Donald Trump Is The Prez?!?!?!

Hi lovely

Wow, what a night it’s been.

I stayed awake ALL NIGHT watching the election results. Funny, after Brexit, I had a feeling that Trump would win.

I’m not American but I do love that land and have many strong ties there. And, well, it’s part of our planet too! So of course, like you, I care about what happens.

As I felt into the genuine pain of my friends and family when the result became apparent, I wrote this on Facebook…

“See him not as your enemy but as a collection of mass conscious thought forms which are now up on the surface to be loved into light… Goddess Bliss U America 

And it got loads of likes and shares, so many people must be feeling this, too.

Hillary had some great characteristics, and some AWFUL ones, and the same with Trump, only his were much easier to spot, seeing as he didn’t hide them like Hillary did hers.

We live in the age of reality, people are no longer bamboozled and sucked in by slick talk.

We live in the age of transparency, all our shadow parts are coming up to expand into light.

When we see these two characters as disowned aspects of ourselves or humanity as a whole, we can begin to view what’s happened in a much more positive way.

It’s not this person or that person, it’s: “What’s the fastest route to heal ourselves and our planet?”

So if you’re reeling today, like many of us did when Brexit happened, know this…

Your capability to love everything better is growing by the day.

You still only know the tip of your heart iceberg.

Keep panning out, don’t get swept away with policies, opinions, attitudes…

Stay centred in love, in knowing that the Universe is a holographic transmission of your mind, which means you have all the power you need inside you to bring your very own vision of love into the world to shape it exactly how you want in the future.


Bliss U


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