Baby You’re A Firework ;-)

Hi my lovely

So it’s Saturday (yey), and it’s firework night in the UK (yey), and you are you… reading this, with your awesome life, your plans, your hopes and your dreams.

How amazing it is to be you, to have incarnated as this unique being — so perfect, so in tune and so utterly utterly ready for more.

  • To reclaim lost parts of yourself
  • To step up and live your life without fear, guilt, shame or doubt
  • AND to discover, then bring your vision of love to the world


Surrounded by more self help books (or shelf help as we call it because we buy so many of those books, they end up littering your shelves), audios, interviews, meditations, courses, retreats, guides, gurus and workshops than you could ever fit into one short lifetime.


Ready… but not fully committed, because of overwhelm, lack of time, confusion or previous failure.

Yep, I’ve been there. I have those same shelf help books. Every. Single. One.

I thought if I bought “just one more thing” (Columbo stylee), then I’d find that illusive key to happiness and eternal ecstatic bliss. And…….. I didn’t.

I even listened to gurus with their confusing talk, and felt they were almost laughing in my face because I didn’t get it.


I just wanted someone like me to show me the way, a straight talking northerner who loves fluffy soft furnishings, raw chocolate and modern art.

Now, I see the funny side, and I hope you’re getting it too.

How can anyone else ever show you the way apart from YOU!

You are your guru.

You put your life’s sign posts in your own way.

You are the creator of your own magnificent life and all it’s meaningful experiences.




So just for this weekend, drop all that stuff, the props, the tools, the distractions and breathe with me now.

Breathe a deep joyful breath in…

And out…

Breathe a deep opening breath in…

And out…

And let’s start over… with nothing.

With just you, and me as your light to show you the way, we will look for your breadcrumbs together.

You first dropped those breadcrumbs so you could find your way back to your own heart, yet the distractions of life covered them up.

Fortunately, I can help you uncover your breadcrumbs, so that you can find your way back to the centre of your own heart, where happiness, joy and eternal bliss are waiting for you.

And it’s different for everyone, because life is different for everyone.

I rarely give prescriptive advice, it’s more like this…

I shine my light so brightly on your stuff, you can see your way again, following your breadcrumbs, your very unique and self created sign posts…

You remember “Aha, I defo dropped a breadcrumb there, let’s find it” and I’m there for you while you unearth it. And slowly, gently and with grace and ease, you gradually retrace your steps out of your life’s maze and find your way back to the centre of your own heart.

Do you want to do that this weekend with me?

If so, I will hold the space for you for the next two days. So let’s get started. On the hour, every hour, I’ll do a meditation for you, my dear reader. Noon to six, today and tomorrow.

Your job is to tune in. To feel that first breadcrumb, that sign post. What’s it telling you? What direction do you need to go in to honour it, to change your life?

To take this up a notch, register here now so you can join us in the private Facebook group.

Here, I’m giving you it all, all my experiences, all my access to experts, all my teachings and above all…. all my hand holding.

Because I know you are ready, you wouldn’t have read this far if you weren’t.

Just Keep Breathing…

Bliss U


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Bliss U


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