Raw Love

Ten Super Raw Ways to Enjoy Valentine's Day Hey beautiful ONE! Let me set the scene. I've had a long gruelling day in London with Evie. Couldn't wait to get back home but the prospect of coming into a cold house wasn't too appealing. My heating is...

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Mind Body Spirit Festival 2013

Hey gorgeous If you follow my work regularly, you'll know I sometimes leave my paradisiacal home and do a workshop or talk. Usually just once a year, though, right ;-) Can't leave that kale to grow alone for too long! Well, this year I've been charmed by...

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This was 2012

2012 - The most epic year ever Dear gorgeous amazing wonderful one Well, December 21st 2012 came and went. For some it was the actual end of the world, and my heart goes out to all who have lost loved ones this year. For the rest of...

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