not afraid of their shadows. I guess I have changed my frequency because I’m attracting way more of the good and a whole lot least of the negative.”

Wow… I bet you are as blown away by her words as I was. And bless, her, it gets better! When I asked LaFaye if I could tell you about her progress and show you this email, she said sure, go for it, and then finished off by saying:

“I have been so “me” lately. Truly living into it. I have even found my direction(s). I  can’t wait to show you how my online business is about to develop… its crazy, woo woo, yet practical and totally me. I can have fun with it and talk about it for hours if I pretend no one is listening. Lol it feels sooo right. So I’m going to go for it!”

I truly feel like my job is complete with LaFaye, she is living her dream!

And that’s what I want for you, too. I want everything to open up for you, for you to dream, to dare and to jump… I’m here for you, let’s do it together 😉


Dream Your Life In


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