Family life

Been immersed in family life this weekend.

Daisy Popple Cake has a lump on her side. Hope she is OK. Love that little girl. Will go to the vet to get her checked out. Doing Reiki on her.

Evie Popple Cake has a sicky bug. Missed her school’s winter festival. She was so angry at her body. She’s off school today. She still needs to rest. On the plus side she’s got a gorgeous husky voice that suits her tweeny years.

Squeaky Popple Cake is well. Phew. We will hang out in the corner then.

I’ve not slept much coz of sicky bug so can’t wait til my head hits my pillow tonight.

Went to my friend’s party on Saturday. There was so much chanting I got a numb bum. Just as the party got going with non-chanty music, I had to get going too. It was childminder O’Clock.

Yesterday was our community work day. I felt split between nursing the poorly Popples, checking in with my mate who’s just had an op and doing hard labour in the community. I juggled a bit of all three which left me feeling only slightly satisfied. And guilty.

Today I did an interview all about raw chocolate but it’s not coming out until Valentine’s so I’ll say no more 🙂

Then I went to see my healer and spoke of the guilt I feel when Evie Popple Cake is ill. I’m her only present parent and I have no family nearby. Yes, I live in a community but I can’t expect people to mop up my life.

Being a full time mummy has been my most important job ever. She’s 10 now and needs me less. But when she’s ill she turns 3 and needs me more.

I guess she will get older one day and then I’ll moan that she doesn’t need me at all;-)

For nnow I’m floating in my jacuzzi. Just washing my healing off me before snuggling up with all my Popple Cakes.

Hope you have a gorgeous Monday.

Bliss U


apple juice

Day 15 of my detox. On the apple juice.


Falling leaf

Love our world.