Don’t fake it til you make it

We have just had a successful outcome after around two months of correspondence with We had been alerted to two companies claiming to sell Detox Your World superfoods, and they used our copyrighted images as well as our company name in their information. Our superfoods are organically certified via Organic Farmers and Growers (UK2).

It’s not legal for them to claim the product is ours, for them to claim it’s organic or for them to use our copyrighted content.

Our last and most effective letter to Amazon

Our final and most effective letter to Amazon

We involved Trading Standards Institute, Organic Farmers and Growers and sent five letters and made many phone calls to Amazon. We did all we could to alert our customers that these were not our products and they were not certified organic, but they sold hundreds of these items, putting our good reputation and even perhaps the health of the public at risk.

We have just received news that the fake items have been removed. It took two months. We are living in Internet time, a web page can be removed in a flash. To be polite, Amazon were less than forthcoming with all our phone calls and emails and even now state they are not liable for what happened.

I am just relieved it’s over. I’ve had one member of staff working for many many hours on this issue, which is a drain on our company resources.

If you see any other Detox Your World products on Amazon that are not sold by Detox Your World, please let us know, and DON’T buy them. You don’t know what you will be getting.

As the saying goes, if it doesn’t say Detox Your World on the box, it’s not Detox Your World in the box. Erm, except they did say it was Detox Your World on the box. That is until you bought the product and it was delivered to you in someone else’s packaging.

We are seeking legal advice as to what action we will take to recoup costs lost in revenue, reputation and time.

Big thanks to TSI and OF&G for your diligent and super fast work.

Bliss U


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  • Ricardo

    Hi Shazzie, had the same problem but someone was using my name in UK! Cheers Ricardo

    November 14, 2010 at 9:02 am