[LAST CHANCE] Hoping To Help

Hi lovely

I’m smiling as I write this to you, because my VIP Room relaunch has been awesome. I’m so glad I decided to go with my gut, reshuffle my priorities and do this, for all of us.

So how are you? Are you thinking about how much your life could improve with the help of someone who’s been there, done that?

If you are, you’ve got just 13 hours to decide if you’re going to join Shazzie’s VIP Room this year.

Just a polite warning, if you write to me five minutes after my offer closes saying “I missed it”, you did miss it. That’s it for the year, enrollment at these rates is over.

At midnight UK time tonight, my launch doors are closing.

So are you ready? Treat yourself, enrol now:


If you’re still undecided, let me tell you this story, which explains this email, this launch and this version of Shazzie’s VIP Room. There’s a reason I’m smiling today… what I’m offering you has been seven years in the making.

Seven years ago

I had the idea to create a cutting edge life mastery club only for people who were ready to transform their lives and become the fullest, most joyful version of themselves. Around 500 people just like you signed up. We had a blast, and went through so much transformation together.

Four years ago

I sold my old business and retired aged just 43, but kept this club because helping people do what I’ve done makes my heart sing so loud, I could never turn my back on it. My original members have well and truly warmed up the path for my new members, letting me know what they want more (and less) of, so I could continue to deliver the stuff that improved their lives the fastest. When we started out, there was nothing like this club on the Internet, and even now, it’s totally unique in its approach. And because my members have tried and tested the VIP Room for so long, you don’t need to figure it all out alone. We’ve cut away the nettles on your life path for you! After spending seven years refining my tools and techniques for the VIP Room, all you need to do is join and follow the formula to get the life transformation results you are looking for.


Two years ago

I altered how the club functioned to make it more interactive and modern (me showing my age there!). But yikes…. technology started to move faster than I could and I couldn’t get it to work how I wanted. I was frustrated that my vision wasn’t aligned with the available technology and I felt like I wasn’t serving my members properly. Since then, I’ve agonised over how I’m going to make the club work again for my members. I even thought about closing it down… ouch.

Three months ago

I started to come out of my hole… the time in my life that I allowed for myself to grieve for my darling Daddy. As I emerged, I felt a buzz around the VIP Room again. With an inkling that I could get it right and a wish to serve again, I searched for and eventually found a platform that I could move my club to. This would give me the technology I craved as well as the freedom to add new stuff as and when I wanted. I also decided to remove the forum and replace it with a much more practical and buzzing yet fledgling private Facebook group.

Three weeks ago

I started talking to you about the ways in which you can master your life. Behind the scenes I was tweaking, adding content and adding super valuable life mastery bonuses that I knew would serve you even more in your quest. My boyfriend moaned loads… “I don’t see you any more”, but I wanted to get this right for you and I knew this was worth it. He’s also very prone to exaggeration.


Well, there is no time like the present, and as I’ve said, right now I’m smiling. Getting a club right takes time. Sometimes you have to redecorate. Sometimes you have to move venues, like I just did. But when I read your transformation comments, when I see my members change before my very eyes, I know that I made the right decision.

And as Shazzie’s VIP Room has transformed, so can you, but only when you come in 😉


So here’s a question or two for you…

Do you want to end 2016 with a working knowledge of my bespoke life mastery tools that will unstick all those sticky parts of your life?

Are you ready to be different? To be healthier? To be happier? To embrace your whole self?

Then you need to start now. Don’t wait any longer. We’ve only got a few weeks until 2017, and you can go into it lost, floundering and finding bits of incohesive information on the Internet that help you start but not complete your transformation, or you can go into it fully supported, loved and guided throughout the whole of your hero’s journey back to the centre of your heart. You know I want you to choose the easier path, why would you do anything else?

Shazzie’s VIP Room is perfect for you even if you’re too busy to make a start now.

You can go at your own pace, and once you’re locked in at the offer you choose, that’s it. There’s nothing extra to pay, ever. So you can take your time, get used to living life in the high vibe lane, and when you are ready, we are all there for you, to love, support and cheer you on into finding every single part of yourself.

Really, you can’t lose or fail when you join Shazzie’s VIP Room. But if you don’t do it before midnight tonight, you won’t get this chance again for a whole year.


Bliss U


PS: Just remember that you get instant access to TONNES of tools, help and trainings the moment you join, and then every month you get more brand new life mastery tools…  For ever! You also get access to our peer-supported private Facebook group, where we all love and help each other.

PPS: Today is your last chance, so join now. Here’s that link for you: —>>> CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS ABOUT VIP 3.0 <<<—