Extreme self love

When I woke up out of my self imposed self torture dream, I couldn’t believe the things I’d put up with in my past from others. More… I couldn’t believe what I’d put up with from myself.

The dream was deep. On the surface I did love myself. I ate great. I exercised well. I earned fab money. I did lots of stuff.

Yet my mind. Argh. My mind… It would torture me. I would play negative thoughts on repeat like a broken record. And those thoughts manifested into strange and disturbing realities in my real life. I don’t know many people who have had such a turbulent life and survived.

Eventually, through a lot of determination and trial and error, I learned to only think supportive, positive thoughts about myself. Sometimes I still fall into the self abuse trap but it doesn’t take root. It can’t. And mostly I feel amazeballs as a result. The reflection that is my life is better too. I’m 100% in love with everything in my life.

If you find yourself thinking thoughts that aren’t supportive, you can find a wealth of free life mastery tools in the trial version of Shazzie’s VIP Room that will gradually shift your focus from self abuse to self love.

And when you’re in a place of self love, you’ll find it easier to function, you’ll be happier and you’ll attract the people and circumstances into your life that you always wanted.

We are all busy at Christmas, thinking of others. Well, right now, I want you to think of you. Get your free access to Shazzie’s VIP Room sorted today, and spend a few seconds each day in 2015 training your thoughts to serve you better.

Bliss U



PS: One of my big self love pleasures is spending a couple of hours in my spring water jacuzzi each day. I feel decompressed, relaxed, clearer, focused, ready and CLEAN 🙂

Tell me in the comments below what your favourite self love rituals are.