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Naked Chocolate, the world’s first raw chocolate book is now in Italian and Chinese

Hey guys

Just a quickie. My book Naked Chocolate, co-written with David Wolfe is making its way into languages other than English.

I just love the way the designers have recreated the covers. The Italian one is dark, deep, mysterious and has that unmistakable Italian feeling. And the Chinese one… those clever beings. They took the concept of raw chocolate being medicinal very literally and popped it in its own medicine box. I love them both and hope you do too. If you know someone who speaks Italian or Chinese, and they’re into raw chocolate, please let them know these raw chocolate books are now available.

Here are the Naked Chocolate covers!

Naked Chocolate in Chinese

Naked Chocolate in Chinese

Naked Chocolate in Italian

Naked Chocolate in Italian

Naked Chocolate in the UK and Europe

Just to remind you, here’s our UK minimalist cover. Those are my hands, and yes, I did eat the chocolate beans afterwards. How could I not?

Naked Chocolate, European English version

Naked Chocolate, European English version

Naked Chocolate, American version

This is the version you’re likely to see in the USA. The content is the same, the cover is less European 😉

Naked Chocolate as Americans see it

Naked Chocolate as Americans see it

So raw chocolate really has changed the world. It’s a revolution that I’m proud of being a part of. How about you?

And if you missed David and me on video recently, talking about raw food, raw chocolate, herbs and what’s going on with Naked Chocolate, then check this out:

YouTube Preview Image

Looking for raw chocolate recipes?

Look no more. Raw chocolate recipes right at your fingertips, for free.

Raw chocolate video inspiration

If you want to make the ultimate party food, check out this raw chocolate video. Yum.

YouTube Preview Image

Bliss U


PS: Did you know that my raw food app is now available? It’s like a book in your pocket and will keep you topped up with raw food information every day. Feel loved on yourraw food journey, let me hold your hand.

PPS: Want to know what is the raw food diet? This is my raw food beginners article, so you can see if it’s something you’d love to do!

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  1. Doxtor says:

    Hiya Mike… the new edition has nothing to do with my part of the world 😉 Sorry love xxx

  2. Mike says:

    Hey Shazzie,

    do you already have an approx. ETA for the updated version of “Naked Chocolate”?

    Best wishes :-)