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Last week I went to see my healer. We talked about a block I had aged 9 or 10 and I started crying.


Because I realised how much I love writing and how it has to be a part of my future.

After writing 5 books, I always said I wouldn’t write any more.

I still don’t know what I want to write. I just want to write.

That’s why I’ve started writing on my blog again. I jus want to write, and this is a ready made platform.

My healer said to write anything I want and the “purpose” will come. As will the abundance.

Truth is, I write masses of words most days. But they are private and won’t get published.

I’ve always been an obsessive writer and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s my salvation.

I often watch for clues when something is changing in my life. Last night a big clue dropped in my lap.

Boyf had brought round a selection of films. I’m not a great film watcher due to having the attention span of a gnat. But I happened to be in the mood for films and snuggles after feeling a bit poorly all week.

One film caught my eye… Quills. A fictional story based upon the real life of the Marquis de Sade.

Throughout the film, Shazziebrain wanted to know which bits were real and which weren’t. I felt every character in my bones. All the actors played their parts to perfection. I loved how the whole film became a tapestry, where each life affected the other, even when the strands were woven far apart.

In the film, The Marquis just had to write, even when doing so caused him to end up in an asylum. As he was stripped of his quills and paper, he wrote in red wine on sheets. Though these items were to be removed, his compulsion to write remained. He cut his fingertips with a mirror and wrote a book in his blood all over his clothes. He was stripped naked. He then told his stories through a hole in his wall. His tongue was cut out and he was chained in a dungeon. In the final scene he was lying on the floor, dying, the whole dungeon covered in writing… Written in his own poo… The only thing that could ever stop him writing was death itself…

Back to the real Marquis… According to Wiki: “He was a proponent of extreme freedom, unrestrained by morality, religion or law.”

I love that description. The fact that he wrote a lot about sex isn’t the issue for me. It’s the fact that he had an unrestrained mind. That nothing bound him, even when he spent over 30 years in asylums. He wasn’t crazy, by the way. He was just untameable. His need to write outshone his need for physical freedom. Writing *was* his freedom. His salvation.

Interestingly, much of his work (which is still in print) was written when his physical body wasn’t free. His prison became is freedom, because writing was all he was able to do. It focused his genius mind even more than if he were free.

And that’s the thing about writers. Real writers. They just can’t stop writing. Even when they know their writing will cost them their freedom in some way. Their message or their need to express themselves is greater than most other basic needs.

Back to me…

That block I had as a kid. I didn’t even know about it at the time. My parents were called to my school. They said their Sharon always looks like she’s been dragged through a hedge backwards but she has a writing genius streak that couldn’t be nurtured at the school. They recommended a private school for me. We didn’t have private school money, my parents felt guilty and I continued my normal schooling. No one said a thing to me.

My dad always told me to be a journo. I didn’t want to be. I don’t like being in the real world that much. I wondered why he kept pushing me though. I became a designer and did variations on that job for about ten years.

Fast forward to when I was living in Spain. I’d gone there to decompress. And as I relaxed, a 400 page book came out of my brain.

As I was finishing it, my mum told me the story above. She’d sat on it for over 20 years. I cried. My dad pushing me to be a journo made sense. I loved writing. Researching. Making people’s lives healthier and happier. That book, Detox Your World, caused a revolution. It sparked the business I had for 12 years (before selling it in 2012). And it showed my heart how it could feel truly happy.

I feel grateful to all who bought it, and to all the businesses that were created as a result of it.

But as I said, I didn’t want to write a sixth book. Not yet, anyway.

I’ve blogged for almost 15 years now… Maybe the world’s longest running blog?

I just write on it when I want. When life feels good, when life feels hard. I write. I pull back sometimes. I go private. I don’t want to be famous. I don’t even like being recognised. But you can’t put your writing “out there” and easily remain anonymous. The Marquis wrote many books anonymously, yet everyone knew it was him.

I’ve accomplished all my dreams. I don’t have new ones yet (apart to fully recover from my accident). I’m just living in complete and utter happiness. My writing has often been driven by a need for change. For revolutions. Out of angst and a wish to protect the underdog. As I’ve done so much inner work now, I don’t have those feelings anymore. I just feel love. And I still need to write.

As I’m on the cusp of launching a new business, I have this itch that can only be scratched by writing. Yet I don’t know what I want to say any more. I wonder if I can turn my purpose-driven writing into something more fluid. More from the heart.

The point of this post is to encourage you to just do what you love. Even if you don’t currently feel a message, passion or a purpose. If there’s something you love to do… Even if it appears to serve zero purpose… Do it anyway… It will keep your soul happy and your heart burning bright. And one day, you’ll look back and see that’s the biggest purpose of all.

Inner work, baby. That’s all there is.

Bliss U


Shazzie is known as the most loved personal and business transformation mentor in the raw food community.

She is famous for empowering people to take responsibility for their own health, wellbeing and destiny so they can become who they always wanted to be without having to turn into a meditating Himalayan monk.

Catch Shazzie on her TV show Raw Kitchen, aired on Sky and Freesat throughout Europe.


…. and gain health, clarity, youth and a sexxxxxy, body along the way

Hey gorgeous ONE

Are you fed up with wasting time listening to one dimensional, dull, regurgitated  and ineffective raw food advice?

Are you frustrated with all the different raw food theories, and wondering why we can’t all agree on what we should eat?

Do you still find yourself hungry, bloated and bingeing, unable to feel really satisfied on a raw food diet?

Is raw food simply taking up too much of your brain space, and you’re wondering if it’s really worth it? You never set out to become obsessed about food, after all!

Who wants to be bloated, obsessed and hungry, for God’s sake?

How would you love to have it all made easy for you?

  • Would you love to know what foods give you that sexy flat tummy?
  • Would you love to know how to feel really full and never hungry again on raw food?
  • Would you love to just eat and go, without planning your meal eight years in advance, knowing you won’t get deficient?


I’m going to show you exactly how to succeed LONG TERM on a raw food diet.

I’m going to make this as easy as when you didn’t even think or worry about food. Remember those times?

In this LIVE thirteen hour extravaganza, you will get:

  • 4 hours of action packed intensive raw food training by myself, the world’s ONLY raw food TV Presenter
  • An inspirational 3 course raw gourmet lunch
  • An endless raw gourmet evening buffet
  • Superfood cocktails
  • Lots of personal time with me (PRICELESS!)
  • Live music
  • Dancing
  • Party games
  • Prizes

And many many bonus gifts from the event’s sponsors: Detox Your World, The Raw Food World, Polly Noble and The Fresh Network. What’s even more exciting, is that you get to choose who’s bonuses you want!


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There are only a few spaces left, so please don’t leave it too late. I put this rare event on because I really want you to succeed on raw food. I’m fed up with misinformation, with people going off raw food because they’ve been told to eat in a way that doesn’t give them what they really need.

Having written five books and being the presenter of the WORLD’s ONLY raw food TV show, I know how to make raw food work, for everyone. I want to share that with you on a very personal intimate basis, and I want you to be able to ask your burning questions, to mix with other people who treat their bodies as divine temples and to have the most ecstatic, inspirational and educational day of the year.

Start 2014 knowing this: Raw food can liberate you on every level, but ONLY when done correctly. You deserve to be free. You deserve to be healthy. You deserve to be happy.

Come to this raw food event, and I’ll tell you everything I know about how to be free, healthy and happy.

If you don’t, well, I wish you the best anyway. You might find your way, but it probably won’t be as quick or easy as learning it in this intensive one-day setting, where you have me at your beck and call the whole day.

Ready to find out more?


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Come and hang out with me at my THIRTEEN HOUR raw food extravaganzazaza….

“To be frank, I’d even recommend going just to spend some time with Shazzie, even if you think you’ve got the whole ‘cheffing’ thing down.

She’s a living legend and I’ve learned so much from her it’s hard to know where to start.

I can honestly say that Shazzie was my first ever role model, that I met in person, for living a better life, and if we hadn’t met I don’t know where I’d be now.

The retreat I did with Shazzie for her birthday 2 and a half years ago was the most amazing I’ve ever been on, and I met some friends there I still count as dear friends to this day – and that’s priceless.

Shazzie really attracts some awesome people into her life – I wonder why?”

— Elwin Robinson
Life Mastery and Super Health Coach, Founder of Lion Heart Herbs

Meet your team

Behind every great event, there are some wonderful team members. Say hello to them:

Shazzie (That’s me), hostess

ShazzieI will be showing you how to make my latest recipes. I’m presenter of the TV show Raw Kitchen, Empress of the raw chocolate revolution and author of five books.

I’ve been bringing the world unique and uplifting raw food experiences since 2000. In my events, I’m ridiculously entertaining, funny and informative all at the same time.

After spending time with me, you will leave inspired and ready to upgrade all areas of your life.

Caroline Ospalla: raw food chef

caroline_experienceOutside of the workshop, all the raw foods, chocolates, drinks and cocktails will be lovingly and beautifully made by Caroline and her team.

Caroline is a raw food chef who specialises in making foods taste just like how you remember them, but raw.

All the foods you eat will be raw, organic where possible and vegan (no honey, dairy, eggs or flesh).

Stephanie Hymas: Music, massage, and my right hand girl

Stephanie HymasSteph was born to dance, touch and heal with her loving ways.

Have a taster massage with her during one of the breaks.

Spend time with her and her loving ways.

Dance the night away with her, and be grateful she’s choosing the music, not me ;-)

Anything you want, Steph will be there to make it happen. She’ll smooth every single ruffle over for you, while still flashing that gorgeous smile of hers.

Alex Bisby, live music

Alex BisbyAlex is a supertalented guitarist, who is going to serenade every single one of you as you prepare for our evening event.

So while you’re putting your lippy on, brushing the spinach out of your teeth (!) or lounging around chatting, keep your ear out for this stunningly talented young man.

Lordy he knows how to strum. (I’m not biased).

So let’s recap!

You get:

  • An amazing superfooded up team of people looking after your whole being for a whole day
  • The best food of your life
  • Bonuses from some of the world’s biggest raw food names and companies
  • The promise of getting raw food so right your life will change overnight.

You DON’T get:

  • Flaky, wishy washy, regurgitated inaccurate raw food advice
  • Confused by the end of it
  • A wasted day

OK, you know now that there’s only one thing to do, don’t you? Yup. Just decide which bonuses you want and book your space now, before someone else takes it.


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Bliss U


PSRemember, VIPsters get a bigger discount when booking through this page. There’s a reason so many of my clients are already in Shazzie’s VIP Room.


Shazzie is known as the most loved personal and business transformation mentor in the raw food community.

She is famous for empowering people to take responsibility for their own health, wellbeing and destiny so they can become who they always wanted to be without having to turn into a meditating Himalayan monk.

Catch Shazzie on her TV show Raw Kitchen, aired on Sky and Freesat throughout Europe.

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Nine Nifty Detox Tips To Make You Sparkle This Spring

I’m feeling that this spring is going to bring us more excitement, more change and more opportunity that ever before. As we advance further into a new era, where our thoughts become real faster than ever, being the change we want to see in the world is more important than ever before. Even the mainstream folk are now questioning “what’s in my food?”, and those questions are getting louder and louder, as no-one trusts those companies who have been getting away with selling inferior food upon the unsuspecting public for far too long.

So this brings me to the biggest detox we have ever collectively done! We need to let go of everything that no longer serves us and hold fast to that which will enable us to feel clean and bright, on the inside and out, to clear the fog from our minds so that we can see clearly and to filter that which needs to be discarded. Detoxing has new meaning this spring as we brace ourselves for more love and wonder than we’ve ever known! So here are my top nine tips to detox not just the body, but the mind and soul too!

1. Detox Your Body

Start your spring with a juicy cleanse. Here is my favourite way to juice — using my VitaPrep (that’s the commercial version of the VitaMix)!

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Get your body and mind ready for a fabulous season with an array of organic, super nutritious veggies and fruits. Imagine the lightest, brightest, best version of yourself. You hold the key to that personal transformation and as the mind AND body are fuelled by what we feed ourselves, get only the best produce possible into that temple of yours. You can either go for a full-on juicy week (or 28 days like I did!) or just start to incorporate one or two juices a day. Either way, you’ll notice a difference and fast.

2. Detox Your Food

Take everything out of your cupboards, your fridge and your freezer. Look at the labels and check the ingredients. Give your cupboards a scrub with some lemon, orange oil and fresh water to spruce them up. Re-stock only with whole foods, with superfoods, with nourishing, REAL foods, and make them organic where possible! You are worth this. Packaged food with empty calories can stay in Ye Olde 3D Worlde. Growing your own, foraging, farmers’ markets and organic veg boxes are so cool, you’ll have to eat extra cucumbers to keep up.

3. Detox Your News

There is a saying that goes: “No news is good news”, and I want you to realise it’s true. There are atrocious things going on in this world (which has always been the case), and  it certainly helps when we pray for or send loving thoughts to those affected, and hold them in our hearts and minds. Yet we don’t need to become so crippled and paralysed with fear that we are unable to be happy or get on with our good works and deeds. Watching the news on a daily basis can make the happiest person in the world so depressed they feel like there’s no hope for the planet.

Take out a subscription to positive newspapers instead. Turn off the TV. Get rid of the TV if necessary. If you can’t stay abreast of topical things happening in the world without becoming sucked in or dragged under, then turn the other cheek and concentrate on massive positive action. We all need to stay strong. We need to keep the faith, the love and the heart connection alive. There is so much good in the world, let’s collectively focus on that.

4. Detox Your Breathing

Breathe in the world, now breathe it out again. Breathe in love, hope, happiness and joy… and breathe out all feelings of disempowerment, the ego, negative thoughts, patterns and harmful practises. Let it ALL go with the outward breath. One way to practice various breathing methods is through yoga. I have been a follower of yogic practice for many a year now and it enhances my mind, my body, my spirit and therefore, my life. Get into the daily routine of yoga — even if it’s just a few sun salutations. Then revel in the power, the beauty, the clarity and the grace that floods your body. Feel the connection and empowerment flowing through you… and breathe.

5. Detox Low Self Esteem

In life, you will undoubtedly come across some folk that you allow to ruffle your feathers. But don’t give into their unpleasantness or go off course in an effort to deal with them. Instead, stay in your power, stand strong yet flexible and allow their strange ways to wash over you. You have something good to say. You have something wonderful to share. When people are striving to shout you down or trample on your toes, you can keep your message loud and clear… by being calm, loving, consistent, assertive and patient. Don’t avoid all the negative people in your lives, they are great teachers because you can practise your love on them more than people who are just like you. Just remember that now is your time to share your love, passion and light with everyone, and if they don’t like it, that’s not your problem.

6. Detox Your Weight

You can do this. Year after year, perhaps you have tried and perhaps it hasn’t been your year. Would you like this to be the year it happens? My good friend Phillip McCluskey has all the right tools to show you how he did it – how he released so many pounds they could form another person (and that shows GREAT dedication and perseverance) and how it made a difference to his whole body, mind and soul! Check out this inspiring video:

YouTube Preview Image

You can also help yourself even further along your journey to shed the pounds by checking out my Weight Loss iPhone App which gives you 97 tips and ways to get slim and svelte this season!

7. Detox Your Love

If you’re in a relationship and you feel it’s going stale for whatever reason, then now is the time to sort it out. And as if by magic I have the perfect video for you to kick-start this process: an interview with relationship guru Alex Santoro Emmerson.

YouTube Preview Image

To be ready for the best relationship ever (who wants a mediocre one?), start looking at your habits and behaviours. Would you like to be in a relationship with yourself as you currently are? If not, then — again — be the change… ;-)

8. Detox Your Work

While you might not be in a position to just walk about of your job, this is the time to start making those phone calls or business plans and to stop just dreaming. When you take actual steps towards your hopes and desires, you help them become a reality. Get making your vision board today. Be very exact with what it is you want from your work life. Then watch this video which is part one of a series of videos to get you inspired into making your life work for you.

YouTube Preview Image

9 . Detox Your World

This is the book you can carry around as your handbook only for the rest of your life. I was blessed to have this book endorsed by Yoko Ono… and I hope it will get your squeal of approval too! It’s the perfect guide on how to detox everything, in great detail, with over 100 unique detox recipes, several detox plans, and much much more. In fact, this book will inspire you to be your most enthusiastic, happy and blissful life! It’s available worldwide as a printed book, as well as on Kindle.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these detox tips… I love to read your comments, so please leave one in the box below! And please pass on this post to your friends, it’s a good way to spread the love!

Bliss U


PSDid you know that you can click here to get lots of free raw food tips?

New 2 Raw

PPS: Want raw food tips on the go? Try my iPhone app, 97 Reasons To Eat Raw Food.


Shazzie is known as the most loved personal and business transformation mentor in the raw food community.

She is famous for empowering people to take responsibility for their own health, wellbeing and destiny so they can become who they always wanted to be without having to turn into a meditating Himalayan monk.

Catch Shazzie on her TV show Raw Kitchen, aired on Sky and Freesat throughout Europe.


2012 – The most epic year ever

Dear gorgeous amazing wonderful one

Well, December 21st 2012 came and went. For some it was the actual end of the world, and my heart goes out to all who have lost loved ones this year. For the rest of us, it signified the beginning of the new world. The age of love. The age of self love to be precise. Without loving ourselves and truly knowing ourselves, we can’t love and truly know others, can we?

Here are some of my personal highlights of 2012, in no particular order. I hope you enjoy reading about them. I also hope they inspire you to make 2013 even more epic for yourself.

The age of unity is here

I sold Detox Your World (the company) (July)

I started that business about 12 years before. It was a key player in the raw chocolate revolution, the superfood revolution and the raw food revolution. It definitely changed the world in great ways. I am still involved in the company now, but I no longer have the responsibility for it. I feel so happy to know it will evolve in beautiful ways thanks to the new owners. Here’s the announcement I made about selling the business.

I opened my heart (infinite)

Because I hardly work these days, and because Evie’s doing that thing of growing up, I’ve had a lot of spare time to go deep into my own personal transformation. I knew there was something big for me to look at and I admit I was scared of opening that box, but it wasn’t so scary once I’d allowed it. And as a result, my heart went from a cool and frosty zero degrees to burning love within months. Mostly this was through a series of tantra courses, but I also continue to work with specific healers and shaman on a one to one basis. When you call your temple The Heart Centre, when you dig a huge heart shaped hole into your garden outside your house and when your tumour comes out heart shaped, you have enough clues that your biggest transformational journey will be to do with the heart ;-)

This felt like the final sprint of my personal hero’s journey. I’d spent much time up the top of Unity Mountain over the years and yet something kept pulling me me down from there. So with the help of the courses and people I just mentioned I trekked all the way back down and took a good look at my life, my stuff, my relationships and everything. Then I repacked my rucksack in the right order and marched back up to the top. And at that point, I realised I was there to stay. Bloody good view, it is too.

Yes, you read that right, I opened a temple (April)

just some karma work of mine. Read about it here and come to worship yourself.

Detox Your World (the book) was published in the USA (July)

I’d worked on this in 2011, and just had to get some nice quotes and do proof reading this year. It came out in July. North Atlantic Books (the same publishers who publish the US version of my book Naked Chocolate) published it. I feel so glad that it’s there in the USA now. I fully rewrote it for the American market, and I hope it empowers millions to make great food and wellness choices. Check it out here. Or get the Kindle version here.

This book also reached international attention when the total legend Yoko Ono recommended it. I fell over and couldn’t get up for a while when I found that out. YOKO ONO, man!!!

My TV show came out on Sky 281 (December)

My god, considering how much I’ve lazed around this year, the Universe hasn’t half used me as a vessel for some major information. The world’s first raw food TV series began this year. I’d done a pilot last year that was really well received. We then went on to record a series of six more episodes. They were scheduled to start this year, and the first one aired, but after discussions we decided to run the whole series from January 2013 because more people will be into healthy food at that point. You can see the raw chocolate episodes here and here. If you can’t get Sky, then you can watch each show on the web stream live. They also put them on the web a few weeks after they come out, so you will be able to see them all no matter where you are in the world.

I caused some trouble at Waitrose (February)

One day in February 2012, I was out shopping at Waitrose. Now we all know Waitrose to be the nicest and most ethical of all stupormarkets, and that’s why we shop there. Yes, it’s a lot more expensive than Tesco, but we vote with our $-£-€, right?

Imagine my surprise when I saw a MONSANTO vegetable in there. Looking like a normal vegetable because it is (it’s not GMO, but it’s a patented seed and UGH… Monsanto? In Waitrose? Really?)

So I took a photo of it, uploaded it to Facebook and it went viral there and then. Waitrose and most other stupormarkets were forced to issue statements about their relationship with this monster company and millions of people became aware of what Monsanto was, and why they would want to avoid anything it produced. We started this Facebook page and campaign that got over 10,000 signatures asking Sainsbury’s and Waitrose to remove their Monsanto-patented vegetables, but interestingly they didn’t do so.

I am genuinely sorry for causing trouble at Waitrose, I do love much of it. But hey, people deserve to know the truth about where their food comes from, don’t they?

I rolled out some iPhone apps

Sometimes it just doesn’t feel like work, does it? My new apps this year were 97 Ways To Stay Sexy by the goddess Shakaya Breeze, 97 Weight Loss Secrets by me, and 97 Parenting Tips by the wonderful Victoria Leith. You can find them all in iTunes if you search “Shazzie”. Or click here.

I was on BBC 4 with Nina Conti and her Monkey (June)

We recorded for hours. She loved my food. I won Monkey’s heart. Edited, it made it look like she hated my food, but that’s telly, isn’t it? It was fun and Nina is lovely, even though she spends her life with one hand up a monkey’s bum. Here’s my blog post about it.

I demonstrated raw food at Europe’s largest Organic and Natural food exhibition (April)

Being a recluse, I don’t like doing public stuff much, but when I get over myself I always have a good time. This event pulled the largest crowd they’d ever had for a food demo, and I saw old and new friends beaming at me. Find the yummy raw food recipes we demonstrated here!

I overcame two life threatening illnesses (yey)

Being a health freak doesn’t guarantee you will never get ill. It reduces your chances of it, and increases your chances of recovering. But hey, if you’ve got something going on in your psyche that you just can’t look at, it’ll bite you on the arse at some point. Well, it kind of bit me on the leg. I had a tumour on my leg and lyme disease which made walking and moving very painful. I had been cutting myself off from my own source because some things were too difficult for me to face. Initially I used a variety of methods (and amazing friends) to get well, from energetic medicine, herbs, affirmations, and many other things. But I knew the only thing that would stop it popping up some other way would be to do the deep inner work, which I mentioned above. One day I just decided “I’m not going to be ill any more” and then I found myself able to walk up the stairs without holding on to the rail and with no pain. Recovery was fast after that as the road to it revealed itself more every day, and now I have no signs of illness from either of those two issues. I’m so well, I’m boxing twice a week and playing much much more!!! I keep my heart open to love and live fearlessly… for me it’s my gateway to wellness, happiness and connection.

I zapped my brain

As part of my massive overhaul, I continued to have my brain rewired with Neuro Feedback. Undoing decades of stuff that wasn’t serving me and creating new networks, I’m getting to grips with a life that’s easier for me. Out has gone drama, low self esteem and coping strategies, in has come systems, self love and clear thinking. Thank goddess I haven’t lost my genius streak though, I was a bit worried about that!

Over to you!

I’d love to read about what 2012 brought you! Please write in the comments below…

And to 2013

Let’s make this coming year our most amazing yet. Remember to find your divine self so you can do the amazing stuff the Universe has in mind for you.

Bliss U


PS: I’d love to give you some words of love. My FREE ebook, Shazzie Whispers is waiting here for you. Download it for free now.

Shazzie Whispers

Shazzie is known as the most loved personal and business transformation mentor in the raw food community.

She is famous for empowering people to take responsibility for their own health, wellbeing and destiny so they can become who they always wanted to be without having to turn into a meditating Himalayan monk.

Catch Shazzie on her TV show Raw Kitchen, aired on Sky and Freesat throughout Europe.


Raw food demonstration pulls largest crowd ever

Hey sparkler

On Sunday I did a rare and unique raw food demonstration at Olympia for The Natural & Organic Products show.

I rarely do public stuff these days so it was a treat to meet old and new “fans” (funny word, but you know what I mean). There was a sea of happy shiny faces. I was told it was their biggest crowd for a food demo ever. Happy heart of mine, seeing raw food go mainstream.

So I promised I’d share the actual recipe ingredients for the two recipes that I did. And here they are for you even if you didn’t attend. In fact, it’s kind of the event in pictures. Well, my last event was sixteen months ago (it takes a lot to get me away from my deck in this weather!), so it’s worth making a big deal about it.

Here you are…

Seeded Asian noodles (raw food)

Seeded Asian noodles (raw food recipe)

Seeded Asian noodles (raw food recipe)

Noodle mix:
1 courgette (zucchini)
1 carrot
4 shiitake mushrooms, soaked in water for 30 minutes if dried
1 cup shredded cabbage (optional)
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup tamari
1/4 cup raw sesame seeds

Using a vegetable peeler, remove all the green from the courgette. Top and tail the courgette and carrot. Using a spiral slicer, slice the courgette and carrot into a medium sized bowl. Add the seeds. Finely chop the shiitake mushrooms (removing the stalks if they’re tough), and add these to the bowl. Add the cabbage if using.

Add the olive oil and tamari to the bowl and gently mix until the vegetables are coated. Allow this to marinate while making the sauce.

Sauce mix:
1/2 cup raw tahini
1/2 cup raw whole almond butter
1 red pepper
1 teaspoon paprika
1 teaspoon coconut oil
Juice of one lime
1 mango, stoned and peeled
1 clove garlic
1 medjool date, stoned
1/2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
Handful of fresh coriander

Cut the pepper in half and finely chop one half, set this aside with the coriander. Put the other half of the pepper and the rest of the sauce ingredients into your VitaMix/VitaPrep. Blend until you have a smooth sauce.

Mix in the red pepper and chopped coriander by hand, do not blend this.

Alfalfa sprouts

Finely slice the spinach into ribbons.

To assemble the dish:

If you want to use the garnish above (for a more green raw food dish), use this at the bottom of the dish. Get your serving plates, and add the required amount of spinach on there. Then sprinkle this with the alfalfa. Top that with the marinated noodles. Top that with the sauce. Add more coriander and lime wedges to garnish even further if required.

Use the left over marinade as a salad dressing another time. Don’t throw it away ;-)

This recipe was adapted from my book Detox Your World. Almost 400 pages of detox information, for every single bit of you. Oh, and 100 raw food recipes, too.

Chagachiano, raw food superfood drink

Chagachiano, raw food superfood drink


This is my favourite drink at the moment. Full of things that will help my body as I recover from the tumour on my leg. Also full of omega 3s. Billions of em. If you have a kiddie who’s on Ye Olde 3D Milke, then make chia milk and do the half and half trick with them. They won’t taste the difference but their bodies will breathe a sigh of relief.

This keeps for 2-3 days in the fridge, especially when you add a teaspoon of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide or a dessertspoon of ionic silver to it.

1 litre chaga
1 litre spring water
1/2 cup lucuma
1/2 cup raw cacao powder
1/2 tsp vanilla extract or powder
1 cup chia seeds
1 tsp coconut oil
Xylitol to taste

Chaga method 1:

Get dark powdered chaga and add 2 dessertspoons to a pan to a litre of water. Warm this until finger hot and keep it at that temperature for a couple of hours. If you’re making a lot of this, do five litres in a big pan. It lasts. For this recipe, use 1 litre of chaga and 1 litre of hot water.

Chaga method 2:

Use Elwin’s instant chaga. It has a slightly different taste but it still works in this recipe. For this recipe add 2 dessertspoons of chaga to a litre of boiling water and allow to dissolve. It doesn’t need to boil further.

Drink method:

Add the cold water (whether that’s just water or a cold chaga mix) to your VitaPrep/VitaMix. Add in the lucuma, cacao powder, vanilla, and chia seeds. Blend all this until you have a smooth liquid.

Pour the liquid into a bowl, lined with a nut milk bag. Gently squeeze the liquid out from the bag into the bowl.

Get your other litre of water, whether that’s just water or chaga water. Make it nice and hot. Add the coconut oil to this and wait for it to dissolve.

Add both liquids together and mix.

If you want a frothy drink, like a cappuccino, add this drink to the blender again and buzz for a few more seconds. Pour into cups and sweeten as required with xylitol.

For a very quick alternative to this drink, click here.

More pictures from my raw food demonstration

You didn't get enough of this raw food superfood drink. Soz!

You didn't get enough of this raw food superfood drink. Soz!

Just tasting. It's my job!

Just tasting. It's my job!

Who was the best helper on the planet? Elwin!!! Three cheers!!!

Who was the best helper on the planet? Elwin!!! Three cheers!!!


This is how you stay looking (and acting) 12...

This is how you stay looking (and acting) 12...

Check out the magic mirror. They could see everything. Even when I dribbled coz the food smelled so good.

Check out the magic mirror. They could see everything. Even when I dribbled coz the food smelled so good.

OK, so the biggest superstar there was Evie. She gave out so many free gifts, books, bags, fridge magnets, vouchers for Detox Your World and many super foods. She was in her elephant. Love my baby. Even more now it seems I can send her up chimneys so she can earn a crust...

OK, so the biggest superstar there was Evie. She gave out so many free gifts, books, bags, fridge magnets, vouchers for Detox Your World and many super foods. She was in her elephant. Love my baby. Even more now it seems I can send her up chimneys so she can earn a crust...

Massive huge thanks to Elwin and Hana for helping me all throughout the night before making food for all the samples, for carrying, helping with Evie and of course for helping me demo the food. Really couldn’t have done it without you guys. Big love!

And HUGE LOVE to all at the show, Viridian gave away 100 pots of their amazing coconut oil during my demo, This is the BEST in the country. I eat it and rub it all over myself. It’s too good.

And big kisses to you if you weren’t there. I hope this little bit of raw food sparkle has brightened your day.

Bliss U


PS: Do you want become a raw food genius in 23 days? New 2 Raw will guide you all the way, even if you know nothing at all about raw food right now. It’s my entry-level raw food program, for people who are new to raw food, as well as refreshers and restarters. So if you are new to raw food, click here and start eating raw food today. You will love Wake up thinking raw, my exclusive raw food affirmation audio!

Want a raw food transformation like mine? Let me show you how!
Want a raw food transformation like mine? Let me show you how!


Shazzie is known as the most loved personal and business transformation mentor in the raw food community.

She is famous for empowering people to take responsibility for their own health, wellbeing and destiny so they can become who they always wanted to be without having to turn into a meditating Himalayan monk.

Catch Shazzie on her TV show Raw Kitchen, aired on Sky and Freesat throughout Europe.


Raw food doesn’t have to break your piggy bank

If you’re keen on eating more raw foods for optimum health but on a bit of a tight budget, here are ten ways for you to get the good stuff into you and your family’s diet without breaking the piggy bank!

1. Less is more, when you make your food raw!

We are so used to eating plates piled high with food yet we can actually survive and enjoy radiant health on far less. YES! Buy the raw food you love, but as with any food, don’t over-eat just because it’s “healthy”.

Always eat your raw food when you’re relaxed and calm and thoroughly masticate your food (ie chew it to a paste!). Undigested raw food is not going to nourish your cells properly so enjoy what you eat, slow down and don’t over-pile the plate.

Now, put the kale chips down and move away from the dehydrator…

Raw food snacks

Raw food snacks

2. Sprout your seeds, they are a raw food staple

These little powerhouses of super-nutrition are cheap to buy and go a long way. Because it is so easy to sprout your own, you could have a week’s supply going at any one time on your windowsill. Think broccoli, alfafa, radish, fenugreek, mung bean, sunflower…. and all for a couple of pounds or dollars!

Raw sprouts are also fun to grow with children as they will enjoy the quick results of seed to young plant. Serve sprouts with your raw food or cooked meals twice a day!

And phew! You don’t need to eat huge plates of expensive raw veggies to get your daily quota of essential raw goodness when you include sprouts!

3. Grow your own raw food, it’s easy!

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, use it to grow your own raw food. You might not have enough room to feed a family for months on end but every bit helps.

Start off with the easier salad veggies like rocket or lettuce which can grow in vast quantities, while you wait patiently for the seasonal fruits such as butternut squash and tomatoes.

Throw out that ornamental tree in your garden and plant a fruit tree!

Use your sunny windowsills for indoor growing too and encourage the family to help water and care for the plants.

If money is really tight, and you still want to treat yourself, make your own raw chocolates and raw nut butters. Limit yourself to one small treat a day and not only will you feel like Charlie Bucket just before he found the golden ticket, you’ll be getting a daily dose of really important vitamins and minerals but without overeating!

4. Make the most of raw food special offers

Whether it’s hanging out at the stupormarket or local grocer’s at the end of the day and bagging the best bargains, or making full use of our superfood discount and special deals from www.detoxyourworld.com, you can ensure you’re eating the best but at a much less cost! If it’s ethically sourced and produced, never fear a bargain!

Raw chocolate mousse

Raw chocolate mousse

5. Share an allotment, share the work

Find out where your nearest allotment is and then get a small group of dedicated friends to share the load. You might get lucky and source one that is already in full bloom with an abundance of raw foods such as kale, cabbage, rocket, spinach, oriental greens, beetroot, carrots, celery, onions, herbs, companion plants with edible flowers and more, or you might need to start from scratch. But if you start sowing the seeds now, and take it in turns to tend to the crops, you’ll soon have your own organic raw foods to share out and munch upon, for a fraction of the price of store-bought raw foods.

6. Buy your raw food locally

Some of the fancy farm shops price their raw fruits and veggies at a premium but the local farmers often have surplus food that they need to sell, and they also need community support. Find out which ones grow organically and go and talk with them. Strike up a fair deal for pricing and if you give them loyal custom, you might find yourself plied with an abundance of good quality but inexpensive crops all year round.

If you get too much of one thing, look into fermenting, dehydrating and juicing — you can do so much with an over abundance of raw foods!

Cucumber water, raw food drink

Cucumber water, raw food drink

7. Food swap

Don’t throw any raw food away — swap it instead! Grow extra sprouts and swap them for carrots from your neighbour’s garden. Make a handful more of raw chocolate bars and exchange for a two-day smoothie supply. Get to know your raw food community and encourage each other in your efforts to live with great health but to also save on time and money.

8. Buy your raw food in bulk

Find your nearest co-operative shop or online store and buy bigger bags of your favourite raw foods, as long as you know you’re going to use them and they won’t go out of date. And get your friends involved, so you can all buy your raw food in bulk and share the raw food health!

Some foods are easier to buy in bulk than others but you can preserve some of the surplus as before by dehydrating, freezing, fermenting and also… selling for a little extra profit!

9. Forage, raw food is everywhere!

Raw food is everywhere

Raw food is everywhere

No matter what “they” tell you, the world is full of free foods and they are for us to share and benefit from. Check out what raw foods are growing in your garden, in the fields near your home, your local wood or forest and at the beach. Just make sure it’s 100 per cent safe to eat first, and clean it appropriately. Consider enrolling on a forager’s course to learn more about how you can make the most of eating for free, from Nature’s Raw Food And Superfood Table!

10. Invest in raw food, invest in YOU

Remember that when you buy more raw food, you are also buying less processed and packaged goods. You will spend more on raw fruits, veggies and superfoods but you will then see that you have an decreasing need for expensive “vices”. Alcohol, cigarettes, pizzas, late night junk food binges, retail therapy — this is where the real expense is. Not to mention the prescription drugs you need when you get ill from eating too much of the wrong foods. Invest in your health. And ask for new specialist raw food kitchen equipment as your birthday and Christmas presses. It will last you a few years at least, and you are so worth it.

Raw food diet

Raw food diet

Bliss U


PS: Did you know that my raw food app is now available? It’s like a book in your pocket and will keep you topped up with raw food information every day. Feel loved on your raw food journey, let me hold your hand.

PPS: Want to know what is the raw food diet? This is my raw food beginners article, so you can see if it’s something you’d love to do!

PPPS: Want some free raw food recipes?

Shazzie is known as the most loved personal and business transformation mentor in the raw food community.

She is famous for empowering people to take responsibility for their own health, wellbeing and destiny so they can become who they always wanted to be without having to turn into a meditating Himalayan monk.

Catch Shazzie on her TV show Raw Kitchen, aired on Sky and Freesat throughout Europe.


Yoko shares Detox Your World

I nearly fell over when I saw this. My friend Russell James pointed it out to me. Here’s a book list that Yoko Ono recommends and I’m on there!

Yoko is known world over for being the wife of John Lennon and for being an artist and a peace campaigner. I mean, I just love her. I just LOVE HER! I may never get over this moment.

And here is the book she’s recommending: Detox Your World, published in the UK by my company Rawcreation Ltd, and in the USA (in the summer) by North Atlantic books. The USA copy has been rewritten for the USA market. Both copies are up to date with information, so if you are from the UK, please buy the UK one. The USA one is full of American statistics and measurements in the raw food and detox recipes.

Detox Your World (Eurpean / metric version)

Detox Your World (Eurpean / metric version)

Detox Your World (USA version)

Detox Your World (USA version)

What is Detox Your World?

Imagine a transformation so profound it changes your whole world.

Detox Your World is 382 pages, with over 100 unique raw food recipes, to make your detox time interesting, tasty and fun.

So you can choose how to detox, there are several detox plans, including the weekend detox, a juice cleanse, a chakra rejuvenation detox, how to fast safely, and a Detox For Life plan.

Be inspired by the testimonials — real life people writing honestly how they lost weight, lost their illnesses whilst gaining confidence, direction and joy in their lives.

Find out the truth behind all the dangerous things which are considered safe by most, such as mercury fillings, vaccinations, and cooked food. Get that extra incentive to quit smoking or drinking, by reading the hard hitting facts alongside new solutions to break addictions and habits.

Delight in the Detox Helpers chapter – many luxurious ways of making your detox quite heavenly. There are also details on emotional detox techniques such as vipassana, laughing, and a secret set of exercises practiced by Tibetan monks!

Much more resides inside the cover of this comprehensive guide to detoxing your world, and you can read on here.

I just want to give a huge big thank you to Yoko for recommending this book to her audience. And I couldn’t finish the post without this, could I?

YouTube Preview Image

Gosh. The world just felt a whole lot lighter. I feel like 2012 has really kicked in now…

Bliss U


Shazzie is known as the most loved personal and business transformation mentor in the raw food community.

She is famous for empowering people to take responsibility for their own health, wellbeing and destiny so they can become who they always wanted to be without having to turn into a meditating Himalayan monk.

Catch Shazzie on her TV show Raw Kitchen, aired on Sky and Freesat throughout Europe.


I wrote this for my mailing list a while back. When lots of positive comments came my way, I figured you should also get chance to read it. So this is a taster of what goes on when you subscribe to me. I hope it helps your liver sparkle like never before.

Doxtor’s orders

Welcome to a special one off how to love your liver feature. I wrote it because the liver is such an overtaxed organ for most of us. It’s Spring, we’re cleansing and we’re loving our bodies that little bit more. As Detox Empress of the Multiverse, I know how important it is to give your liver a break. If you love this article, you will love my book Detox Your World. At almost 400 pages, it’s full of detox plans, detox helpers, raw detox recipes and testimonials.

1) Never get jealous. If someone has something you want, then visualise you have either it or something better. You’ll very often get it and then your liver will be happier.

2) Eat your food raw whenever possible, and at least 50% of the time. Max Gerson claims all the C word diseases are a disease of the liver. His answer? Massive raw food abundance, of course.

3) Do castor oil packs. It’s a simple and very effective way to give love to your liver. All you need is castor oil, some old rags and a hottie bottie. You can find detailed instructions on the web.

4) Laugh. It’s a high vibrational technique that changes you on a cellular level, for the better.

5) Juice cleavers (also known as goosegrass or sticky willy). It’s great to resolve liver damage. It’s free in your hedgerows, and is perfect for picking right now. You could even use it as a wild pesto ingredient.

6) Do a gall bladder/liver cleanse. It takes a few days and isn’t recommended by everyone. I’ve done them and benefited greatly, though. I felt like a shiny new person afterwards. Find comprehensive directions on the Internet.

7) Eat garlic and onions. Their sulphur helps detox the liver.

8 ) Make a weak lemon drink when you wake up. Squeeze one lemon into a litre of warm water. Drink over fifteen minutes, then wait about thirty minutes before eating.

9) Eat beetroot or drink its juice. It helps your liver purify itself and makes your bile thinner. Just don’t freak out when you next go to the toilet. You are not dying, it’s beetroot!

10) Eat cruciferous veggies. They help your liver detox by stimulating enzyme production.

11) Cut down on cooked saturated fats. They don’t help your liver or the rest of your body. 25-30% of westerners have a fatty liver. Yum.

12) Cut down alcohol consumption. Try to drink no more than two days a week, and then be moderate. That means no binge drinking, but you wouldn’t do that would you?

13) Take milk thistle. It’s a great liver supplement, protecting it from damage as well as helping with detox.

14) Less caffeine, please. Check out the herbal coffees that are around. My next door neighbour uses herbal coffee (barley), adds some raw chocolate and a couple of fresh mint leaves from the garden, and then brings me a cup of it, as I’ve got no kitchen at the moment. That’s what friends are for.

15) Take zeolite. One of the most remarkable products ever.

16) Cut down on sugar consumption. If you want to eat something sweet, make sure it’s bound up in a whole food form or have refined sugar very very occasionally. Please don’t give your children sweets, that really is spoiling them.

17) Eat artichokes. They can double your bile production which removes toxins.

18) Eat bitter leaves at or after every meal. They help stimulate bile flow.

19) Eat apples. Their pectin binds onto heavy metals and helps them be excreted. This puts less load on your liver.

20) Eat walnuts. They contain the amino acid arginine, which helps rid the liver of ammonia.

21) Juice the spring thistles that are around at the moment. They’ll do the same job as artichokes and milk thistle.

22) Drink green tea, if it doesn’t make your teeth feel like nails on a blackboard. It contains antioxidants called catechins which prevent build up of liver fat and do something interesting regarding the C word.

23) Stay away from fried foods. Seems obvious but I wanted to write it.

24) Season your food with lemon, apple cider vinegar, onion, garlic etc. Never use table salt, especially if you’re a slug or snail.

25) Stay at a healthy weight. If you are overweight, your liver will be suffering. It can only do so much.

Doxtor's orders

26) Eat more fresh ripe and raw wild or organic foods that haven’t been processed in any way. A high fibre diet keeps the liver healthier.

27) Don’t take paracetamol. If you need a painkiller, there are safer ones around than this liver destroyer. Never give it to a child, either.

28) Take MSM. Half a teaspoon a day for a month, then double it for the rest of your life. It’s liver love at its best.

29) Take enzymes with every meal to help digest your food. Take a break every few weeks, though.

30) Make sure you get all your vitamins and minerals, as a deficiency in some of them can inhibit your liver from detoxing. Take care with your B vitamins, iron, magnesium and sulphate.

31) Stand in a forward bend for a while. It will massage your liver.

32) Dandelion root and leaves are great for the liver. Current spring ones are great in salads or juiced.

33) Try dandelion coffee. It’s good on your liver and tasty, too!

34) Get on your trampoline or rebounder and move your body! Help that liver squeeze toxins out. Play with a child on a trampoline, it makes you laugh and get fit all at once. Now that’s health multi-tasking at its best. Regular aerobic exercise reduces fatty liver of the non-alcoholic variety.

35) If you have any type of hepatitis, look at vitamin C megadosing. Reports state you can cure it before the week’s out. You can find the protocols on the Internet.

36) If you don’t have hepatitis, you can still benefit from taking lots of vitamin C. 5g (5000mg) a day can help flush fat from your liver.

37) Resolve all your emotional issues. If you don’t, your liver will not be at peace. If you want to say something to someone, say it. Or write a letter, read it out loud to yourself and then burn it. Anything left unsaid, or unexpressed will eat you up.

38) Eat lecithin. I recommend about a dessertspoon a day, sprinkled on food or in a smoothie for normal health. Times that by 3-5 if you are using it to emulsify cholesterol (treat gallstones).

39) Avoid all high GI and GL foods, they cause fatty liver and insulin resistance, type two diabetes. No, that’s not what you want, is it? Out with the white rice, potatoes, bread and pasta. In with wholefoods. Well, I’ve only been saying that for 26 years…

40) The liver is our second largest organ, next to the skin. If you don’t keep it squeaky clean your skin will start to show symptoms. Clean out your liver and get special glowy skin as a great side effect.

41) Poo properly so the liver doesn’t get poisoned by a colon that’s not emptied out. Get your feet on a stool so you’re in a good squatting position and stay there until you’ve done the best poo ever.

42) Drink about five litres of water a day, but never more than half a litre in one go.

43) If you are angry, check out liver therapy. It could stop you exploding.

44) If you have arthritis, then your liver is too full. Alkalise yourself, do enemas and forgive everyone. Let it go. Go on, Doxtor’s orders.

45) Do a coffee enema. It smells great, you get a thrill and your bile gets dumped. What a clean out.

46) Love ayurveda. They say that the liver is the seat of the fire in the body. It easily heats up and causes inflammation. Look for special ayurvedic herbs to bring you back into balance.

47) If you eat meat, make it organic. You don’t want all those non-organic toxins being stored and processed in your precious liver.

48) Massage your liver by touching your feet. With reflexology, you have your whole body map at your fingertips. Find the liver reflex points on the outer edge of the right sole. Give it a good old rub whenever you have a minute.

49) Eat coconut oil instead of other fat, where possible. It doesn’t digest in the liver and reduces the strain on it.

50) Make love. If you have someone to make love with. Sometimes the Universe doesn’t give you the partner you want to play with so you just have to ask harder. It will listen and respond in the end. It always does, especially when you really know what you want. Get a clear mind and a clear liver will follow.

Bliss U


PS: Did you know that you can now join Shazzie’s VIP Room for as litle as 38p per day (about 63c)? Shazzie’s VIP Room is packed full of life mastery tools and has about a dozen experts in there from all walks of life waiting to answer your question. If you’re not sure if you want to join, sign up for the free training videos and let me walk you through some of the ways it might help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

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PPS: Have you seen this new raw food app? 97 Reasons To Go Raw. Spin the wheel, land on a card, read the card, then flip over for lots more info and further links. It’s fun and my cheapest product so far! For just £2.99 (USA price is about $5), you get the most up to date raw food inspiration available whenever you need it.

97 Reasons To Eat Raw Food iPhone app by Shazzie

Shazzie is known as the most loved personal and business transformation mentor in the raw food community.

She is famous for empowering people to take responsibility for their own health, wellbeing and destiny so they can become who they always wanted to be without having to turn into a meditating Himalayan monk.

Catch Shazzie on her TV show Raw Kitchen, aired on Sky and Freesat throughout Europe.

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In light of the earth’s recent birthing signals, I realise it’s time for us to stop holding on and for us to let go. I want to offer you this recording which is normally just available inside Shazzie’s VIP Room, in my radio station, Shazzie FM.


Click the play button below:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Now is the time to go into your heart and stay in your heart.

Please also click here for another FREE gift from me. This is my free year long email course that helps you open up your heartspace so there’s room for you to stay in there. Why am I emphasising this? Because for us to help the earth go through her birthing and for us to stay safe and happy, we have to be in our hearts, no question.


Please send this to your loved ones by clicking on the share buttons below.

Bliss U


PS: Here’s what some of you say about Shazzie Speaks 2.0, my free year long email course that gets you into your heart.

YouTube Preview Image

PPS: This is a little video I put together based on some of the words in Shazzie Speaks 2.0. If you choose to upgrade to Shazzie Speaks 2.0 Home Study Course , you will have access to many audio files (and many other treasures), as you can hear in this clip.

YouTube Preview Image

Shazzie is known as the most loved personal and business transformation mentor in the raw food community.

She is famous for empowering people to take responsibility for their own health, wellbeing and destiny so they can become who they always wanted to be without having to turn into a meditating Himalayan monk.

Catch Shazzie on her TV show Raw Kitchen, aired on Sky and Freesat throughout Europe.

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An open letter and a plea for help to anyone who cares about the freedom to buy food they want.

I am writing this as I URGENTLY need your help… UK Trading Standards are trying to make mesquite a novel food (according to the Novel Foods Act 1997, where any food not seen to be traded or consumed in Europe before May 1997 is not allowed to be sold as it may be unsafe). This act was supposedly designed to protect Europe against Genetically Modified foods. TSI have actually already declared it so to us over the phone. They only allowed us a couple of months to find evidence that it’s not a novel food, and we’ve didn’t manage to find any.

Businesses only have to keep records for six years, so to find proof that someone sold something in the EU 14 years ago, before the Internet, is almost impossible.

By the way, this declaration contradicts a clearing we had from them YEARS AGO, where they came to our warehouse and took several of our products for testing.

Unless we can find some last minute evidence, It’s looking likely that mesquite meal will be an ILLEGAL FOOD throughout the whole of the UK and Europe. It will be a huge loss for the whole of Europe as it’s a great superfood well as a good gluten free flour.

If you have any information on mesquite meal/pod (not mesquite wood smoke as in Kettle Chips) being sold in Europe before May 1997 please please please can you let us know? Please contact me directly on Facebook or Denise or Bryan at our office on 08700 113 119 (national rate call, not premium rate).

Please pass this on to anyone who may be able to help. We at Detox Your World are doing all we can to keep this superfood available for use in the UK and Europe and we appreciate any leads at all.

For more information on mesquite, and to stock up in case we have to withdraw it, please click here.

Bliss U


PS: We did this with the goji berry and won. It was a huge deal for us and took about a year (we don’t have that long this time), but we are glad we did it. Many people and companies in the wholefoods and superfoods businesses worked together on it. It’s times like these that working together really pays off. Let’s see if we can do it again, and stop the Europe-wide ban on a food that’s been eaten for thousands of years and has never harmed anyone (unlike GM foods which don’t belong in our paradise or body temples).

PPS: On a brighter note:


(Yes, you can stockpile mesquite with this offer)

PPPS: Have your say here.

Shazzie is known as the most loved personal and business transformation mentor in the raw food community.

She is famous for empowering people to take responsibility for their own health, wellbeing and destiny so they can become who they always wanted to be without having to turn into a meditating Himalayan monk.

Catch Shazzie on her TV show Raw Kitchen, aired on Sky and Freesat throughout Europe.