Man flu and internet

Last night I dreamed I was off on holiday alone, without Evie. I was going to leave her home alone. I kept wondering if that was legal. To compensate I made her some casserole and tried to find some adults to tasked care of her....

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Hello technology

Today I feel excited. I live in paradise, in my beautiful eco home. Everything here is perfect. Except the internet. We have the worst broadband ever. Unusable. I have satellite internet. It's internetmittent and very slow. It makes uploading videos and doing any kind of work...

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Yoga for healing

Wowsers. I really am loved. And lucky. Since my accident about 16 months ago, I've been looking for ways to get my legs working properly again. I've put myself through a lot of therapies and they have all helped in various ways. My yoga teacher,...

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