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Hands up. I’ve always hated Xmas as a grown up. Too many years alone, trying to hide lonely tears and pretend it’s ok watching a god or goddess of a beautiful turkey being carved in front of my eyes.

I did all I could to avert and appease myself. Holidays. Spa breaks. Staying in alone. Hanging out with sympathetic or in the same boat friends. Trying everso hard to be with family.

Nothing took away the lonely feeling. Nothing made me feel better when I smelled a precious animal cooking in the oven.

Evie goes to her dad’s every other Christmas. That leaves me with “options”.

This year, though, Christmas came early for me. A season early. I found the man I want to spend eternity with. I want nothing more.

He amplifies, technicolours and kaleidoscopes my life.

So while Evie “does Xmas” with her daddy and his lovely family, I’m not doing Xmas with the man of my dreams.

It’ll look something like this:

Wake up in love.
Breakfast with others in my community
Drive to the beach where we will be just us. And our cameras.

Raw Xmas dinner, pre made with mucho amour by Ospalla In The Raw.

Snuggles. Maybe even a cracker. A film? Snuggles.

You see, it’s not about doing what you are supposed to do, it’s about doing what you want.

Christmas for me means nothing as I’m not religious and never have been. I prefer family time another time with zero pressure. I like to eat the best food all the time and not over indulge. Christmas can’t offer me anything but a day out of time.

And coz I’ve found the man of my dreams, of course he feels exactly the same.

Of course.

Happy Christmas. Christmas or not.

Bliss U


a beachy Christmas

Shazzie is known as the most loved personal and business transformation mentor in the raw food community.

She is famous for empowering people to take responsibility for their own health, wellbeing and destiny so they can become who they always wanted to be without having to turn into a meditating Himalayan monk.

Catch Shazzie on her TV show Raw Kitchen, aired on Sky and Freesat throughout Europe.

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Shazzie discusses
And legs. And bums.

We wear clothes for a variety of reasons. Clothes keep us warm. Clothes look nice and we can create unique looks with them to attract mates, to be part of a group of people, to feel good about ourselves or to get attention. Uniforms can signify authority (police and doctors), help (firefighters), beliefs (KKK), religion (dog collars) or conformity (school blazers). Clothes can make us the same and clothes can make us different. No other animals wear clothes, apart from some of our companion animals, and that’s not through choice. It takes three quarters of a pound of pesticides to make one pair of conventional cotton shorts. If we believed in the word “should” then that should be illegal. Our society dictates that it’s better to pollute our planet than to behave naturally. Insanity rules, but not for much longer thanks to the looming clothing optional revolution.

Clothes are cooked

Just as we advocate a raw food diet, unlimited love and non-attachment, we also advocate the right to be naked whenever we choose. The law is kind of on our side, too. Until the revolution, you may want to take note of it because although it’s not illegal in England and Wales to be naked, the smallprint may catch you bang to rights, gov.

There are only two laws that cover nakedness:
‘Indecent Exposure’ and ‘Breach of the Peace’.

“Enough LOLing about, kidz. Eat some proper words for breakfast.” — The Doxtor

In English Law there are two types of indecent exposure. A statutory offence is where a male ‘exposes his person (person is legalese for penis — after all, most men name theirs…) with intent to insult a female’. It is a sexual offence, so there must be a sexual motive to it. If the penis (or person) in question is not erect, it’s unlikely prosecution could succeed. The female who saw the erect person must be offended by the behaviour. Females can’t commit this offence and men can’t commit this offence towards other men or animals, not even dolfishes.

The Common Law offence of indecent exposure is different. This is not a sexual offence, it’s based on ‘indecency’. It can be committed by either gender without intent. This is the law that gets naked people into hot water when all they want to do is be normal. The law doesn’t actually specify what ‘indecent’ means, so it’s open to interpretation (and potential abuse) by the courts. This offence is seen as minor but it could be used to prosecute a flasher where intent can’t be proved for a statutory prosecution. If you’re found guilty of being indecent you’ll get bound over to keep the peace. Yeah, naked people are much more risky to innocent bystanders than those who can hide a gun in their pocket.

The Breach of the Peace law is over 600 years old and is so vague it can work whenever it’s needed. If you are doing anything that is seen to disturb The Queen’s Peace (the normal state of society), you can get nicked for it. So actually it works in favour of normalists because if you’re being normal where you’re “allowed” or “expected” to be (IE a nudist beach), you’ll never be harassed because you’re not behaving differently to the expected norm.

However, if you’re shopping in M&S for sunflower sausages and kundalini falafel, you may find yourself getting bound over to keep the peace as above, or even a stronger sentence if you reoffend or refuse to be bound over. Move away from the fridge, put your hands up, and slowly turn round…

The law is a donkey

Once, I was in the shower at a recreational centre after doing a Ye Olde 3D Worlde step class. We’d all heard of the illusive Pant Wanker and knew we were not to leave our undies out where they could be abused and made sticky by this man. But nobody had ever actually seen him.

“Shazzie’s like Einstein because she likes to run down the street dripping wet and naked.”

As I bent down to pick up my shampoo I saw a man standing there, arm reached out to a small white piece of clothing on a peg. It was the Pant Wanker. Without hesitation, I ran towards him, screaming. With a look of terror and confusion, he ran out of the changing rooms. Not having time to find my towel, I ran out after him naked, shouting “Get that man, get that man, it’s the Pant Wanker.” He was stopped by staff and I went to get dressed.

When I came out of the changing room, everyone was looking at me strangely because I was more concerned with catching the Pant Wanker than being naked in public.

True to British law, it went to court and the Pant Wanker was found not guilty. The fact that I’d run naked through the sports centre seemed to have made me an unreliable witness, as no sane woman would have done that. He said he’d accidentally wandered into the ladies changing rooms as he couldn’t read. It had a picture of a woman in a skirt on the door.

The life of a tanlinephobic

I’ve always gone out of my way to sunbathe naked. With two near arrests and several traffic-stopping situations to boast about at parties, I take being naked very seriously indeed. I don’t do it to excess and I don’t embarrass others, but if I can get away with being naked, I will. Tan lines are ugly, and my cho cho needs the sun and air on it, it was designed to have it and have it, it will.

We need vitamin D for healthy bones and good hormone function. Direct sunshine is the biggest source of vitamin D. Clothing deprives us access to it and the more we wear, the harder it is to get enough vitamin D.

Conversely, the more skin that’s exposed to the sun, the quicker we can reach our vitamin D quota, so we have less chance of burning. People with darker skin need more time in the sun to get enough vitamin D, so they should be naked longer. Instead of cigarette breaks, companies would be wise to offer sunbathing breaks. Vitamin D is known to prevent cancer and so this simple action could increase workforce productivity. Er, until the revolution!

Such a sensitive sole

If you’re not ready to be naked in public yet, then start by baring your soles. Walk to the shops or through fields with nothing on your feet. Enjoy feeling your connection to the earth.

Gradually uncover more and more of your body as you feel comfortable with it. Don’t restrict skin exposure to the summer. The winter months bring many opportunities for air and light bathing. Air and light bathing will increase your sense of wellbeing, and will also treat several diseases. In addition, your metabolism can increase by around fifty per cent in just ten minutes! There has never been a better reason to get your kit off, so join me in burning your bra. And knickers. And skirt. And definitely your KKK outfit.

Get your chops round this, porn pig

Dairy Mail readers and Daily Milk eaters may always tut tut at nudity over their eggs benedict, because these are the kind of people who still boxtor up sex and the body. They are also the ones who do all that car keys in a bowl nonsense. And they frequently take an extra helping of Cereal Monogamy to keep them regular. These are the people who behave furtively with extra marital text sex. These are the people who are not true to themselves.

These are the people who haven’t integrated themselves as Ecstatic Beings. Yet.

As Ecstatic Beings, we frequently send love to those who choose not to accept the beautiful naked body in all its glory. And we know that once they’ve partaken in some of our very special ecstacake, all their surplus clothes will dissolve, alongside all their other preconceptions.

Eat me. Drink me. Be merrily fleshy with me.

(Extracted from my book Ecstatic Beings)

Bliss U


PS: For more advice on how to live as an Ecstatic Being in these crazy times, click here.

Shazzie is known as the most loved personal and business transformation mentor in the raw food community.

She is famous for empowering people to take responsibility for their own health, wellbeing and destiny so they can become who they always wanted to be without having to turn into a meditating Himalayan monk.

Catch Shazzie on her TV show Raw Kitchen, aired on Sky and Freesat throughout Europe.

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Monsanto has infiltrated the UK’s supermarkets and shoppers aren’t taking it lying down!

This article is copyright free, please feel free to spread it as far and wide as possible.

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On Monday morning, I was out shopping in my local Waitrose. I spotted a product that I already knew to be from Monsanto and, for a change I had a mobile phone signal, so I snapped it and posted it to Facebook. I carried on shopping, thinking a few people would comment and that’d be that. But that wasn’t that. This “Monsanto is in UK supermarkets” post went viral within hours, and now thousands of customers, soon to be millions of customers are organising boycotts, protests, occupies and complaints to all the major UK supermarkets. Or stupormarkets, which is my  term for them. Here’s today’s Facebook snap of the post:

Monsanto products are stocked in all the UK's supermarkets

Monsanto products are stocked in all the UK's supermarkets

As you can see, it’s had over 324 comments (there were some that I removed) and almost 500 shares. When a post gets this many shares, it’s viral because every Facebook user who is friends of those who have shared it see it. It’s also been posted in many many other places.

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How you can tell this is a Monsanto product

See the word Bellaverde, and the (R) after it? That’s the giveaway that something’s going on. Google Bellaverde and you’ll get this. Monsanto’s seed division is called Seminis, which is a company they bought in 2005.

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Bellaverde (R) is not GMO, so what’s wrong with it being in the supermarkets?

I don’t want to confuse of mislead you, so please first be aware that if you’ve eaten this food in the past, Bellaverde (R) is NOT GMO. That isn’t the issue. The issue is that the British public do not want Monsanto products in their lives, in their tummies or in their shops. Most people look to Waitrose as being the most ethical of all supermarkets, and so this is why there are particularly strong feelings towards them right now. That, and I just happened to snap the picture in Waitrose, not any of the other supermarkets.

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Other Monsanto products in UK supermarkets

Monsanto is treading very carefully with its introduction of vegetables to the UK market. In the USA, there are many more, such as peppers, onions and tomatoes. Here, we only have Bellaverde, Beneforté and Dulce Verde. They like the word green, but not for eco reasons ;-) If you know of any other Monsanto vegetables being sold in the UK, please let me know in the comments box below and I’ll update this.

So, it’s not GMO, then what’s wrong with it?

Bellaverde and Dulce Verde have very very naughty parents. Ms Seminis and Mr Monsanto are the world’s largest GMO creators and are guilty of mass crimes against humanity and the planet. You do not want these guys living on your estate, lest they bully you into buying their stuff. “This is the thin edge of a very long wedge”, as one Facebook protestor wrote.

Some of you believe that GMO is illegal in the UK, it’s not. It’s just had such a huge amount of opposition, it’s had to creep in, rather than shove its way in. This is one of the ways it can creep in. And once it’s here, it’s here to stay.

The USA has lost organic alfalfa because of Monsanto, and they predict all alfalfa will be GMO infected within a few years. This is the way of the GMO seed. I see it like this. Monsanto goes for world domination with seeds, there are no other seeds left to buy, and then whoopee, they can GMO everything in sight because there’s no other option. Don’t believe it won’t happen, or that’s not Monsanto’s intention.

There is some dark stuff around regarding Monsanto and  you don’t have to dig too deep to find it. Here are some starters for you

Over one BILLION hectares of land are now planted with GMO crops, worldwide Monsanto chemical creates super weeds and causes infertility, birth defects and cancer

Monsanto caused the suicides of over 200,000 farmers due to miss-selling its products

Monsanto is voted the worst company 2011

Monsanto created Aspartame, the neurotoxin that is responsible for around 75% of FDA food problem complaints. Oh, and Neotame.

And the worst of all Monsanto’s crimes so far? (GRAPHIC IMAGES WARNING)

Monsanto gave us Agent Orange, if you feel brave, have a look at some of the half million Agent Orange babies

Ask yourself. “Do I want to support a company that does this to people and the planet?” Now ask your supermarket the same.

IMPORTANT! >>>> Please sign this now <<<<

Is GMO in any foods in the UK? Yes! GMO feed for non-organic animals that are eaten or “milked” is prevalent. There are others, but I don’t have a list because I don’t eat these products. If you want to let people know about them in the comments box below, please do, and I’ll add them here.

What you can do to ensure a Monsanto-free life

  • Buy organic. As of yet, there are no organically certified products in the UK that come from Monsanto
  • Buy local, from your trusted farmers. Ask them where their seed comes from. Don’t be fooled by Monsanto’s vegetable seed disguises.
  • Grow your own, using “heirloom” seeds, and save your seeds. Really, it’s the best thing for all concerned.
  • Share your seeds with your friends. Check out seed swap and seed bank organisations.
  • Be aware. This is not going to go away easily.
  • Love. Even though Monsanto happens to be sneaking into our lives, we can still be happy and live through our hearts

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I found this on Facebook. Exactly the point.

I found this on Facebook. Exactly the point.

Contact your supermarkets

Public pressure does work. Remember the Anti-South African fruit et al campaigns, that caused the downfall of Apartheid? Your actions make a HUGE difference. Don’t stop until we get results.


Here’s a list of supermarkets you may want to contact, and how to get hold of them on Facebook. You can also contact their customer services departments or go in-store to lodge your concern. Below that is a sample letter you could write, though feel free to be creative, while sticking to the facts. Our message is clear, we do not want Monsanto in our supermarkets, regardless of their guise:

Waitrose Facebook

Tesco Facebook

Sainsbury’s Facebook

A sample letter to ask for Monsanto to be removed from sale in UK supermarkets

IMPORTANT! >>>> Please sign this now <<<<

Dear (Supermarket)
You sell Bellaverde broccoli and/or Dulce Verde lettuce. These come from Monsanto’s vegetable company, Seminis. Monsanto is the world’s largest GMO company in the world. I do not agree with GMO or the criminal actions of Monsanto, and therefore am requesting that you refuse to stock these products as of today. Please let me know your decision.
Thank you for your time.
Sincerely, (YOU!)

Please join our Facebook group here so we can update you daily.

OK, that’s it I could write reams on this subject but I don’t want to emotionally invest in it. Wishing you all luck. Keep up the AMAZING work.

This article is copyright free, please feel free to spread it as far and wide as possible.

Bliss U


PS: Do this, but do it with LOVE… Please don’t allow anger to enter this issue, you are worth so much more than that.

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Update to Waitrose, M&S, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Monsanto

I posted a link to this on Waitrose’s Facebook page, and they deleted it in minutes. I added another and it was also deleted. I’m not being abusive or aggressive with them, I just want them to read why their customers are so upset about this issue, so they can decide how to handle it better.


After the second removal, I wrote this:


I also put the same blog link on Tesco and Sainsbury’s Facebook pages. Tesco has deleted it already, too. They are hot at not wanting to attract negative attention, but will they take action? Weds 8th Feb, evening: Tesco has written a really nice letter to me on Facebook saying they understand where I’m coming from and are looking into it.

IMPORTANT! >>>> Please sign this now <<<<

Thurs 9th Feb, nice email from Waitrose on Facebook. They are taking it more seriously now: “Thank you once again for all your comments overnight on Bellaverde broccoli. We take all your comments very seriously and as we said yesterday we are collating all posts and feeding these back to the buyers, please bear with us as this takes time. We have created a Bellaverde broccoli thread in our notes tab. If you want to continue to let us know what you think on this issue, could you please post all your comments here. This will alert you to any updates we post on this issue and help us keep all your comments collated in one place so they won’t get lost on the wall. We will update you on the notes page of all updates on Bellaverde broccoli. Thank you and have a good day.

I wrote back: “Dear Waitrose. I’m so glad you’re taking these comments seriously. I just want you to know that there is now an official petition to get Monsanto out of our supermarkets. We are not just asking you, we are asking all of them. We are grateful that you always seem to lead the way in your ethical stance, and we appreciate it’s a huge job. I just really want to thank you for listening, and for taking the time to make a decision based on the facts, not just the marketing strategies of Monsanto-Seminis. I won’t link to the petition as I know you may remove it, but I wanted to let you know it exists. Thank you once again, and I hope you have a lovely day. Love xx”

Whatever next? Another Facebook find, thank you to the artist!

Whatever next? Another Facebook find, thank you to the artist!

IMPORTANT! >>>> Please sign this now <<<<

Please join our Facebook group here so we can update you daily.

Friday 10th Feb M&S has removed all references to Beneforte broccoli and Monsanto from its customer services Facebook page. Bad move in the age of transparency and love, M&S. I only found this out as I was about to post a thank you to them, and it wouldn’t post. Here’s the snapshot of it:

Monsanto in Marks and Spencer

Monsanto in Marks and Spencer

If you are an M&S customer, I urge you to write further and ask them to cease all connections with Monsanto due to their criminal activities. We are worth more than this. The original post has now been shared over 500 times. Below is the landmark figure. Thanks to all who are sharing it. Please continue to do so, and please sign the petition, we need a thousand for it to be useful. As thousands of people have complained directly to the supermarket and are getting standard responses (this isn’t GMO so it’s not a problem) we MUST become more organised

about this for it to have an effect. Please sign this now. Thank you.


I’ve just made a new logo for our campaign. Please use it freely. If you want a bigger one, just click on the image, and it will take you to a larger image that you can use. nomonsantouk_sm

Dated 9th Feb, we’ve made it to the news! The Grocer, the food industry’s magazine has reported on it already, and this is just the start. Read it here, or below. And I’ve also snapped it for my site. THANKS to all for getting this far, now PLEASE SIGN!

Waitrose hit by Facebook fury over broccoli link to biotech giant

09 Feb 2012, by Julia Glotz, (C) The Grocer.

Waitrose has found itself in the middle of a social media storm for selling a variety of broccoli linked to biotech company Monsanto.

Bellaverde sweet stem broccoli is grown from seed sold by Monsanto subsidiary Seminis and is on sale in Waitrose for £1.99 for a 200g pack.

While the broccoli is grown using conventional breeding methods – it is not genetically modified – there have been cries of outrage from Waitrose customers about the supermarket’s decision to sell a product linked to Monsanto, which is involved in developing GM crops.

The supermarket’s Facebook page has been inundated with messages and comments from consumers, expressing their concern about Bellaverde broccoli and urging Waitrose to stop selling it. Waitrose has set up a dedicated Bellaverde broccoli thread on its site in order to deal with the sheer volume of customers’ comments.

One consumer from East Grinstead posted a letter, addressed to Waitrose MD Mark Price, warning of a “gargantuan consumer boycott” if Waitrose continued to sell the broccoli or any other product linked to Monsanto.

“Your company’s retailing of trademarked, ultimately sterile, F1 hybrid vegetables – specifically Bellaverde sweet stem broccoli – produced either by Monsanto UK Limited, Monsanto PLC, Monsanto UK Services Company, Monsanto UK Holding Company or subsidiaries thereof, is disingenuous in the extreme when presenting an ethical corporate face that professes to be anti-GM,” she wrote.

Another poster said consumers understood Bellaverde broccoli itself was not a GM food, but shoppers were “extraordinarily concerned about the obvious relationship between Waitrose and Monsanto”.

Responding to the comments, Waitrose wrote: “This broccoli is grown from conventionally bred seed sold by Seminis, who supply numerous growers, both large and small, in this country and around the world.

“While Seminis is a subsidiary of Monsanto, it uses traditional plant-breeding techniques. This is entirely in keeping with our policy of not allowing any GM ingredients in our own-label food. Conventionally-bred Bellaverde sweet stem broccoli offers excellent growing qualities to our farmers and superb flavour and value for our customers.”

The retailer told The Grocer it had no plans to stop selling Bellaverde broccoli, which has been on Waitrose shelves since 2009 []. The broccoli is also sold by Sainsbury’s and Ocado.

Sainsbury’s said its stance on GM foods was “unequivocal” and it did not permit the use of GM crops, ingredients, additives or derivatives in any of its own-label products. It also stressed that Bellaverde was bred using conventional methods.

Ocado said it had received no complaints from customers about Bellaverde and added it had a policy not to stock GM foods. “We always continue to reappraise customer feedback on any of the products we stock, but this is a product that is produced using conventional methods and we are happy to sell it,” a spokesman said.

Monsanto said vegetable seeds supplied to its European customers were all developed using cross pollination and selection, and not with GM techniques. This included the Bellaverde variety, the company added.

“Monsanto works closely with farmers and their retailer customers, including those with policies on plant breeding, to ensure consumers get the fresh, nutritious and tasty vegetables they demand,” Monsanto said. Purim1pc

Shazzie is known as the most loved personal and business transformation mentor in the raw food community.

She is famous for empowering people to take responsibility for their own health, wellbeing and destiny so they can become who they always wanted to be without having to turn into a meditating Himalayan monk.

Catch Shazzie on her TV show Raw Kitchen, aired on Sky and Freesat throughout Europe.


United we stand, divided we’re numbered

The first of May was a significant day. For many in the UK, there would have been red, white and blue bunting to take down after the royal wedding. For my mum, it was her birthday, and she deserves to be treated like the mother of the newlywed prince. And for many of my friends, well, they’ve just become criminals. Bang them up, they’re breaking the law. Thousands of them.

As the clock struck midnight on the the 1st of May 2011, a law came into being across the whole of Europe that has been hanging over us for years. None of us believed it could ever happen, and as you read on, you may also wonder how it ever got this crazy.

The European government invented something called THMPD (Traditional Herbal Medicine Products Directive) several years ago in 2004. It was designed to pharmaceuticalise our herbs. Herbs are very safe to use, most of the time. As with everything, sometimes things go awry, but that’s usually due to misuse. Let’s get this into context before I carry on. In the USA, in one year, over 100,000 people die from taking pharmaceuticals as directed by their doctor. Not misuse, but as directed. That’s according to Death By Medicine. In fact, there are about 750,000 pharmaceutical drugs deaths in the USA every year if you include those where there was misuse. That’s a big number. How many people have ever died from taking herbs? A handful, a negligible amount that’s not even been recorded. Of course every life counts, but let’s get this into perspective. Pharmaceuticals kill over a three quarters of a million people in the USA alone. Every year. Herbs don’t do this, they just don’t.

Softly and slowly the law changed, so only small groups of people were made aware of it over time. That stopped any outrage, suppressed petitions, and allowed the law to sneak in under your noses. And the new law is so vague that there is no government list anywhere on which herbs will become illegal. It’s all guess work. In fact, this statement came from a government official: “Herbs which are mainly used in food such as garlic and tomato will not normally require registration.” NORMALLY? So sometimes they may require registration? Really? Garlic? Tomatoes? That’s food, guys! A law has just been passed that makes it possible for anyone selling real food (because all food is medicine, that’s the point of it) to be incarcerated. Can you see what’s happening here? Big Pharma and Big Phood are out to either kill you and reduce the world’s population or to make you infertile and obedient worker bee for their own needs. New World Disorder has always been my motto. Now is the time that you can stand up, unite and be counted. Or your days are numbered, and I’m not exaggerating.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch

We in the UK and Europe use many herbs from many cultures. We use traditional Chinese herbs, ayurveda and traditional European herbs, for example. We like our herbs, we like to self medicate, just like all other animals do. If you want to explore more about self medicating in the animal world, check out Wild Health by Cindy Engel. You’ll never look at a creosote fence the same way again.

We love to self medicate so much that there are about 1500 herbs in everyday use in the UK and Europe. 1500 herbs that have been around for centuries (even millennia), and there have been negligible deaths and complications over the years.

It goes further. We care about our profession, and we research and monitor the effectiveness, contraindications and quality of the products we sell. We are, if you like, self-regulating. On the whole. It’s a system that’s worked very well for most of the time for centuries. Yet due to pressure from Big Pharma and Big Phood, things had to change.

THMPD now declares that any herb claiming to be a medicine needs to be licensed. This is at a cost of more than £80,000 per herb. Most herb suppliers can’t afford this and don’t agree with this law, so they haven’t registered their herbs. Some have, and are delisting (removing from sale) the herbs they won’t be able to sell. Goodbye echinacea and St John’s wort. Probably. The government can’t (won’t) say for sure, but they do mention those two as maybes. A herb that helps with depression, competition for Pro$aK and all the other pharmaceutical nonsense that is thrown at people who feel down? Surely we should be making things more available if they help people feel better, not restricting their choices to force them down the narrow medical route? Well, that would be the case if the aim was to help people.

To date, there have only been 37 out of the 1500 herbs registered under THMPD. There have been about 100 products licensed but most are for the same herbs. To be licensed, it seems the product needs to be suspended in suspect coloured liquid and rendered almost ineffective due to the low dosage imposed on it. Oh, and of course the herb will now be a lot more expensive, due to the excessive licensing and formulation costs. We don’t want our herbs to be turned into drugs. We want our herbs as they are! Don’t we?

Now, clearly the government doesn’t have the capacity to prosecute every person and company selling herbs, because there are thousands of herbs and thousands of retailers. The way they’ll operate is by victimising the odd company here and there, making “an example” out of them. What they didn’t bank on is that we are a friendly and loving bunch. Some of the biggest herb suppliers are ready and willing to be taken to court — and other suppliers and retailers will go with them, standing shoulder to shoulder with them to defend your right to buy real medicine. Aren’t you just a little bit teary at that thought? It fills me with hope and it makes me love the industry I’m in so very much.

And there is more hope

The Alliance For Natural Health (ANH) is a force to be reckoned with. Check them out here:

These guys are taking the Eurocrats to court over this law and the novel foods law! How cool is that? They’re doing it through fundraising and continually need support if they are to stand a chance in altering this law. I’ve spoken at length with them and if anyone can alter this law, these guys can. They have a great legal team and their executive director Dr Robert Verkerk is so clued up it’s as if the Universe created him especially to be the Herbal Superhero of 2011. Read more about him here:

I’m pleading with you to take action now

Below is a list of all the action you can take. If you can only do one thing, please do it, but if possible, please do all of it. If you don’t do it, who will? If not now, when?

You can support the ANH here

You can watch the ANH’s video on this here:

You can force the EU government to reform the law by signing this: Please forward this link to everyone you know. Once they hit 1,000,000 signatures, the law will have to be reformed. They’re currently halfway there. — this petition at one point had about two million signatures. People care! People like you take action! But the site was hacked and the signatures removed. That’s not surprising considering the importance of this law for the pharmaceutical companies who stand to benefit from it. Please sign here, and pass on, too.

Most importantly, read this: and do something beautiful for our earth, for love, and for the good of all. May 1st has passed, but we will be announcing more Ocean’s 11:11 dates soon. Those dates represent a time of unity where we all do what we can to assist this planet and universe in its birthing. We are the earth doulas, and all this THMPD rubbish won’t even matter soon because we’re transcending law, control and fear anyway.

And finally, let’s remember: Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food. Not drugs, not pharmaceuticalised sugar-coated herbal extracts, but food.

Thanks for reading this, if you got this far, I really do hope you take action right now. Here’s a summary of what you can do:

UPDATE — Friday 13th is lucky for some

This news article reports that the EU government won’t pay the company who are supposed to be enforcing these new rules because they are in bed with Big Pharma. Love always floats to the top.

Bliss U


PS: Information isn’t yet illegal. Listen to me and Elwin letting you in on the best ways to increase your energy, here:

PPS: If you have a business, and want to know how to get more juice out of it and yourself, check out my free video training here. It follows three months of my own work, with many hints and tips along the way. There are ethical ways to make your millions ;-)

Eurocratic cozzzmic joke

Shazzie is known as the most loved personal and business transformation mentor in the raw food community.

She is famous for empowering people to take responsibility for their own health, wellbeing and destiny so they can become who they always wanted to be without having to turn into a meditating Himalayan monk.

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No, that’s not a typo. Today, April 29th 2010, much of the UK and Europe will be distracted by two people they’ve never met getting married. What are they being distracted about? The royal weeding. A draconian act of the most ridicularse order coming into force in just two days time. It’s also known as:


This is a law that will ban thousands of herbs throughout our land. It’s a witchhunt by another name. And I’m fed up being told what to do by just a handful of people. Aren’t you?

I’ve blogged about it a couple of times, and there is action you can take. Supporting the ANH is the biggest thing you can do, but there is something else, too. Something bigger than law, something bigger than governments, something bigger than protesting.

All you need is love

My great friend Laura Bruno from the USA and I are working together on a project she created called Ocean’s 11:11. Join our Facebook page here.

We have noted specific dates that are more powerful than others. The first is almost upon us. May 1st. It happens to be the same day the royal weeding happens.

And we’re gonna make some magick!

Imagine thousands, millions of people worldwide working towards an earth where these things just can’t happen because there’s too much love? That’s our aim. Laura and I know the power of the earth, we know she’s birthing, and we want everyone who is ready to become an EARTH DOULA. To stand by, offer love, prayer, praise, mantras, magick, shamanic deeds, meditation, presence and light to our earth and all who resides here.

It is not a time to work against anyone or anything. That gives those people and corporations more power. Though we are fed up to the back teeth of Monsanto, the New World Order, Codex, HAARP and all the other blah blah, we are not fighting them. They’re not worth it. They’re just an illusion created by the duality that we’ve decided to exist in. We are entering an age of unity, I don’t expect any of this rubbish to exist there, do you? Well, it will if you believe it’s real. Now is the time to truly understand that we create our own reality, and that our minds are capable of keeping darkness alive, unless WE LET GO.

So we have some ideas and are calling upon you to spend some time making earth magick, using whatever method you’re comfortable with. Here are some of our ideas:

  • Reiki
  • Meditation
  • Shamanism / rituals
  • Being in nature barefoot
  • Witchcraft / magick
  • Unconditional love
  • Tapping
  • Presence
  • Mantras
  • Bed in (a la John Lennon)
  • Sex magick (if you’ve never done that, look on the Internet)
  • Intention setting for a harmonious and love-driven world

Now is the time to honour the power of the earth as she does all she can to reclaim herself, ready for the final throes of our dimenision shift. We can make this hard, or we can make this easy, joyous and with love.

Which do you choose?

Bliss U


PS: Here’s Laura’s blog post on Ocean’s 11:11, there’s much more detail there.

PPS: Remember to join our Ocean’s 11:11 Facebook page for more ideas and to know when the next dates are.

Shazzie is known as the most loved personal and business transformation mentor in the raw food community.

She is famous for empowering people to take responsibility for their own health, wellbeing and destiny so they can become who they always wanted to be without having to turn into a meditating Himalayan monk.

Catch Shazzie on her TV show Raw Kitchen, aired on Sky and Freesat throughout Europe.


“Your governments won’t stop creating laws until they’ve made criminals of all of you” — Abraham

You may have heard of the new herbs law (THMPD, yes, we’ve been THUMPED with Eurocracy). It effectively means you won’t be able to walk into a shop and buy the herbs you once did. You could get them from a licensed practitioner as if you were going to a doctor, and pay the cost of the consultation. The UK government hasn’t been as hard lined as the rest of Europe with this law, and they are at least allowing us the licensed practitioner route. This route comes into force next year, not at the same time as the April 30th law, so who knows what will happen in the mean time.

Here’s an idea on the impact this law will have, and this is just for TCM.

The law is vague, there isn’t a blacklist of herbs or a whitelist of herbs available to the public or to retailers. Much of it will be open to interpretation when the law comes into effect on April 1st 2011. It looks like we will be losing echinacea, St John’s wort and agnus castus, amongst others. Of course, these herbs are being formulated with PHARMACEUTICALS and they’re going on the shelves right now.

We in the health trade want to get a SUPERSTAR on the case to turn this law around before it starts. It worked in the USA with Mel Gibson and the supplements law, and it can work here. If you know someone who cares enough about herbs and who is REALLY HIGH PROFILE, please put them in touch with me.

Here’s Mel’s successful campaign to get your juices flowing

YouTube Preview Image

Though the EU government, big pharma and all the rest can seem like a huge impenetrable force, we in the health business are standing united with love and hope for the best outcome for our planet. Where love goes, love wins. Always. I’m wishing The Alliance For Natural Health all the love in the world for taking this to court for us all.

Mesquite and chia, novel foods that have been eaten for thousands of years

Our campaign to raise the profile of the silly Novel Foods Act 1997 is going well. On the campaign web site, 38 Degrees we are ranked 15th right now and will top 1,000 votes soon.

I’ve been angry and I’ve been sad about the herb law and the banning of mesquite, but it didn’t make me feel good, so I stopped. We’ve had hundreds of phone calls and emails, and I thank you all for the time you’ve taken over this. Many of you have asked “What can I do”, so here are a couple of suggestions:

VOTE your allotted 3 votes here. Click the VOTE button and press 3. Write a comment if you like. If you write a comment, please try to write it in the positive. I know it may seem like a conspiracy to ban a food like mesquite, but it’s just a silly law that makes no sense and mesquite and chia (amongst others) have fallen foul to them. If we can get the law amended to exclude ancient and known worldwide foods, this won’t happen again. The Novel Foods Act 1997 should only be used for NEW foods, not ones that have been used for over 10,000 years!

Write to your MP, TSI, the FSA, DEFRA, your MEP, local and national newspapers, forums, anyone who will listen, TV and radio stations, stating these facts:

  • Mesquite, an ancient tree food, has been banned without warning throughout the whole of the UK and Europe.
  • An established trade in Europe has been operating for over seven years.
  • This is due to the Novel Foods Law 1997 which states that if a food wasn’t consumed or traded in a considerable (very unstable word, that!) amount before 15th may 1997, it is “novel” and can’t be traded or consumed without prohibitively expensive and lengthy safety tests.
  • Retailers were given only a few week’s notice to find proof that this wasn’t a “novel food”, before being issued with the serious RASFF to all retailers in the UK and to all government agencies in Europe.
  • Companies who sell mesquite have been ordered to immediately cease trading it, with no offer of compensation to lost revenue or stock that they can’t sell.
  • The FSA and TSI both OK’d the use of mesquite several years ago, as they (mistakenly) thought it was wood smoke, not the pod.
  • Farmers in Peru and other countries have had no warning of this ban and will face stockpiles of food they can’t sell and a huge loss of income. They’ll have to change what they farm as a result of this, but that will be difficult as mesquite is a tree, not a crop like wheat.
  • Mesquite has been eaten since 8000-2000 BC in the whole of the Americas. It’s a staple food of the native Americans. It’s a low GI sweetener. It can be used as a gluten free flour.
  • Mesquite is related to the carob tree, which grows all over Europe. The edible part is the pod of the tree and its seeds, which are ground into a “meal” or “flour” and added to foods such as smoothies, breads, cakes, cereals etc.
  • Mesquite grows in the Canary Islands, which is part of the European Union. Though Detox Your World gave FSA/TSI this information before they issued the RASFF, they haven’t yet acknowledged it.
  • Mesquite is a casualty of Eurocracy. When a food is ancient, such as this, there is no reason beyond the Novel Foods Law that it shouldn’t be included in the European diet.

If we reach a resolution with mesquite, it will be great, but I’m detaching myself from the outcome. I have so much gratitude to you, those who have contacted us, those who have voted, and those who have passed this information on to others. Unity matters more than anything here, thank you for being here and being a warrior(ess) as we are standing on the edge of a new world reorder.

What a turnip for the books

We believe the EU governments are acting unlawfully in introducing and implementing these two acts. It appears to contradict the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights. Take a look at Article 25 (1):

Article 25.
(1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.

Article 25.

(1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.

  1. By withdrawing herbs, we are being denied the medical care we choose and accept for our bodies and our children.
  2. By withdrawing foods that are accepted as foods in other UN countries, we are being denied foods for ourselves and our children.
  3. By Europe banning mesquite after a European market has been established for several years (due to Norfolk Trading Standards and the FSA making the mistake of thinking we were selling mesquite wood smoke, not mesquite meal!), the security of the Peruvian mesquite farmers has been stripped away. Overnight, with no compensation. We started importing mesquite in 2005 into Europe, it was OK’d by our organic association, DEFRA, the TSI and the FSA. Until now.

If you are a lawyer who cares about these points and would love to take this on, please do! We have many documents that could build a great case against these “illegal laws”.

Bliss U


PS: Do you love guided meditations? Getting further quicker while laying down? Then click here, I’ve got a little something for you.

PPS: Please VOTE now!

PPS: Thank you to all who have given me the information and inspiration to write this. Extra special blissings to Dom for creating the 38 Degrees campaign, and my dad for dealing gracefully with TSI and FSA while experiencing a month long internal infection.

PPPS: If these laws end up holding any water, I’ll eat my hat. Well, it may be the last thing I’m allowed to eat by then.

Shazzie is known as the most loved personal and business transformation mentor in the raw food community.

She is famous for empowering people to take responsibility for their own health, wellbeing and destiny so they can become who they always wanted to be without having to turn into a meditating Himalayan monk.

Catch Shazzie on her TV show Raw Kitchen, aired on Sky and Freesat throughout Europe.


An open letter and a plea for help to anyone who cares about the freedom to buy food they want.

I am writing this as I URGENTLY need your help… UK Trading Standards are trying to make mesquite a novel food (according to the Novel Foods Act 1997, where any food not seen to be traded or consumed in Europe before May 1997 is not allowed to be sold as it may be unsafe). This act was supposedly designed to protect Europe against Genetically Modified foods. TSI have actually already declared it so to us over the phone. They only allowed us a couple of months to find evidence that it’s not a novel food, and we’ve didn’t manage to find any.

Businesses only have to keep records for six years, so to find proof that someone sold something in the EU 14 years ago, before the Internet, is almost impossible.

By the way, this declaration contradicts a clearing we had from them YEARS AGO, where they came to our warehouse and took several of our products for testing.

Unless we can find some last minute evidence, It’s looking likely that mesquite meal will be an ILLEGAL FOOD throughout the whole of the UK and Europe. It will be a huge loss for the whole of Europe as it’s a great superfood well as a good gluten free flour.

If you have any information on mesquite meal/pod (not mesquite wood smoke as in Kettle Chips) being sold in Europe before May 1997 please please please can you let us know? Please contact me directly on Facebook or Denise or Bryan at our office on 08700 113 119 (national rate call, not premium rate).

Please pass this on to anyone who may be able to help. We at Detox Your World are doing all we can to keep this superfood available for use in the UK and Europe and we appreciate any leads at all.

For more information on mesquite, and to stock up in case we have to withdraw it, please click here.

Bliss U


PS: We did this with the goji berry and won. It was a huge deal for us and took about a year (we don’t have that long this time), but we are glad we did it. Many people and companies in the wholefoods and superfoods businesses worked together on it. It’s times like these that working together really pays off. Let’s see if we can do it again, and stop the Europe-wide ban on a food that’s been eaten for thousands of years and has never harmed anyone (unlike GM foods which don’t belong in our paradise or body temples).

PPS: On a brighter note:


(Yes, you can stockpile mesquite with this offer)

PPPS: Have your say here.

Shazzie is known as the most loved personal and business transformation mentor in the raw food community.

She is famous for empowering people to take responsibility for their own health, wellbeing and destiny so they can become who they always wanted to be without having to turn into a meditating Himalayan monk.

Catch Shazzie on her TV show Raw Kitchen, aired on Sky and Freesat throughout Europe.


We have just had a successful outcome after around two months of correspondence with We had been alerted to two companies claiming to sell Detox Your World superfoods, and they used our copyrighted images as well as our company name in their information. Our superfoods are organically certified via Organic Farmers and Growers (UK2).

It’s not legal for them to claim the product is ours, for them to claim it’s organic or for them to use our copyrighted content.

Our last and most effective letter to Amazon

Our final and most effective letter to Amazon

We involved Trading Standards Institute, Organic Farmers and Growers and sent five letters and made many phone calls to Amazon. We did all we could to alert our customers that these were not our products and they were not certified organic, but they sold hundreds of these items, putting our good reputation and even perhaps the health of the public at risk.

We have just received news that the fake items have been removed. It took two months. We are living in Internet time, a web page can be removed in a flash. To be polite, Amazon were less than forthcoming with all our phone calls and emails and even now state they are not liable for what happened.

I am just relieved it’s over. I’ve had one member of staff working for many many hours on this issue, which is a drain on our company resources.

If you see any other Detox Your World products on Amazon that are not sold by Detox Your World, please let us know, and DON’T buy them. You don’t know what you will be getting.

As the saying goes, if it doesn’t say Detox Your World on the box, it’s not Detox Your World in the box. Erm, except they did say it was Detox Your World on the box. That is until you bought the product and it was delivered to you in someone else’s packaging.

We are seeking legal advice as to what action we will take to recoup costs lost in revenue, reputation and time.

Big thanks to TSI and OF&G for your diligent and super fast work.

Bliss U


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PPS: Have you seen the skateboarding dog? Evie and I spotted him when we were in Brighton a couple of weeks ago!

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Shazzie is known as the most loved personal and business transformation mentor in the raw food community.

She is famous for empowering people to take responsibility for their own health, wellbeing and destiny so they can become who they always wanted to be without having to turn into a meditating Himalayan monk.

Catch Shazzie on her TV show Raw Kitchen, aired on Sky and Freesat throughout Europe.


The herbs law, coming into effect in April 2011 presents us in the EU with a multitude of opportunities.

No-one knows exactly how our natural wellbeing shops will change yet, but one thing’s for sure: life will be different for all of us who choose natural herbs for wellness over pharmaceutical drugs.

Believing it’s a bad thing and complaining about our rights probably won’t get us anywhere. We’ve seen this dominant patriarchal attitude with natural herbs before. Hands up who’s been involved in a witch trial in a previous life? Maybe they won’t burn us for selling herbs this time round, but they clearly want to burn our boats.

Modern medicine is only a few hundred years old, in its infancy. While thousands of people the world over die each year from taking pharmaceutical drugs “when used as intended”, there are few recorded deaths from herbal use. There’s no need for double blind random placebo Big Pharma controlled tests when we are in touch with natural medicine. All animals self-medicate, and we are animals, too. Self medication is natural and normal to us. It’s not natural to go to someone in a white coat when we feel under the weather. Talk about giving your power away.

We have always had a symbiotic relationship with plants and herbs, and we always will; no man-made laws can alter that. The only person who can alter your relationship with plants is yourself, so it’s your choice, always your choice. What frequency do you want to resonate at? The frequency of Big Pharma, or the frequency of the earth? Choice… Say it loud and say it proud.

You may know that my love of natural wellbeing plants extends to the healing love of ayahuasca and iboga. I’ve never seen such shifts in people as I have when they invite these spirits into their lives — myself included. I will always believe the Universe  loves us enough to keep its plant gifts available.

Regardless of what is legal and what is illegal for sale, plants will always grow around us. And here is the solution to this weak attempt at making us pop pharma pills: It’s time for us to bring our innate knowledge up to date.

If you feel moved, you could embark upon a herbalism course. You could find out which herbs grow around you and what they do. Being your own Doxtor is easy, you just need a little uncommon sense.

You can’t stop herbs from growing, nature will never suppress herself with her bounty of food and medicine. Where there is currently a lack of either of these, there will be abundance when harmony is restored. Also, there is always enough love inside ourselves to keep us happy. And happiness is one medicine they can’t ban or restrict.

No matter how hard it becomes to acquire the herbs that we want and need, there will always be a way. we’re a creative bunch!

Jack and the beanstalk

The moral of the story for me when reading this classic children’s tale is this: There be gold at the end of these plants, but there also be a great stomping giant. Always use plants wisely and according to a qualified herbalist instructions. When you are more in touch with your instinctive healing side, it may not be so crucial, but always proceed with respect for these plants, especially when pregnant and breastfeeding.

Smile, the universe loves u and will always guide u to love more

PS: if you want to know how animals self medicate, read Wild Health: How Animals Keep Themselves Well and What We Can Learn From Them, by Cindy Engel

PPS: Have you seen my new omega 3 raw vegan icecream video yet?

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PPPS: if you want to know this law, click here.

NOTE: The views expressed here are my own personal views and are not intended as medical advice, as I am not and never would be a medical doctor. If you are unwell in any way, always seek the guidance of a qualified practitioner.

Shazzie is known as the most loved personal and business transformation mentor in the raw food community.

She is famous for empowering people to take responsibility for their own health, wellbeing and destiny so they can become who they always wanted to be without having to turn into a meditating Himalayan monk.

Catch Shazzie on her TV show Raw Kitchen, aired on Sky and Freesat throughout Europe.