29 years vegan

Hey gorgeousness

This month I celebrate being vegan for 29 years. That means I’m in my 30th vegan year of being vegan.

I feel awesome.

I’ve learned a lot.

I feel lucky.

My lowlights have been:

Not finding a thing to eat in certain restaurants.

Accidentally eating meat twice (and puking it up!!!!)

Having people become instant experts when they find out I’m not them. But I’m not a wallflower. I deal with it.


My highlights have surpassed all lowlights.

I feel so happy I don’t have to kill or maim animals to survive.

I am super healthy, especially since going raw in 2000, and mostly am raw now.

I feel no conflict. I can love a dog, pig, cow equally. I can’t love cats though. Allergy city. Argh.

I haven’t aged like a “normal” person of my age. I’m 46 next week. I don’t look it or act it.

Though I can feel my body changing, I want to remain vegan forever, as I have been all my adult life. So I may have to adjust what I eat to ensure I get the nutrients I need. As you may know, I’m all for supplementation to remain in tip top condition. Currently I eat a lot of greens, superfoods and raw fatty foods. Fruit is great in small quantities, but I don’t fare well with masses of sweet food.

I love:

Almond mylk superfood drinks.
Raw chocolate. (Obvs).
Fermented foods.
Foraged foods.
Salad. I love salad!!!!

But as I get older, I just don’t know what I’ll do different. I just trust myself, and am glad I’m in that space. I see so many people claims to be health experts touting the perfect diet. There isn’t one. We are too messed up as a species to have one-diet-fits-all. And to anyone who disagrees … I don’t mind you having your fascist tendencies… Over there 😉

Anyway. I’ll figure out my 46 year old plan of action and let you know how it goes. I’m seriously considering bioHRT but can’t find anyone in Sussex to do it. If you know of anyone, please comment below. I am not gonna turn into a prune, for sure!!

Have a wonderful plant based vegan day.

Bliss U