Doxtor’s orders

  [caption id="attachment_1131" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Doxtor's orders"][/caption] If it wasn’t for the ridiculous amount of greens I eat, I wouldn’t be half as healthy as I am. I usually eat a meal like this twice a day. Serves 1-2 people. Keeps for a day when refrigerated in a...

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Paintings for sale

My good friend Nikhil has some of his paintings for sale. I love them so much, I want them to go to the best homes ever! And how's this for a generous offer? He's saying they're £500 (GBP) each or £2000 for the whole collection....

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Russell Brand’s chatcup cake

So if Russell Brand has committed his mind. body and soul to the lovely Katy Perry, where does that leave his millions of admirers? Cake. That's where. Even if Russell has gone all mahogany on us, we are allowed to dream that one day he will...

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