Happy Christmas to you

I’m lying in bed. Time check: 13:36, bf snoozing next to me. We appear to have had a very late night last night.

But that’s because Evie is away until the new year. I don’t get chance to let my hair down when I have Evie because I just can’t parent the next day. Still being in bed on the afternoon proves this point 🙂

Soon, we will be picking up our done-for-us-with-love raw Xmas meal for tomorrow.

I’m all about doing the least stuff when I’m not mothering. Spending hours making food isn’t on my list.

Then tomorrow we will just be together. Laughing. Loving. Doing what we do well. Beach, sunset, woodburner back home. Loveliness.

I hope you have a perfect Christmas planned out for tomorrow. You might be reclusive like me and hate big gatherings. Or you might love being smothered in family and friends. However you love your Christmas, know that you’re spending it with the most special person in your life… You.

You are a gift. Remember to give yourself fully to yourself. It’s the only way to make every day feel like Christmas.

Season’s Blissings


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